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Decreasing Effects
by Burrito
Citation:   Burrito. "Decreasing Effects: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp71694)". Apr 19, 2019.

  oral Diphenhydramine (powder / crystals)


I've been recreationally using Diphenhydramine for half a year now. I am unable to swallow pills, so I would open the 50mg capsules and mix the powder into my [non-alcoholic] drink of choice. I found that natural juices (namely orange juice) would completely mask the taste and burn of the powder.

First 2 months:
This was the time when I first discovered DPH and it's 'abilities'.
Minor decrease in heart rate, significant decrease in mood and motivation, slight slurring of speech, minuscule feeling of euphoria, severe tiredness

150mg - 200mg:
Dry throat, slightly blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, strong feeling of euphoria, small muscle twitches (arms, hands, neck), loss of motivation

250mg - 325mg:
Dry throat, moderate increase in heart rate, imperceptible auditory hallucinations, strong feeling of euphoria, moderate muscle twitches (arms, legs, hands, neck), decreased reaction time, significantly slurred speech, severe difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, redness under eyes, desire to move/dance

350mg - 400mg:
Mentally disconnected/distant; Secluded
Dry throat, significant increase in heart rate, complete loss of thought, no attention span, significant auditory hallucinations, moderate visual hallucinations, body-wide muscle spasms, significant decrease in motor skills, significant restlessness, moderate chest compression/pressure.

Comparable to being immured in a nightmare.
Severe increase in heart rate, abnormal heartbeat (this was EXTREMELY scary), severe auditory and visual hallucinations, complete inability to distinguish hallucinations from reality, severe body-wide muscle spasms, extreme paranoia, strong chest compression/pressure, blackening of vision (blacking-out), depression.
The biggest dose I've taken was 475mg. With the way my heart was beating (dysrhythmias), I honestly thought I was going to either die or end up in the hospital. Straight-up scary shit.

Hallucinations - Occurred at doses greater than 300mg:
Visual: Every time I would open my bedroom door, I would see what appeared to be a man run passed my door into my basement kitchen. When I would try to follow him/it, I would find nobody. I would then walk to the opposite end of my basement to use the bathroom, and on the way I would see about half a dozen kids playing in my back yard and it looked like there was about a foot of snow on the ground. Of course, there really were no kids or snow. Once I got into the bathroom, I would be standing in front of the toilet peeing, and the toiled looked like it was changing colors (from white, fade to yellowing, then fade to green). I would also be stretching and shrinking. When I would sit in my bedroom on the computer, I would look at my cat lying on the floor, and it appeared as if he was constantly inflating. I would look away and look back, and he would be back to his normal size but inflate again. When I was in my bed, there would be two teenage girls using my computer; one sitting in the chair and the other standing to her left. They would talk to each other, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. For whatever reason, I would think they were on myspace. I never tried to communicate with any of the people that I saw, as I knew they would just ignore me or disappear.

Auditory: Whenever I was in the shower, it sounded like there was a guy (occasionally a girl) talking just outside the shower. I would look and there was nobody. When I was in my bedroom, there was a constant sound of people talking in other rooms (very muffled, but I could still hear them). Occasionally, I would hear my dog barking or somebody knocking on my bedroom door. If I had music going and there was a singer, I couldn't make out anything the singer was saying. The same goes for watching people on TV/in movies.

Months 3 - 5
I seemed to have acquired a ~50mg resistance. All the hallucinations would be the same (or very similar), only I would have to take a higher dose of DPH to hallucinate.

Very small euphoric feeling. Slight decrease in motor skills.
Just a strong euphoria, mentally/emotionally numb, slowed motor skills and response time. Every few trips I would feel some anxiety, but nothing too bad.
Dry throat, rarely a tiny auditory hallucination, some restlessness and some anxiety. The anxiety was more annoying than worrying, because I knew it was just an effect of the DPH.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71694
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 19, 2019Views: 4,990
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