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Heaven > Hell > Heaven
Citation:   bluestemz. "Heaven > Hell > Heaven: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp7174)". Jun 1, 2001.

T+ 0:00
7.0 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 7.0 mg oral 2C-T-2 (capsule)
I had a dream last night, it went something like this:

This is my first experiment with 2C-T-2. The past day or two I've supplemented 50mg 5-HTP daily. Preloaded 50mg 5-HTP app. 2-3 hours prior to ingestion of 2C-T-2. The 5-HTP supplement also contains 5mg Niacin, 5mg Vitamin B-6, 25mg Magnesium, & 50mg Valerian Root. A 500mg supplement of DL-Phenylalanine was also consumed.

07:30 pm

Ingested app 7 mg 2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethylthiophenthylamine (parachuted). I ate food earlier in the day, but not for at least four hours.

07:40 pm

Still high from bong hits but I think I am starting to feel it. getting fuzzy at the edges.

07:45 pm

Feeling the tingle. Outside, chilling with the animals. Weird, someone just drove down the Trail honking their horn like a wedding, but it was just one car. Now, they just came came back up the trail doing the same thing. I see I'm not the only one on drugs today. 8)

08:10 pm

Body rushing. Feels like a healthy dose of sudafed. Breathing very slow with tachycardia. Definite mydriasis. I just took another 6.48 mg in a gelcap. Feel real nice. Went to burn a CD & I can tell that I'm really fucked up. Not quite sure what to do with myself yet.

09:00 pm

I've decided to occupy myself with the season finale of Star Trek Voyager. The come up so far as been really smooth and pleasant. I've been on the floor with a huge grin on my face for the past few minutes. There seems to be quite a lot of body load, I feel completely washed out but I'm still having fun. Tripping much harder than I expected.

09:45 pm

I just hit the peak & am on the descent now, and let me tell you I was very very concered for the past half hour or so. Here's what happened: I was lying on the floor watching Voyager, just rolling inside myself when I started to feel a tingling in my limbs. I got deja-vu of 'i know this feeling from somewhere' and as it slowly increased in intensity I made the connection; nitrous. It felt like I just sucked on a huge balloon and was going up up up up. At 9:15 it peaked, I couldn't feel anything in my arms, they were tingling with pin cushions as if they had fallen asleep. I felt like I wasn't getting any oxygen & was about to pass out. A bolt of fear shot through me as I was about to lose consciousness, and all I could think was, 'no, i'm not going to die, not today.' I jumped up in a panic & ran up to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror trying to focus my concentration and talk myself down a little. I paced back and forth for awhile shaking my arms trying to get the feeling back in them. The faintness hit me a few more times in strong waves, it felt like if I would turn my head just a little to either side I would faint. Slowly I got the feeling back in my arms. The visuals went off the scale, I think the visuals at this point surpassed any LSD I have ever taken. I wish I could enjoy them but the past few minutes I've just been thinking about my family, how they'd feel if I just keeled over from an adverse reaction to some unknown chemical. I've been thinking about the things that are really imortant in life, like the ability to taste a cup of coffee or feel the warmth of the sunshine. I don't want to lose this gift yet, I'm not ready.

10:30 pm

I took a shower, that was an adventure in itself. Since the panic attack or allergic reaction or whatever I experienced, it has been next to impossible to concentrate. I feel like I cracked my head open or something, my head doesn't hurt, I just feel stunned, like '2 plus 2, huh?' The past hour or so I've been experiencing some myalgia, it's ok if I'm not moving at all, but when I move it's like my muscles constantly lock in whatever position they were last in. It doesn't really hurt, just more than uncomfortable, as if my muscles gained mass and lost mobility at the same time. Plus I've been EXTREMELY cold, since the attack I've had goose bumps all over and my finger tips feel like ice. The shower was hot and now I'm dressed again but I'm still freezing, I can't seem to get warm no matter what. Actually everything past the panic attack so far has felt almost exactly like a heavy DXM trip, and I absolutely abhore that junk. I told Silly Bear that I'd go to the bar later tonight but I have absolutely no desire to get any higher tonight. I'm just gonna throw in some music & try to enjoy what's left of the experience.

11:00 pm

I've spent the past half hour or so completely analyzing my life. I've been made aware of some of the stupid little things I do that I can change to better myself. It's mostly personal so I won't go into it all here, but I must say the most important thing we humans need to do, our number one priority as individuals and as a whole, is love no matter what. I know it probably sounds cheesey & cliche, but it is really all that matters. Love is the higher intelligence, it is where we all come from & where we'll all go. It's the beginning and the end, it's up to us to make it the inbetween.

11:30 pm

I feel absolutely FANTASTIC now, practically reborn! I've thrown in some trance and have just been enjoying the music, enjoying the rush, and enjoying the visuals. THIS is what I expected from the chemical going into the experience. That 45 min - 1 hour peak, that I wasn't expecting, but this is absolutely wonderful. This is more like a candy flip than 2C-T-7 was, the body load is not uncomfortable now, my skin feels supremely wonderful, and the visuals are stronger now than during that crazy peak, or at least more fluid.

01:30 am

I'm about to retire for the evening, the trip is pretty much over now. I'm back to baseline as far as cognitive function goes but my body still feels washed out (but it's pleasant, I like some body load) & I am still getting some visual action. The goose bumps have gone but I still don't feel as warm as I should right now. All in all I feel cozy. The night was a good experience even though for 45 minutes or so I was really concerned for my life. I should note also that unlike a lot of people I did not experience any nausea with this chemical.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: Well, there are a few things I can think of as to the severity of the peak. One is that the dose was miscalculated. I really had nothing to calibrate against, so although I weighed out roughly 12-14 mg, if the calibration was off I may have actually consumed close to 20 or more milligrams, I simply do not know at this point. The intial 6-7 mg dose is probably more suited to my psyche/physiology. The general consensus seems that this chemical is much safer than 2C-T-7 across the board, but I for one experienced more symptoms that I would relate directly to some sort of toxicity from this chemical than I ever have in the handful of times I've tried 2C-T-7. Having said that though, I have experienced myalgia & nonpathologic fasciculation to a much greater degree on LSD, and there is no toxicity associated with LSD. Therefore I'm suggesting there could very well be a psychosomatic reason behind these particular discomforts. The one thing that does bother me is the near hypothermia I experienced. I have been in shock before due to blood loss and a) the coldness in extremeties, b) the washed out body feeling, and c) the dificulty in maintaining consciousness, these symptoms were all experienced during my peak & were nearly identical to those experienced bleeding all over the place in the back of an ambulance. Toxicity studies NEED to be conducted on these phenethylamines.

Even though this trip had it's moment of fear, I am left with the feeling that this chemical does indeed have much more promise, therapeutically speaking, than it's conterpart. As I said above, the period after my peak was like a rebirth. Once I got my shit back together I went through an amazing period of introspection unrivaled by most other entheogenic substances I've tried. I am convinced that this chemical could really help a lot of people. A low to moderate dose combined with an experienced therapist in a comfortable setting has the potential to open more people up to themselves than most conventional therapeutic means, in my opinion.

'To conquer death, you only have to die.'

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7174
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 1, 2001Views: 27,756
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