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When the Earth Speaks
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Mushrooms - P. ovoideocystidiata
Citation:   Sepulfreak. "When the Earth Speaks: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Mushrooms - P. ovoideocystidiata (exp71885)". Mar 9, 2010.

6 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)
  10 caps oral Mushrooms (plant material)
      Pharms - Buprenorphine (daily)
This is an account of a mixture between Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata mushrooms and Morning Glory seeds 'Heavenly Blue variety.'


10 small to medium sized caps and stems of mushrooms

6 grams of Morning Glory seeds


Depressed due to recent relationship problems with my girlfriend. I haven't been able to speak with her for a week, and it seems as though there might be an end to what I thought could have lasted a lifetime. I also relapsed with Opioids (Heroin) and binged for about two weeks prior to this experiment, though I had been back on Suboxone for four days up to and including the day of the experience.


I have been hanging out with one of my best friends 'Je' for a while now since he has been in almost the exact same situation that I've been in, in regards to relationships and drugs. We've been there to help each other through it because we feel that we really have no one else that understands our situation as well. Plus, we both connect on an extremely intellectual level being that we both share a love of psychology and philosophy. In fact, he actually accomplished a bachelors degree in psychology.

Being that we are both very intelligent people, it is sad that our lives have been rather uneventful due to my persisting neurological disorder (Tourette's Syndrome, which is combined with Attention Deficit Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and his diagnosis of Psychosis of the Schizophrenia type with complex fantasy/reality distortions and paranoid delusions as well as our drug dependencies. These elements that we've been dealt have kept us from experiencing some of the better aspects of life, but we do not intend to use any of it as an excuse to continue our neurotic behavior. I believe both of us would like to enter the career field and possibly have families some day. In the mean time, entheogens are a passion of ours that seems to help guide us through our ailments.

I also wanted to mention that excessive abuse of LSD was actually a part of 'Je's' psychotic break, but his condition has improved extensively over the years since, and he is now well enough to explore the healing properties of entheogenic drugs. He just has to be careful which substances he choses to use and have the proper dose, setting, and purpose.

Here's Tom with the Weather:

After ingesting the chosen entheogens at a park up the street from where I live, I had to walk back down to my house to gather a few things for the hike we were about to take. Unlike 'J' (my other best friend which is the second half of plenty of my other trip reports), and I hiking throughout the lake woods around the area, 'Je' and I decided to hike down into 'The Hollow,' a place in the woods around here where we all grew up. It stores most of the woodland beauty around my area apart from W.V. because of how old it is. There is plenty of plant and animal life that seems only to be found in these woods when it comes to the little town I dwell in.

I had already received my first signs of effect, as it took me a minute at my house, and I started getting really anxious. My house was starting to swirl, and I know my pupils were dilated. My Mother even mentioned something. 'You are acting peculiar,' she said as I walked out the door. My Dad was in the kitchen, so I just whispered to her, 'mushrooms.' I was given the 'Oh, I understand' kind of look, even though my Mom has never used drugs. She knows me too well.

I met 'Je' half way up the street, and he seemed quite anxious and frustrated. He wanted to talk about his girlfriend problem, which was completely fine. However, he was worrying a little too much about the situation to have a remotely comfortable experience, so I suggested a different conversation for the time being. I gave him a little bit of advice, and we were off into the woods.

I was feeling extremely introverted, so I wasn't talking much at all, and that was clashing with 'Je's' normally extroverted personality. Even though we have both been very depressed lately, we deal with it in different ways when it comes to social conduct. I talk about my problems when I feel it is necessary or if they are bothering me that bad, where as 'Je' is very open with me about how he feels at all times. This created a wedge in our experience for a minute, but we got it straightened out. I had to explain to him that I was feeling really 'in tune' with nature, and that I was having an Inner Spirit type of experience. Things were starting to get a little wild.

I could see that the trees were whirling around in a nonexistent wind, and everything just seemed so surreal. I was at the point where I was having very normal lower to moderate dose Psilocybe-style patterning, and things were starting to get a little intense. We found ourselves a nice spot to relax in the woods, and I laid down with my head rested on my backpack. I told 'Je' that at the peak of my experiences, I enjoy being quiet and embracing the experience with my eyes closed. So, we both did so. The CEV's were as if I was staring at an endless, still body of water, but there were these huge drops of multicolored rain splashing against the surface. 'Je' reported seeing the same type of imagery.

What was strange though, is that the patterning did not seem to change. Something was holding my imagination back. My depression and thoughts of my current relationship problems were weighing in on my subconscious mind, so I chose to grab the portable CD player from my backpack, where I proceeded to listen to Enigma's 'Voices in the Dark.' All of a sudden, the visuals became much more intricate. There were native patterns of totems, pieces of wood morphing into eagles, snakes, and other animals, as well as sun patterns and other Earthly figures. I expressed to 'Je' that it was odd how music amplifies the imagination to the extent that it does. He agreed. At that point, he was enjoying watching the smoke rise from the Tobacco he was smoking.

Then, out of the blue, something came to me. The Morning Glory's must have peaked at that moment because what happened was much more Mescaline-like. I was no longer in my body. I had escaped my reality and became enveloped in the visuals, but there was a presence there that I could not see. In a clear voice, it told me something that I was not soon to forget. It simply stated, 'Nature, will either heal or kill you.' I snapped out of this state and told 'Je' about it. He thought it was wild, and we proceeded to listen to a couple different songs before setting off for the rest of our hike.

At this point, I noticed that 'Je' was very restless. He expressed to me that he doesn't feel comfortable unless he is doing something. Laying there relaxing wasn't keeping him satisfied for long. We talked about this aspect of his personality and the anxiety that he goes through. Again, the conversation came back to his girlfriend problems. He was still dwelling on it, so we took off for another adventure.

As we walked, I was still quiet, having an inner experience. I was thinking about the vision I just had, what was spoken to me, and if there was any possible meaning behind it. At first, my thoughts were very basic. Of course, there are things in nature that can heal the mind and spirit such as herbs, entheogens and therapy, things that heal the body such as pharmaceutical drugs and physical therapy, and there are toxic and poisonous things as well as natural disasters and accidents.

Next, I went on to thinking about drugs. Again, you have the healing ones including cancer drugs and substances that treat the many other dangerous conditions, and then you have the potentially destructive, addictive ones such as Heroin, Cocaine, and Amphetamines.

Then, I moved on to relationships. Friendships can go either way, but I was particularly thinking about my mate. I have a chance to find that right person that completes the part of me that would be quite lonely without it, hence healing my empty heart, or I can find the wrong ones that damage my heart. This has alot to do with why I chose this experience in the first place. I began to see very clearly the problematic relationship I have with 'A,' the girl I had been dating for the past two years. I'll continue that topic in a separate paragraph.

The last line of this thought is what I believe to be the true meaning of the vision. What was actually said to me is that 'Nature will (not can) heal you or kill you.' God is at the end of this because He will either heal you or kill you in the end. Again, these are my opinions and beliefs. I do not want to offend anyone. I am very non-judgmental. I respect you just as much whether you believe in God, nature, or nothing at all, even though I will argue that believing in nothing at all is still believing in something. This was all very interesting and unexpected.

Still hiking the path, we found yet another very nice spot to sit down at and relax again. This area was a little different though. There were paths going in different directions, but right between the trails, there was a patch of ground that looked really old. It was moss covered, and there was an old rotted log in the middle of it. This log was very interesting. The inside was deep, crimson red, and I believe it is the type of wood that turns to sandstone over time.

After I put on some old King Crimson, 'Je' prompted me to come check out a millipede he found in the wood he was still browsing through. I wish I had a camera at this point. This thing was close to six inches long and had hundreds of thin, bright red legs and a hard, gray outer shell for a body. It rapped itself tightly around the stick I lightly prodded it with, and its legs looked really wild as they moved in motion with its body coiling into a defensive position. I soon backed away as I also saw hundreds of ants crawling out of the log. I didn't feel like picking fire ants off of me whilst in the midst of a psychedelic experiment. Brushing my arm against the Stinging Nettle earlier on was enough for me.

The next beautiful creature we came across was actually a spider. 'Je' spotted the web, and I came over to check it out. What was odd about this particular web was that it was horizontal like a plate sitting between tree branches. Naturally, I looked for the spider and sure enough, he was right there in the center of the web. As I looked around and investigated the web a little more, I noticed that it was three dimensional. I was in awe. It was actually shaped like a diamond. Down from the top part of the first intricate design was a triangular shaped webbing that extended below into a point underneath, connecting with another tree branch. Even more spectacular was the neon green spider lurking in the dead center of the 'plate' with swirled yellow markings on its back. I have seen those millipedes before, but never have I saw this species of spider nor the type of web it had constructed.

This was about the time when we decided to start on our journey back. I wanted to mention that I had thought a great deal about my 'girlfriend' situation, and I was seeing things very clearly for the first time in a while. I really don't know how things are going to turn out in the end, but this experience helped me to let go of the fact that she had been ignoring me. I was beginning to understand things and see them for what they are and 'Je' expressed the same concerning his situation.

All I know is that a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders, and our depression seemed to dissipate at least for the moment. 'Je' seemed to have had somewhat of an introspective experience, learning a little bit about himself, and that is a very good step for him. This will certainly not be the last adventure I have with him this summer. I hope to try 2C-E with him in the future, as I can see that it would be the perfect psychedelic for the way our personalities fit as friends, and I feel that it would bring us to a greater understanding of ourselves and each other. For now, this was a wonderful experience.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71885
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 9, 2010Views: 11,044
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Morning Glory (38), Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Combinations (3), Depression (15), Relationships (44), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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