Ground Control to Major DOM
Citation:   PiPPUK. "Ground Control to Major DOM: An Experience with DOM (exp71874)". Sep 22, 2008.

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5.0 mg oral DOM
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  T+ 0:00 1 repeated smoked Cannabis
I've had a week off. I go on holiday on Saturday and have been mainly getting packed and organised. I treated myself to an electric guitar this week, which has been something of a distraction, but jolly good fun.

Here comes the confession. I double dosed with DOM on Tuesday afternoon/night. I started with approx. 5 mg at about 2pm, and by 4pm had reached something of a peak phase which lasted till about 7pm before beginning to slowly taper off. I got a chance to find out what this stuff was really about (from my point of view). The physical symptoms were more pronounced. My body felt stimulated, as though my muscles were all active with a fine tremor. I couldn't see the vibration, but I could feel this buzzing in the big body muscles like my calves and lower back. It was pleasant and potentially erotic although my Mrs wasn't around to reciprocate so I passed on that subject.

Visually things were interesting and unique compared to most other experiences. With eyes open things were blurred and with multiple outlines. If I concentrated then I could coordinate things OK, but when I let my mind idle, the visual field would distort and morph. It didn't change into stuff, and I did not get complete hallucinations of things, but the geometry of my view was completely skew whiff.

I was grooving away on the computer for a while. I had a driving syncopated beat track going, which I was extremely pleased with. I looped it many times, adding different layers of ornaments (drumrolls/bongos/cymbal crashes) over the end section of each loop . A funky piece of rhythm most certainly, but what to do with it? Sometimes chaos gives rise to beauty, so I played a really standard funky blues riff on the bass. Nothing that original, a bit of a cliche.

This is where the fun starts. I cut up the bass line into several snippets, the cuts falling on particular beats or off beats and then jumbled them around in order a few times, while the track was looping on playback. After a few shuffles a novel bass line emerged with a strange 'found' logic of its own, but a still relevant groove.

I often get to this point and lose any sense of direction, since I am pretty good at creating this kind of riffage. However my newly aquired electric guitar was on hand and I plugged it into a channel which I proceded to load with effects. The sound card on my computer comes with a palette of single effects, along with some preset combinations meant to model certain classic guitar styles/sounds. So I can choose from 'Foxy Haze' (Jimi)., a Frank Zappa style preset (Very silky smooth sound with a ragged edge that comes out when you hit hard), or the Local Hero (Mark Knopfler) sound, amongst many others. This is child in sweetshop territory. Without some discipline and method, like the proverbial child, overindulgence may ensue and lead to less than pleasing results. After a bit of experimenting, I began to withdraw from the window of creativity, and smoked a joint.

About 8pm I went back into the house to watch TV, but not before I'd gobbled another 5mg of DOM. I was still very high really. It seems possible to switch to a fairly rational state most of the time during the levels I have explored. During the come up and peak though, I have to be willing to go with the flow, because it has a powerful drive of its own during this phase, that it seems unwise to fight against.

The most dramatic visual effects for me have been intensly immersive daydream phases, which are processions of scenes and images playing out in my minds eye. They were not about sci fi type DMT type realities but about human or cultural archetypes and influenced perhaps by a fascinating archeology book I have been reading ('After the Ice' - A global human history 20,000-5000bc - S Mithen).

On TV, I watched a program where two presenters eat the diet of a well to do Victorian couple for a week. This was hilairious and disgusting. The victorians ate some truly revolting things. They seemed to have a penchant for eating particularly small and exotic critters, and the parts of animals normally ignored by the modern palate. The boiling of a calves head to be dressed and served on a large platter was a truly hellish vision to my befuzzled mind.

Me and the Mrs watched Springwatch which was a real pleasure. I was re-entering the crazy phase again, so I went to the shed for another joint. I then sat on the patio steps in the darkness admiring the night sky. I passed into another waking dreamscape, but this time with my eyes wide open so that the heavens became the backdrop of my mind movies. I had immersed myself in an imagined future world consisting of a gargantuan torroidal space station in which lush vegetation grew and dotted around were settlements of a mixed agro technological orientation. I imagined what might be, amongst these communities, for ages. Most enjoyable.

Physically the situation had ramped up. About 11pm I went to bed for a bit. My Mrs came a little later. I couldn't sleep, although I didn't mind following my imagination on its journey. My muscles were aching from the stimulation which had been present now since mid afternoon. This is the stuff they warn you about on the trip reports. Its not that comfortable, but it responded well to marijuana and a bit of patience. I slept a couple of hours in the end, but not properly. At one point, after X had gone to sleep, I had a tricky moment, but it soon resolved itself.

I was lying flat, trying to keep my nasal airway open, (Phens always get me a little congested in my nose - I don't sniff them though) and I could feel a tickling/popping/dripping sensation in the back of my nose and sinuses. There was some pressure differential somewhere amongst the mucus, trying to reach equilibrium, or so it seemed. Then I wondered whether it might be a nose bleed, or something. At that moment also, my stomach had reached a crescendo of gurgles although not nausea. Suddenly I felt what I could only describe as a blow to my belly, followed by a slightly alarming light headedness. For an instant there I thought - 'Oops this is it' I imagined some week spot in the wall of an artery in my abdomen bursting and filling it with blood. That would explain the light headedness and the popping sensation in my nose. Then I felt as though I was being propelled upwards away from the ground, accompanied by a tremendous rushing sensation which, it has to be said, was extremely nice.

In a moment of clarity, I thought to myself 'I've never been high like this before' and looked down upon a GoogleEarth type vista. I also realised that I had perhaps reached the foothills of craziness. The sense of euphoria I felt was such that I could imagine, perhaps how one might get carried away by the moment, in such a state. For example, forget the usual rules and walk out the house having failed to get dressed. Or give all your possesions to a passer by. Or give yourself another poorly measured dose. I knew I had sailed close to the wind, and decided that I would put DOM on the shelf again for a while. Maybe two or three times a year, well planned and carefully measured.

Don't get me wrong - beautiful stuff. Powerfull and visionary with great depth in terms of subject matter and of therapeutic potential. But it has a physical side which has left me quite tired for 24 hours afterwards. Not alcohol like in hangover, but the feeling that you have jogged 10 miles the previous night. One final joint beneath the stars at about 2am for good measure. Peace - take care with this one. PippUK

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 71874
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2008Views: 26,548
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