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Best Drug in the World
Oxycodone (Percocet/Oxycontin)
by Descartes
Citation:   Descartes. "Best Drug in the World: An Experience with Oxycodone (Percocet/Oxycontin) (exp72041)". Aug 1, 2010.

  repeated insufflated Pharms - Oxycodone (ground / crushed)


This is a report detailing my experiences with Oxycodone. I am an 18 year old male and I weigh fairly light, only 110lbs. Because of my low weight I make sure to always start off on low enough doses when trying out new substances. As far as other drugs that I have used, I smoked Marijuana multiple times daily for around a year as well as cigarettes (no longer smoke MJ, cigarettes only ocassionally now), and have used all of the following: Salvia, Clonazepam, Dextroampetamine(Adderall), DXM, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone.

I have experienced two other Opiates, Codeine and Hydrocodone. My codeine experiences, ranging from doses of 90-240mg were ok, but the presence of caffeine in the pills seemed to have ruined the effects of the codeine. I only ever noticed VERY mild euphoria at the higher doses and barely any of the warm opiate buzz (mostly nausea was what I felt). My little brother was prescribed a cough syrup containing Hydrocodone for his bronchitis last year. He hardly ever took any so I jumped on the opportunity and enjoyed a week long Hydro binge. I took doses of between 7.5-45mg and enjoyed it a lot more than codeine. It has been a while since I have done any hydrocodone, but I can closely relate the feeling of Hydro to the feeling of Oxycodone.

Now on to my experience with Oxycodone which began only a couple months ago. I will explain the effects of Oxycodone after I give all the background of my usage. I was at school and just finished having my morning cigarette. I went up to the washroom on the second floor to meet up with my dealer who I will call M. I met him there almost every morning to buy a little bit of chronic for the school day. M pulled out his regular assortment of dime bags stuffed with weed. He showed me an extra dime bag he had that wasn't full of weed but instead contained 2 tiny white pills. On one side of the pill was '10' and the other side labeled 'CDN'. I live in Canada by the way, and this is how generic Oxycontin looks where I am. I didn't know what it was at the time but had a hunch so I asked M if the pills were indeed Oxycontin. My hunch was correct, and M told me to hand over an extra $5 if I wanted to split the pill with him. I gave M the $5 as I was eager to try some.

M peeled off the white outside layer with his finger nail and crushed the pill with my Bic lighter underneath a 10 dollar bill on the windowsill. It was all flat and stuck together so he proceeded to chop it up with his driver's license. M split the fine white powder into two separate lines. He rolled up the 10 dollar bill he used to crush he pill under and handed it to me. I knew this was a low dose but I was excited none-the-less. I snorted my line and then M did the same to his. M told me to bring some extra money tomorrow if I wanted to do some Oxycontin again. I brought some extra money the next day, as well as for the next 2 and half weeks. On top of that I was meeting him after school once or sometimes twice a day to pick up some more Oxycontin. I started off just buying 10mg pills, but in a few days I was constantly picking up the little pink 20mg pills.

I took a break for a month but for the past week and half I have been buying 20s and 40s. When I stopped doing them after having some daily for 2 and 1/2 weeks I only experienced minor withdrawal symptoms, the most annoying being restless leg syndrome. It happened whenever I went to sleep for a few nights, I had the urge in my legs to move them around and it would keep me up quite late. I was only using about 30-40mgs/day, but I expected it to be a worse than what it was. After the first time I did 40mgs in one day, the next morning I couldn't even make it to school because I would dry heave every time I stood up. I couldn't do anything the whole day except lay down because anything I did including watching TV would make me nauseous. I also couldn't eat anything for the whole day, and the next day I still felt pretty bad until I had some more Oxycontin.

So, the effects of this beautiful opiate. The only method I have used is insufflation as I am scared even crushed up and taken orally will be a waste, missing that rush I get from snorting. I usually do anywhere from 20-40mgs at once, only once or twice a day. After I peel off the layer and crush it up I divide the powder into four roughly equal lines. I cut a piece from a straw about half the length of a pen and use it to snort with. I usually will snort two lines, one in each nostril, and wait 5-10 minutes and repeat with the other two. The first noticeable effects happen within 1 minute after snorting the first two lines. I already feel the warmth starting to spread across my whole body. After a few minutes I begin to feel very relaxed and I know the best is still to come. My mind feels very content and I begin to feel really happy knowing that for the next few hours, I don't have to care about anything.

Once I have snorted the whole pill, five minutes later I feel the effects full throttle. My eyes lose focus when I try to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds, and I feel sort of almost light headed when I walk. I get a strong feeling of euphoria and for the first 30 minutes I love to chat with my family members. I find it very hard to get mad when I am on Oxy and I have pleasant conversations about anything with them. It just feels so damn good to talk about anything! The strong effects only last about 30 minutes, but I still feel effects for the next 3-4 hours. After the initial buzz and rush of euphoria fades, it starts to very very slowly taper off. I still feel extremely relaxed and have the warm opiate buzz. It feels like every inch of my body is wrapped in a warm comfortable blanket. My skin is also more sensitive for the first couple hours, especially on my face, it just feels good to touch it(almost feels numb in a way). I don't get extremely itchy, but the higher to dose it seems the more I itch. My body heats up and I never have to wear a sweater if the A/C is on my my house. If it is cold outside and windy I can go out in a t-shirt and feel perfectly comfortable. When I look in the mirror my pupils are noticeable smaller.

One of the best things I like to do is lie down in my bed and a few minutes after I close my eyes, I drift off into a state that is like half dreaming and half awake. Whatever random scenario is playing in my mind I can sort of see it play out in front of me like if I was dreaming, but at the same time I am awake. By the 4th hour, the effects are almost completely gone and I begin to miss all the euphoria feelings and the body buzz. If the comedown is really dragging me down I go pick up some more off of M or if I already have some, snort some more.

Overall, after using Oxycontin, it is the only drug I think is actually worth my money. It melts away all of my problems for a few hours and I feel great! I know my pattern of use is one of addiction, but I try my best to stop before I get caught too deep. Hope you learned something from this report!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72041
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Aug 1, 2010Views: 65,931
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