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Amazing Yet Strong
Tramadol, Venlafaxine & Pregabalin
by Tramadol
Citation:   Tramadol. "Amazing Yet Strong: An Experience with Tramadol, Venlafaxine & Pregabalin (exp72140)". Sep 19, 2019.

75 mg oral Pharms - Venlafaxine


First of all, during this whole experience I am taking 75mg of effexor. But I only take it every other day since tramadol is an SNRI. And Lyrica 100mg at night. Both are for my pain due to fibromyalgia and may affect my experience. Also lyrica is also used as an anti seizure medication and may be why I can take so many mg of tremadol and not get extremely sick? But this is just speculation, I do not actually know.

So I started my affair with Tramadol about 2 week ago. Suffering from chronic upper back and neck pain due to fibromyalgia I will do just about anything. I have never done the drug before and have recently heard about it through all the online websites marketing the drug. Being that I have a total love affair with all opiates and painkillers, I thought I'd look up the drug. My favorite drug so far has been pure oxycodone 30mg a day. So I would say that after doing that for a year, I have a higher tolerance for painkillers. Anyways, after finding out that tramadol is not a controlled substance, I realized it must be much easier to obtain then oxycodone, so I used a online website and bought 180 pills of 50mg for only $100, and got the meds the very next day.

Knowing that I get sick very easily on pharms I made sure to eat half an hour before taking the drug. I took two pills and watched TV. After 45 minutes I started to feel a little more upbeat and excited. Then between an hour and hour 2 I started to feel like weight was lifted off my shoulders and very excited and energetic as well as very talkative. Yet unlike oxycodone I still could focus and had complete clarity of vision and thought
unlike oxycodone I still could focus and had complete clarity of vision and thought
. I start to feel like this is an amazing drug. The effects probably lasted about 4 hours after the high kicked in. And the come down was just as smooth and comfortable as the uplift. That night however, I had a very hard time sleeping. I was up probably most of the night.

The next day I wanted to try a lot more so I started out with 3 pills and after an hour I took 2 more. After about an hour and a half I was extremely happy, loving and social. As well as very very empathetic to others. I really cared about others' problems and really wanted to just help. As well as I found myself feeling so in love with my boyfriend. Something I never can feel due to paranoia and nervousness around our relationship. After 4 hours I took 3 more pills and the high just kept coming. I felt absolutely incredible and other then constipation and slight itching, I felt I have found my dream drug. While it was very difficult to sleep, I found that if I take an Advil pm and break it in half and take both pieces, sleep will come easy, and I will wake up feeling incredibly rested, and very energetic. I had very little hangover effects, but I must say that the next morning I always start my day with a healthy breakfast and 3 pills.

After a while I realized that 3 pills every 4 hours is absolutely incredible. But remember that I have always had a high tolerance toward pharms. This resulted in about 9 to 12 pills a day for the last 3 days. When I am this high, I will not feel hungry or thirsty. So I need to remind myself and force myself to eat 3 meals a day, drink lots of water, and I might take some laxatives because going more than 4 days without a movement is really unhealthy. I do remember that it got to the point where I had to go to the store and get a personal enema kit, yeah it sucked but it was either that or the doctors. It worked really well and the next day I reduced my pill intake in half.

It is important to go some days without the drug, yet I know I'm too psychologically dependent on it to do it. I just love them too much. Oh another side effect, getting an erection is very very difficult, and when I actually can, I can have sex for as long as I want, but having an orgasm is just completely out of the question
having an orgasm is just completely out of the question
. I have never, ever had one when I was on these pills or even a day after taking them.

The other day I do remember taking 4 pills in the morning, two hours later I took 3 more. Then an hour later 2 more. And then 4 hours later 3 more. Reading other peoples experiences says that I should have had a seizure since that can definitely happen when you take too much of this drug. But I was yes, extremely high, but at this level itís not exactly as enjoyable as a less intense high. Peeing was very very difficult and I had to relax in order for anything to come out. And I was extremely itchy, and restless, sleeping was extremely difficult and I could not keep my eyes open, but getting comfortable enough to sleep was impossible. So I just laid their with my eyes half open and I finally fell asleep when I found a left over anti anxiety drug, nothing too strong. I do also remember being easily annoyed when I was on such a high amount. Things just bothered me almost instantly and I also became paranoid very easily. So I'd say really high doses just are not worth it.

All in all I would say that this is an incredible drug that can make me feel absolutely amazing, yet, because I can focus and still be social, this is not the kind of drug I could take a lot of and pass out. And I would definitely say that it can be extremely dangerous and should be taken with caution, something I need to do and have been lucky to escape from. I would say find a happy medium and stay at that amount, but tolerance can occur really fast, and if this happens, I try to stay off it for a while because it can go down very quickly as well. Just remember to take care of yourself.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72140
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 19, 2019Views: 738
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