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Mystical Dream State
Lucid Dreaming
Citation:   Savash. "Mystical Dream State: An Experience with Lucid Dreaming (exp71890)". Erowid.org. Feb 22, 2019. erowid.org/exp/71890

Recurring Mystical Experiences

Throughout my life I've always had very vivid dreams (I'm 24), in some of which I am lucid, and in most I am able to fly. In the last few years the number of lucid dreams I've had increased, to the point where I can say that I have mystical, lucid experiences regularly. I've been a daily meditator for 2.5 years. I even have total mystical experiences during my awake state.

A couple of the dreams are particularly striking. I've had these during my deep delta sleep. One time once my mind and body acquired a certain level of depth, I consciously took off from my body, watching my body below and my bedroom. I remember specifically waiting for the mind/body to get to this level so I could go up and meet up with an old friend of sorts. While outside the body I was formless, my thinking was non-linear and extremely fast, and I had a complete awareness of myself, of our physical planet, and of the universe. My knowledge of these things was unprecedented, and unexplainably vast and complete. This meeting's purpose was to further investigate and to understand the mutual relationship between one's life and all phenomena, the non-substantiality of all things, and how everything that happens is forever stored/recorded so that this knowledge can be available to us even after we pass into extinction.

So, I take off from the body, go out into the outer space, and meet a being who is far more advanced than I am. Maybe it was someone who no longer incarnates, but continues his work in other planes. He was formless as was I, and we knew each other very well for aeons. We communicated without words. He was bombarding me with massive amounts of information every single second, which I could absorb and thoroughly comprehend.
He was bombarding me with massive amounts of information every single second, which I could absorb and thoroughly comprehend.
After he gave me all the info, and explained what we're about to do, he extended a part of his being like an arm -keep in mind this is all being done invisibly without a form, yet I'm aware somehow- sweeps all the experiences of the western hemisphere, and takes it to the other edge of the galaxy. Then we create another sphere, a much smaller one than the earth but very similar. After this little planet is complete he asks me what kind of dwelling would I like? I say 'the same house, the same area but no plants or animals, no living beings.' So we create this little planet, create my house with the same interior, and leave the surroundings empty. We go ahead and assemble my body the way it is. I express I'm ready, then I go ahead and incarnate into this body. Now I'm physical, with form, yet still completely aware of my eternal spiritual self, and all my abilities are there in the physical form.

I get into the body, I'm now inside the house. I investigate to make sure there are no flaws in the experiment. I go outside and find a barren, lifeless land. Using the knowledge I've acquired through many lives I cause a myriad of plant life to begin growing very rapidly. I wanted to experience my house in Ohio with tropical plants and animals. So the next thing you know, this place is being transformed into a forest. I know and recognize every plant, and am fully responsible for its growth, and consciously choose which plants, yet there are numerous plants coming into existence every micro second, a truly unexplainable experience. Then I fill the place with animals, like tigers and elephants, and some animals that are probably prehistoric and extinct. I recognize the 'entity' of the animal, yet do not have a modern earthly name for many of them. After this, I cause the animals to get closer to me for a close examination, which involves physical and eternal knowledge of the animals, again can't explain clearly how wonderous this is.

After I do all this, I send a message back upward with joy, 'Now I understand better. I learned this lesson. I'm taking off now to go back to my sleeping body.' I lift off very rapidly, with the knowledge that this is the type of work I do all the time in my deep sleep, and with the knowledge that this time my 'ascended' friends are granting me the ability to take the memory back into my current daily existence. I offer gratitude and hope that once I'm inside the body my brain will be able to cooperate with this advanced state of knowing. I come back to our solar system, find planet earth, find the united states, and dive straight into my house, then into my body, and boom! I awaken myself. Of course, my initial reaction was like, 'Wait wait, why did I come back so soon? What was I thinking? I wanna go back now!'

One of the most intriguing phenomena about this mystical dream state is the unusual events that have been taking place since then.
One of the most intriguing phenomena about this mystical dream state is the unusual events that have been taking place since then.
For example, when I meditate outdoors I find the wild animals to be extremely close to me, and very curious about me. They will be far too close for comfort. For example, if a family of deer notices me they begin walking towards me. Same with smaller mammals and birds too. They stare at me and get closer and closer so I have to get up and back off. Even then they won't run away.

I believe we all are like this. We are two things at once, but not two. We live here to learn, we pass into extinction as an expedient means, where we continue to grow and learn, and come back here again. I believe that everybody is capable of getting to know their non-physical selves.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71890
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Feb 22, 2019Views: 985
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