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A Report On Nabilone (Cesamet)
by SyM3i0Te
Citation:   SyM3i0Te. "A Report On Nabilone (Cesamet): An Experience with Nabilone (exp72170)". Jul 24, 2015.

.5 mg oral Nabilone (capsule)
  3   Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


Hello all, I just wanted to submit an experience report on Nabilone (Cesamet), also known as synthetic THC, since there is little information out there of actual recreational experiences. Nabilone is most often prescribed for cancer patients as an antiemetic to help them with vomiting episodes. I recently obtained a few leftover capsules from a co-worker who was prescribed them as an alternative to benzo's and other SSRI's (he doesn't have cancer).

Anyhow, a little background info, I'm 27 years old, have experience with numerous drugs, different classes etc. I won't list everything here, however I am an avid cannabis smoker so I feel I can give a good approximation of the effects of Nabilone in comparison to smoked cannabis.

Dose: 0.5 Mg
Setting: My apartment, 6:45 pm Friday night

Took the capsule at quarter to seven, hadn't smoked any cannabis today. Consumed 3 beers, chilled on my balcony for a bit reading the paper


Feeling some effects, mostly warm and fuzzy, not really stoned or anything, decide to take a walk and get some dinner

8: 40pm

Took a long walk, enjoyed the scenic route through the park, and actually one which I'd never taken before. Effects have increased, it really does feel like I smoked a joint earlier, very mellow just ambling along down the path, checking out gardens to see if anything interesting is growing there ;) Very relaxed at this point.


Arrived at restaurant, ordered a burger and a poutine. At this point I really was feeling quite stoned, but not really like smoking weed. It feels similar, like all the pluses of smoking a joint (mellow, relaxed, laughing, warm body buzz) but without the negatives (racing thoughts, paranoia, blood shot eyes, anxiety). And yes I actually do have the munchies :) I am really quite impressed with this substance right now. I enjoy my meal and proceed to walk back to my apartment.


Just got back, effects were peaking on the walk back, was feeling very stoned, had the perma-smile going etc. Now sitting out on my balcony again enjoying the warm night air and a nice cold beer. Still feeling effects, actually kind of feel a little burnt out now.


Overall as a comparison to smoking cannabis there are a lot of similarities, a lot of differences. Mainly the buzz seems to last a lot longer (3+ hours so far) as opposed to a joint, and has a much slower onset. I didn't get nearly as baked from this dose (0.5 Mg) as from a big fathead. I would describe it as being stoned yet lucid at the same time, thoughts were relaxed and interesting, no anxiety or paranoia of any kind like I usually experience with a high dose of weed. It's 10:20pm now and the effects are slowly diminishing, I'm gonna try taking another capsule and see what happens :) Just wanted to post this experience as I searched for a long time for experiences of recreational use of Nabilone and found little.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72170
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 24, 2015Views: 9,668
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Nabilone (571) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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