Purged Orange Juice Through My Nostrils
H.B. Woodrose
by chef
Citation:   chef. "Purged Orange Juice Through My Nostrils: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp71815)". Erowid.org. Feb 14, 2019. erowid.org/exp/71815

10-15 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
My friend A. had been acquiring a stash of psychedelics for a while now and had 2 bottles of san pedro cactus juice, 7 grams mushrooms, and an approximate water extraction of 10-15 baby woodrose seeds in his freezer. We had been planning a night trip with my other friend B. For a while and finally felt we were ready to go... Then another opportunity arose for some LSD so we decided to go after that instead.. After alot of useless negotiations all we bought was 1 hit since the seller was not willing to part with our original agreed number of 6 hits.

Since B. was not experienced with many psychedelics other then mushrooms and did not want to eat mushrooms we gave the hit to her. A. Decided to mix his mushrooms with some syrian rue he also had. I do not know the dosage level of the syrian rue since I myself am not familar with it, but A. took an accurate amount in capsules to contend with 2.5 grams of mushrooms he ingested.

I myself am quite familiar with most drugs excluding intravenous injections, but am most familiar with psychedelics. Since I did not want to trip as the only one on mescaline, I thought it would be a good idea to try the LSA for the first time. (I have dropped acid before a few times with great enjoyment) hoping to duplicate the LSD effects for the natural LSA I was excited to get the trip underway so I could view natures true version of the human based synthetic acid.

We all took our substances at 2 A.M. (quite late to start, but only time made available for all 3 of us to gather in my dorm room). A. mixed his mushrooms with some yogurt to eat, which I thought quite strange as I normally just eat the mushrooms, I prefer to feel what I am putting in my body before it enters, which was surprisingly not the case for how I took the seeds. Since A. had the seeds prepared in a water dose for me that was previously in his freezer I decided to put the slushy seed residue in a glass of orange juice and drink it all right away. It was perfectly fine going down, I did not think to swirl it under my tongue or in my mouth and spit it out but to swallow the mixture.

After approximately 2 hours at 4 A.M. we all had begun coming up on our own substances and were all in our own mindsets, some trance music and visualizer were turned on and not a single word was spoken for around 30 minutes. Thats when A. started to curl up in a giant blanket and hide from the world, B. started smiling and I started to notice C.E.V's and a slight nausea arising in my stomach.

Within 10 minutes I had the same light distortion open eye hallucinations that tell me I am about to get high on mushrooms or acid. This is when I actually split myself into 2 emotions, the one that was about to start pacing and sweating and shaking then stumble to the bathroom and violently puke as hard as humanly possible and the other one that was getting a relaxed body buzz and chillin out to the web patterns and kaleidoscope visuals that were beginning to branch up and over the walls as my vision distorted and contorted from the sides of my eyes to the middle of my vision in perfect shape of a giant human eye.

That's when I decided to rush to the bathroom and puke my guts out. Since I had hardly eaten anything for the last 7 hours except the seeds, some orange juice, and some water a mostly liquid mixture was squeezed from the deepest pits of my stomach through my throat and forced out my mouth and up through my sinus and out my nose into the toilet. Yes it's gross but it was necessary to point out the fact that my body felt so strongly of getting rid of this unknown substance, that it made me retch harder then it even allowed itself to be practical. I will tell you that orange juice is a very nasty thing to burn your nasal passage, I mean ketamine, oxy, blow, and E mixed together would have felt awesome in there, compared to the orange juice let alone orange juice that left bitter tasting woodrose chunks in my nostrils. After this super violent purge I immediately felt better and asked my partners to go for a walk outside to the nearby park. They both agreed and since they were concerned for me after hearing and witnessing me run to the bathroom we quickly set off on our newest journey.

We then began to talk to each other fairly fluently about our stages in intoxication and personal anecdotes on the highs. A. said that the syrian rue definetly altered his mushroom high and that he felt higher then he normally was on mushrooms. B. was enjoying everything and had a giant smile that matched her pupils. Her most expressed thought was that everything seemed so liquid to her even though it also seemed like she was walking through the soup of life, meaning that the air was like a new never before revealed element that we had to move through and breach pathways.

We then walked through the park which contained caged animals for people to look at, turkeys, mini horses, llamas, peacocks, and rabbits. We tripped on these for a while wandering around happy and hallucinating but eventually decided that it was depressing and oppressive of us to try and enjoy another beings discomfort as a caged slave of entertainment. We then walked to the boardwalk with little gazeboes that border a shallow mud puddle of a pond. On the way I hugged a few trees thanked the air, tryed to meditate while walking so something else could lead my body to its direction, and had my brain float up into the air like I was sitting in a K hole. When we reached the gazebo we all tripped out to the shimmering of lights on the pond while raindrops rippled and ducks and swans swam across the reflected night sky. It was a moment of total awe as we pictured how we are all really floating upside down on the earth as the universe swirled under our feet.

We then smoked a bowl since I felt a little more nausea coming on. This didn't help at all as I progressively began to feel worse and worse. The same feeling as before was coming on but stronger and more intense. I didn't tell the other 2 since they were still having a good time enjoying the moment. My body then began to feel super weak as I couldn't feel my own pulse, I felt all the blood start to drain from my limbs and my brain
My body then began to feel super weak as I couldn't feel my own pulse, I felt all the blood start to drain from my limbs and my brain
as my body went tingly my brain began to lose hold of my soul and all my energy crumbled around me and floated away. I felt like I was going to faint so I grabbed the bench right in front of me. I actually convinced myself that this was in fact how I was going to die just fall right over in front of my 2 friends out here in the cold, rainy, park at 5 in the morning. My vision was so intensely hallucinated that I felt I had started going blind and would never be able to see anything in focus again.

This is when I turned away from my friends on the bench, took 2 steps and began another set of insane puking. This time I felt as if pieces of my stomach were coming up in pure stomach bile mixed with some more little seed bits. My friends rushed over the moment they heard my contents hit the ground. They were terrified I was overdosing and about to die and asked me if I needed an ambulance. This actually brought a smile to my face for 2 seconds before I threw up again, here we are in the middle of a park at night that niether of my friends know, its freezing cold out (which we just noticed) and our extremities are all numb, were soaked from the rain we didn't notice, I cant move and we look like 3 crazy dilated lunatics and they're supposed to give directions to an ambulance? No I was able to pull through and with B.'s hand on my back I felt warmer and felt my own spirit rejoin my body thanks to B.'s healer powers I regained myself in body and mind and was brought back to life. I felt better once again and we started walking. Within 2 more minutes A., an experienced tripper, collapsed onto the ground leaning against a tree, not able to talk, only to slightly nod with his eyes closed. We once again worried he was O.D.ing and went through the same paranoia. After working him out of it another 20 minutes later we all started back to my place frostbitten and tripping. We then changed clothes and lay down with blankets to sit without talking for another 3 hours till we all eventually dozed into dreamworlds that were not necessarily sleep.

In reflection that was one of the most intense nights of my life, by far the most nauseated of all my drug uses. The LSA was enjoyable at many times the thoughts and visuals were quite similar to LSD just not as trust worthy. The baby woodrose seeds that actually contained the LSA were not enjoyable at all, the sickness and dread and pains I could have definetly done without. I will never eat them again, or probably even do a LSA related seed/plant/whatever...
I will never eat them again, or probably even do a LSA related seed/plant/whatever...

LSD is for me, this is not. B. greatly enjoyed her LSD and will do it again. She consistently said her trip was highly life affirming and positive except for the paranoia during our park excursion. If it hadn't been for I and A. reacting the way we did she wouldn't have had a single bad thought. A. said that he would never do syrian rue with mushrooms again he enjoys mushrooms more the way they are, especially without the motor control loss and the body collapsing.

It was one hell of a night that none of us will ever forget, with baby woodrose I had some serious health issues as my body tried to ingest them.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 71815
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 14, 2019Views: 898
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