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A Philosopher's Dream Come True
Citation:   Mr. Giggles. "A Philosopher's Dream Come True: An Experience with LSD (exp72093)". Erowid.org. Jan 1, 2019. erowid.org/exp/72093

1 hit oral LSD  
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I had been wanting to try LSD for some time. Prior to my experience with LSD, mushrooms and DXM were my two trips of choice. Since some friends and I were going to attend a festival and planned on taking LSD there, I decided I would like to try it out before we went so I could see what my tolerance was and know what to expect.

My friend 'K' informed me that he could get some 'good acid' for only $15. So I gladly purchased a dose (one sugar cube). That night a friend of mine 'S' was having a cabin party out at a lake and I decided to take the dose and not tell anyone (I'm extremely perceptive and even more so when on psychoactives) because I dont enjoy having people that aren't tripping knowing that I am (it's all the weird looks, expectations, and pragmatics of discussion that make me uneasy). This turned out to be a good decision on my part.

I took the dose and joined my friends at the bonfire on the beach. It was already night and very dark out as I started to get giggly.

The onset took roughly 30-40 min before I knew I was indeed on a trip. The conversations around the fire took on a new level of connection. I felt I knew EXACTLY what my friends would say before they said it, which meant that I had a witty (often humorous) response waiting at the end of their every statement. This was a very good experience, around the bonfire, I felt the way MDMA makes me feel, deeply connected to my surroundings and the friends around me.

When I went inside to get a beer and use the restroom I noticed that I was soaring to the plateau of my trip. The bathroom was exquisite! The beach motif in the room, with warm colors and such, was amazing...it was clear I was on my way. When I came back out and gave my friend K a beer, he suggested we play a little nerf ball. Intrigued, I joined his team of 3 and inquired about the rules. Nerf ball consisted of two teams of 3 throwing a nerf (whistling) football and trying to hit each other from roughly 60 yards down the beach in the pitch black. Needless to say this was EXTREMELY thrilling while on LSD.

I was all giggles as we would turn our backs to the other team and wait for the whistle of the football to come our way. Imagine something out of an old war movie with whistling torpedoes wizzing past your head. I scored for our team by hitting someone on their team and I was ecstatic, feeling the way a child does when they have found an inner connection with a new group of friends (although this had been my group of friends for years and years).

After the game (at this time I was clearly plateauing) my friend K suggested a boat ride. This idea caught my attention immediately and I ran to secure a spot in the back of the boat. After cracking a few jokes with my friend R who was accompanying me in the back of the boat(and crying after laughing for so long) we left the shore and began to cruise the black waters of the lake. I recall repeating 'the stars sure are good tonight' several times, to anyone who would listen. Out in the country away from the city lights we were privy to thousands of twinkling stars. These stars were the focus of my hallucinations. I had never seen anything so beautiful as the stars that night, but I wasn't viewing them the same way as I did when sober. Tonight (on LSD) the stars seemed to be on several different planes of dimension. By this I mean that I could tell how far or near stars were, which galaxies shown the brightest and found it extremely easy to mentally map our boats progress by merely using the stars. It felt like if we were to boat to the edge of the lake we could just continue our journey out into the stars and space. They (the stars) were projected in a sort of 3D real-time where depth, distance, brightness, and location all merged together making me feel as if I could navigate our boat to anywhere in the world with no problems if I so desired. One last note about the night sky is that I found (and still hold, strangely enough)a deep interest in flying planes. Since the stars were so detailed in their location and depth I could see EXACTLY where the plane's trajectory was from and where it was leading it. Imagine viewing the sky, not as a 2D plane of reference, but more of a 3D aviary where I could see up to, under, and around all sides of a plane in the night sky. It gives me a very real feeling of superior vision.

After the boat ride, my trip began to slow down and die off small bits at a time. I found that smoking cannabis (I'm a daily user anyway) gave me a great sense of normality, making the come down easy and light; but at the same time highlighting what was left of the LSD in my body. Around this time I found a seat at the now dwindling bonfire and starred at the flames, falling into a trance of inner reflection. I study philosophy at a local university and found that LSD offered me a much clearer (than mushrooms) window into my consciousness and the systems of the world. I should note that my entire trip I found myself again and again wanting to write about what I was seeing/thinking/feeling. During this inner reflection a Japanese tourist/friend of a friend was also starring into the flames quietly. I couldn't help but notice her and what she was doing. After nearly 30 minutes of watching the fire she reached her hand into the heart of the burning pit, calmly and without haste. She reached into the flames so far that from my vantage point I could no longer see her arm nor what she was reaching for. Her hand emerged holding a small piece of wood about the size of a persons fist. She looked at it then proceeded to place it in a different place in the fire. As soon as she had strategically placed this insignificant piece of wood back into the fire; what was once a dwindling spark became the raging fire it once was earlier in the night. This absolutely blew me away, because for hours my American friends had tried to beat, stir, and add to the fire to make it roar...and she had taken this all in and when everyone had tried their method she quietly crept to the fire, healed it, and backed away so as not to incur any recognition for her deed. This gave me a great understanding of the Japanese culture and how americans always believe they can fix anything by merely adding to it, when in fact the solution is hidden in the problem itself.

After the fire finally burnt out everyone went inside to go to bed. I found there was no way I could sleep and decided to drive home and shower before work the next morning. On the drive home (it was sunrise) I found incredible inner peace and sanctuary, while at the same time feeling slight depression and mourning for the sensations I had while on LSD.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72093
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 1, 2019Views: 866
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LSD (2) : General (1), Nature / Outdoors (23), Large Party (54)

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