You Think You Already Know...
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
Citation:   Aquafaerie. "You Think You Already Know...: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp71680)". Feb 21, 2019.

50 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
A little background: Growing up with no urge to alter my state of being, the effects of life only seemed to set in around 19 years of age, when I tried marijuana for the first time. After which I experimented with lsd, mushrooms, and mdma on a few occasions to 'get the experience' for myself. I had read about salvia many times in the past due to a previous boyfriends love of Pastora, and tried it for myself with a lover at age 20.

I had tried salvia four times before my first sitter-less attempt. It wasn't my best idea. I bought a 10x's extract and as soon as it arrived in the mail I brought it to my room for a test. I had experience under my belt so I believed this time I could enjoy the altered state all alone as if in a meditative perspective. I brought out my beautiful blue bong, and loaded a full bowl of the black ashy substance. I placed another bowl worth on a flat surface on the floor and placed a little marijuana a few inches away knowing I'd have a dire urge to smoke afterwards. I turned off my lights, placed some low beautiful music to set a background, and moved towards my bed with my bong.

I was anticipating something amazing, as I always am with salvia. Pastora opens my third eye and brings me to a world elevated from this current state; I was excited. I calmed myself by sitting on my bed briefly, then took the glass to my mouth and began my torch. I was sitting on my bed, but before the feelings began to set in I knew to place my bong on my alter. I laid down, awaiting the effect with the smoke still filling my lungs.

The smoke left me slowly, as if flowing with the music patterns my ears were gladly accepting. Then all went silent... I must admit I don't remember the first few moments after the beginning effects. I felt the usual fuzzy vibration my chest and head were used to, but felt as if the waterbed I had laid on was sucking me inside, taking me with a wave on an ocean though I was nowhere near the shore. This must be why I found myself standing moments later. I don't remember getting there, but I was on the other side of my room when a slight remembrance of my surroundings occurred. I was in no way clear headed, but I could make out the disturbance of my room suddenly. Why was the remaining salvia and pot missing from where I had placed it? Why was I wet? Why does my room feel so unfamiliar?

I ran. I needed to find a place that was safe in the house, a place that the sideways world couldn't follow.
I ran. I needed to find a place that was safe in the house, a place that the sideways world couldn't follow.
I found myself dragging the room with me in some way when I left the area and headed for the kitchen. I turned on every light I could find, though it was bright midday outside and sunlight pierced every window. I was in the middle of my kitchen, looking around me, remembering my place, but uncomfortable with being alone. I felt utterly alone.

My world still turned, and tilted sideways. This was a usual when it comes to salvia and myself. I find the picture before my eyes pull to the right, then dip downwards and pull me with it like the page of a book being turned over and over again. I attribute this to my conscious mind attempting to recreate my surroundings to a familiar atmosphere, though the workings of my mind are never quite certain.

I had no realization of time, but at this point it had only been around 15mins. I had the phone now. I was calling every person I could think of, but strangely not one person answered. I left messages explaining to call me, I needed someone to talk to, and the world was falling into place without me. I never received any calls back, and honestly to this day don't know if I really left those messages.

I now had my usual urge to smoke pot, and found myself nearly running to my room again, believing peace existed there. I was running from Pastora, and felt so foolish. I got to my room, turned on the lights, and though still dazed, viewed my carnage. After getting out of bed I must have stepped on the left over salvia on the floor, because the little black specs were viewable (as well as a bud or two of greenery). I had knocked my bong onto myself while getting up, though I know I placed it on the alter beforehand. I had also somehow tipped the remaining beer cans from the night before all over myself, and (god knows how I did this one) ripped my closet door off the wall. I have no recollection of these events, and for once felt completely controlled by dementia and Pastora's power. The salvinorin turned my head a loop, though I thought I had some sort of control over my state of mind by that point.

Since my trip:
I haven't tried salvia for myself since this experience. Since I have kept small amounts for the time I find someone curious and at the same time respectful of Pastora's power, but do not partake myself. I will try salvia again, of course, but until that day I'm getting to know my enlightenment for myself before shoving it into my mind again. It was a third eye opening time.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 71680
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 21, 2019Views: 1,235
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