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Lucy Is My Ally, My Teacher, My Lover
by TheMadMarchHare
Citation:   TheMadMarchHare. "Lucy Is My Ally, My Teacher, My Lover: An Experience with LSD (exp72119)". Jul 22, 2018.

2 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


This trip occured approximately 3 days ago on June 22, 2008. This is the day I felt enlightenment in my grip. I felt it in the tips of my fingers and under my eye lids.

I had been planning to trip for a few days but things kept coming up and ruining it. I'm fairly new to LSD, this trip being accounted was my 3rd time using the benevolent Lucy (as she will now be reffered to from here). Even tho I have only used Lucy a total of 4 times as of right now (June 25, 2008) I know her power and I respect her benevolence, teaching, and knowledge. I am currently reading the Teachings of Don Juan and as it teaches to be a Man of Knowledge you need an Ally and I have chosen Lucy as mine, or should I say she has chosen me.

Anyhow onto the good stuff. I had 2 good size triangular doses of Lucy wrapped in foil in my wallet. I decided to walk the backroads to a bicycle/walking trail near my house that runs along a river. I had with me; my doses, a pack of smokes, the Daodejing, a bottle of water and my cell phone. However I forgot something crucial to this trip which was my zune. This was not a completely fatal mistake but however.

I began walking at about 1245 because the walk to the trail on the back roads was a decent mile and a half. I dont walk very fast so I figured this would be a good time to leave. I had recently been drug tested by my parents and came up completley clean, despite have dropped acid the day before. Standard drug tests dont test for Lucy so I wasnt worried. As I'm walking outside my dad is working on the yard and I tell him I'm walking to the trail. And he says', your not like going to drop a hit of acid and walk around and stuff are you?'

'I'm just going to the trail' I answered.

'okay' he said

I began walking looking at the trees and the sky feeling refreshed and revitalized. It was a perfect day out, high 84 and the sun was shining and there was a ever so gentle cross breeze blowing. Anyways I began walking up my neighborhood and out onto the back streets. I came to some wild flowers and looked at them and was reminded of Hofmann saying that we need to come back to the roses, the plants, to mother nature. I brushed them with my fingertips and smiled. I kept walking and as I came to about 100 yards to the trail I looked at my cell fone and it was 1:07, the time I was planning to drop (military time its 13:07, my two lucky numbers :). I took out the first one, un folded the foil it was in and placed it on my tongue. I moved it around, pressed it to the roof of my mouth for a few minutes, took a small sip of water to make sure it went down. Then I repeated it with the second dose.

I came to the entrance of the trail and began walking. It is approximately 2 and a half miles down and back once. This however seemed like it took an eternity.

I started walking and felt the rising vibes of it and began texting my friend Luke who was tripping on an eigth of cubensis mushrooms that day. This whole time we texted eachother and kept eachother updated on our trips. I began walking and saw a nice place to meditate near the river. I walked down and saw a rock and pulled out my Daodejing and began reading. As I began reading I didnt like the Daodejing as much as I had the past few days I had begun reading it. It made me feel blank, like I was just another spec on a spiderweb. I kept reading hoping I would feel more blissful but this blank feeling just exacerbated the further I read. So I put it away and lit a cigarette. I sat watching the water sparkle and run over rocks puffing on my cigarette. When I was finished I got up and began walking again. I felt blank, almost like an ego death. This was a small dose but for the next hour or so I felt I had experienced an ego death. I wasnt feeling any emotions and I wasnt percieiving anything other than how it was. I didnt like this, most people would like this feeling saying this is how we should percieve the world. I beleive however, that everything has a spirit and is symbolic of many different things.

I kept walking and this acid was coming on rather slow and I just kept walking singing to myself. And finally I was texting luke and said that I wasnt feeling the intensity of the doses as I expected, I wasnt feeling the threshhold and that I had no music. He shuddered at the fact I had no music and suggested going back. At this point I was at the end of the trail and was about 3 miles from home. I told him I was bummed and that I should have saved Lucy for later that night and meditated. He said not to be mad and just enjoy the trip. I agreed and kept walking back. Eventually I began to chant Om(inhale) Ah(hold the breath) Hum(exhale) to calm myself because I was somewhat of becoming anxious that I had wasted Lucy. I eventually found a different place by the water next to the remanints of fires. I sat down in a cross legged position and began chanting, om ah hum yet again and closed my eyes. Lucy was taking me to her threshold at this point and I saw waves of particles under my eyelids, waves of the water washing in and out over the rocks that were in front of me but that I could not see having my eyes closed. I continued meditating fro about 15 minutes until luke texted me again and I got up and began walking back. I was back at the beggining of the trail this time. And I as I was walking I looked at the plants next to me and realized that I came to be the same way they did. I realized I am everything because I have come to be the same way everything else has. I was the trees, the plants, the sky, the water, the birds, the squirrels. I also realized I saw all the stages of life laid out in front of me. I passed a baby, a toddler with its mother and father. I passed a young couple in love, and middle age couple in love. An older middle aged man pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair. I saw the order that my life will come in and I saw everything I am. I am everything and I always will be. I walked home smoking cigarettes and smiling at the sun. I went home made myself dinner spent time with my family. Sat in the grass near a fresh patch of mushrooms in the dying sunlight. I felt the best I ever will. I was real and I knew I was. I was everything and knew I was. I will be everything and knew I will be. This was without a doubt the most spiritual and knowledge gaining trip I have experienced so far as Lucy being my ally. Thank you Dr. Hofmann, may you rest in peace and may your spirit soar.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72119
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 22, 2018Views: 875
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LSD (2) : Families (41), General (1), Alone (16)

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