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Altered Vision
Diet Pills
Citation:   pharmacist. "Altered Vision: An Experience with Diet Pills (exp72161)". Nov 14, 2019.

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Contaminated Diet Pills

I will list the psychoactives I have done from most favorite to least: Opioids, Kratom, Downers (Benzos, barbs and alcohol) Salvia, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Caffeine and Cannabis. I love downers because I am able to be myself in a non egotistical way and stimulants just make me very timid and anxious. Cannabis just seems to give me a mindfuck that I don't enjoy. Downers seemed to have lost their magic since I feel little to no euphoria but opioids and kratom always make me very relaxed and euphoric without having to worry about getting caught since I don't get fucked up, just a nice mellow high.

My mom recently recieved some diet pills (LiDa Daidaihua) contaminated with sibutramine.

The high was very much the same as amphetamine, loss of appetite, stimulation, focus etc but the thing that stood out was the altered vision
the thing that stood out was the altered vision
. I think it has to do with the serotonin activity. Now I still didn't enjoy the high and I knew it wasn't placebo since I didn't sleep all night and I was ready to crash. When I took the pill, the onset took about 25 mins.

T+ 0.25 25 mins after ingesting the sibutramine-contaminated pills, I started to feel the effects of the stimulant, I went outside to smoke a hand rolled cigarrette. My vision was very, bizarre. Things looked more sharp but it had a very visual aura to it, more like when you spin around and make yourself dizzy and you try to look at one spot but it seems to move and snap back to place seamlessly.

T+ 1.0 Effects have faded but it came back again, right when I thought it was over, I felt a small rush in my head, pepped up again. Vision altered again

T+1.30 Faded but yet again another small burst of stimulation, I'm talking to my little sister she says my face seems emotionless and I'm speaking very monotone. I was diagnosed with ADD and amphetamine always makes me feel like an emotional zombie with OCD. Although, I had no OCD like effects on sibutramine.

T+2.0 Another burst, but less apparent, starting to get sleepy but It's very hard to sleep. I go to bed and I am sweating a lot.

T+ 6.0 I am woken up by my dad, he tells my I don't look well and my sheets are soaked with sweat. He tells me to go upstairs where it is colder since our a/c broke downstairs and we live in Arizona so it gets quite hot during the summer.

After Effects
I have lost my appetite all day, I didn't eat at all, my mom worries about my health so she forces me to eat some enchiladas she made. I love the enchiladas she makes but my taste was altered, it tasted very bland but I tried my best to eat it and drank 2 glasses of water to keep myself hydrated. I also took a multivitamin with electrolyted to prevent malnutrion and dehydration like I always did when I was on the adderall regimen. Went back to sleep at 10pm

Next Day
I woke up fairly early (6am), still not hungry but I drank some milk to coat my stomach with something.

Overall sibutramine is very simular to amphetamine but it is more visual. This was my first and last time experimenting with sibutramine, I drank glass of water with 2g of kratom maeng da thai to calm myself down before I go to work.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72161
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 14, 2019Views: 1,796
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