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Each Time Taking a Greater Hold
Salvia divinorum (extract)
Citation:   salviablue. "Each Time Taking a Greater Hold: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (extract) (exp71957)". Erowid.org. Jul 13, 2019. erowid.org/exp/71957

6 hits vaporized Salvia divinorum (extract)
My Most Intense Salvia Experience

I started growing my own Salvia Divinorum, amongst other ethnogenics, when I was living in a bedsit in around 1998. I bought six cuttings, and after killing one from over watering, the remaining five grew to about 5' with a forest of luscious deep green/almost blue velvety leaves before I reaped my first harvest (leaving the plants barely alive, but they recovered). I had several `soft` experiences through tinctures, quids and smoking and vapourising the dried leaf matter (in the 5 or 6 years I had them I never managed to get them to flower!?). Non of which managing more than huge amounts of salivation, especially the quids, a slight sort of fractal patterning to my vision (hard to describe, quite unlike anything I have experienced before, and I have tried quite a lot of psychedelics!) and a general feeling that SOMETHING was about to happen, but never quite did. I got advice that by stressing the plants, their salvinorin content would increase, so that's what I did by regular mini harvests, pinching the growing tips, going through near death droughts cycles and generally being not very regular with the light cycles. I also secured a supply of ethanol, so I started making up fortified extracts. Per hundred dried leaves, I macerated, steeped in ethanol for a week and a day, drained and put aside the liquid. I repeated this two more times with each 100 leaf batch and combined the liquid for each batch. Once extracted, I macerated ten more dried leaves and placed in a large bowl with the extracted liquid and left to completely dry. This I then bagged and labeled my ten leaves worth 10x extract.

What I am attempting to write about here is my first, best and only one like it yet, experience smokourizing (shall explain later) one of these 10x extract bags (obviously not the bag, just its contents) without interference from any other drug (well, that of which I was aware anyway).

I did not have access to a vapouriser any more (beside I later found out that the one I did have access to was for weed purposes and wouldnt work well with salvia since its goodies vapourise at a higher temp) so I tried to improv one from my water bong. I placed a 2p coin over a half loaded bowl (equal to about a thimbleful of extract) so it sat nicely in the bowl at the top, quite covering the bowls contents whilst leaving a gap between contents and coin. I then heated up the coin with a pencil butane torch (discovering after my first good hit, with the torch not being of the auto distinguishing variety, not the smartest thing to use!)until the it glowed and I toked.

The first draw didnt seem to yield anything, even though, I held the hit for some time in my lungs. I drew on the bong again after re-glowing the coin, and this time half way through the pull the contents ignited. I have nearly double the lung capacity for a draw more than most people (I discovered this in fact during an experiment in my first year of my neuroscience degree) so I pulled a lot of (what I hoped was) vapour and very VERY thick smoke. My first concern was to hold the draw in my lungs and not to cough! Considering I was steadying the bong in one hand and holding the still lit torch in the other, my concerns should have been prioritised somewhat differently!

Needless to say, that hit started to come on VERY strong, very quickly, and I was aware of nothing but holding my breath and a vast feeling of something big happening, with a rising feeling of paranoia. I felt that I was falling into myself, but at the same time, my conscious awareness was being tugged into the air, as though I was a marionette and my mind and body started to separate but it was my mind attached to those strings and not my body. I also felt the butt of some cruel cosmic joke and why they (?) would do this to me. I tried to remind myself that this was just part of the mind reeling and trying to grasp upon what it was used to
I tried to remind myself that this was just part of the mind reeling and trying to grasp upon what it was used to
, to try and keep me `'level/sane'.

Suddenly I was aware that I had vision, that I could see, and that something in that vision was wrong! I remember moving my head around and the effects started to drain away and I was watching the carpet burn due to the fact I had dropped my arm holding the still lit torch, to the floor I was sat upon! I sort of snapped out of the 'daze' and carefully moved the bong over the burning carpet (fortunately it had only just started to take hold over a very small area) and put out the flames. 'Shit, I'm going to have to move some furniture around to cover than burn' I thought.

That hit was inexplicably amazing, it felt as though some great secret to `life, the universe and everything` could be revealed to me, if only I could get past the paranoia and not burn my self to death! I decided I would try and consume the remainder of my 10x extract in that method in as quick as succession as possible. I placed a baking tray down, put the bong atop of it, set a bowl of water next to it and emptied the bongs bowl and refilled it ready for the next hit. Bugger that coin was hot! I put a glove on my left hand, to remove then replace the coin for each successive hit.

I repeated the process for the next hit, this time noting the time before toking. As soon as I was struggling to keep down that second hit I quickly turned of the torch, put it down on the tray and I managed to remove the coin from the bowl before salvia took hold again and I started to feel detached. I couldnt make out what I was looking at, but it became fractal, as though I could see its building blocks, and those where made up of little images of its self. This time the `tugging` felt as though there was some kind of current running up from the far corner of the room, through my head and up into the opposite corner behind me. It felt as if I could leave my self and travel with this stream but the cosmic joke thing reared its ugly head and I felt like if I did leave with the stream, I would have fallen for this joke. I was struggling with myself to try and become aware of myself again and my realisation of vision came back to me and I `remembered` to breath out! I watched the smoke expelled from my lungs and began to drift again, but not before looking down at the bong and trying to empty the bowl. That in itself made the main strength of salvia start to melt away enough so I could actually empty the bowl, refill it and replace the coin. I managed to relight the torch, reheat the coin and take a further toke.

As I took in the hit I looked at the clock, seven minutes had passed since the last time I looked, it felt like hours! That thick thick smoke was trying to come out and I had to keep it in, salvia took hold and this time I felt as though I was slowly leaving with that current, my vision was incomprehensible fractals, building blocks of reality. I was becoming aware of something, as though something very important was just there, but I couldnt see it, just sense it. I was by now becoming accustomed to the joke and convinced myself that I didn't mind being the butt of it
I was by now becoming accustomed to the joke and convinced myself that I didn't mind being the butt of it
, I didnt like it, it scared me, but I was willing to accept it. The something important was becoming more tangible but suddenly I was becoming aware of myself, resisting the current, my vision and awareness returned enough to notice I had just breathed out that thick, pea soup smoke, but just as quickly I returned to `imbetween reality`.

This continued through out the fourth and fifth hit, each time salvia was taking a greater hold, each time I was getting closer to the something important, the secret and the cosmic joke. My awareness became less and less of my physical or mental real self, my vision getting more fractal and paradoxically more microcosmical yet more macrocosmical as well. Each time I looked at the clock a greater distance of time had passed, I think 15 mins between beginning the 5th hit and the 6th. Each hit felt longer in time, hours longer!

It wasnt until during the 6th and final hit was destroyed, melted away, by my then girlfriend entering my bedsit, that I became aware of a thousand points of consciousness all around me suddenly `closing` and I warped back to `reality` finding myself saying 'its allright, its just Lisa, shes cool, she has done this as well'. But, like on awaking from a dream, finding you just woke yourself up by talking, that I realised I was talking and stopped the sentence. Lisa was talking to me, annoyed (we had an argument earlier that day and she was supposed to be staying at a friends house, but she came back that night), and that quickly melted salvia away and brought me back with an overwhelming empty feeling that I had just missed out on some sort of contact with the `secret`, the `big important thing` that was about to be revealed.

I had a residual `detachment` and slight fractal visual for a few minutes before the overwhelming emptiness subsided and I felt a curious mix of exhaustion and renewed energy.

For one reason or another I never managed to attain such an experience since with pure salvia. I will, however, be propogating Salvia divinorum again soon, so I may yet discover that `important secret`!

During this experience, I was alone in my well lit bedsit with no music playing and it was about 18:30 on a week day when I started. I had had an argument with my then girlfriend earlier that day, but my mood wasnt too afflicted as I was sure we would easily patch things up (as we did that night). I was going through a bit of depression and I generally suffer from anxiety. I was also regularly smoking a fair bit of weed, but not that day.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 71957
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 13, 2019Views: 1,994
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