Who Said Heroic Dose?
Citation:   Heavyfoot. "Who Said Heroic Dose?: An Experience with 2C-E (exp72208)". Erowid.org. Sep 22, 2008. erowid.org/exp/72208

  insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
[Erowid Note: This report is marked as a 2C-E report, but readers should be aware there are aspects of it that suggest the identification is speculative.]

The following is a rough report of my first 2C-E experience. It’s a long one and probably won’t read very well but I’ll try and get it down as best as possible.

I’d like to note that previously throughout the night I had also ingested 3 ecstasy pills, a half litre of rum and around a gram of ketamine as did my cousin, but all were long gone by the time of this report.

Due to the irresponsible way we were thrown into this trip we had no way of preparing ourselves having said that my mindset was good as was my cousins.

The way we acquired the drug was not one that I’d suggest. We (myself and my cousin S) were at an illegal rave with a couple of friends. One of the friends had decided to scout on the floor around the rig to see if any bags of weed or tobacco etc had been dropped. Instead of these though, he found a wrap containing roughly a gram of white fluffy powder. Myself and my cousin are both experienced with our chemicals and began investigating the white powder. We ruled out ketamine and mdma firstly for obvious reasons. Some form of 2C or cocaine were both possibilities so we decided a small gum check could give us some answers. When the powder made the tip of my tongue numb we both decided we’d struck gold and found cocaine (this and the fact that no one would carry 1000mg of any 2C in a single wrap brought us to this conclusion) and proceeded to cut out three lines (saving a quarter for the fourth friend who was away dancing). The friend who found the wrap allowed me and my cousin the first two lines which we both snorted up quickly. It was at the precise moment that the powder hit my nose that I realised what we’d done. The blistering pain in my face was making my eyes stream and I began to imagine Uma Thurmans character in pulp fiction making a similar mistake. We had not snorted lines of coke, we had in fact, just insufflated roughly between 150-250mg of 2C-E each.

[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

We snorted the powder at sunrise on a November morning so I would estimate the time at around 6am.

So. My face was ablaze and my eyes streaming. It was only maybe a minute after this when the pain stopped that it hit me. And boy did it hit me. The moment I’d snorted it I’d resigned myself to the fact I was in for a bumpy ride. But I was not ready for how quickly or hard it would hit me. I’ve heard many different descriptions of the 2ce experience but possibly the best is a local one. “It’s like being punched in the face by a rainbow” one friend once told me. The PERFECT description. Every cloud was exploding into it’s base particles, expanding beyond my vision, then springing back (like a miniature big bang) all to a background of a rainbow sky. I opened the car door and was instantly hit by the feeling of wind. Although it wasn’t very windy at all, everything seemed to be rushing (not in the normal amphetamine sense) but as though an almost life giving wind were rushing through everything creating movement and interaction.

This feeling stayed with me throughout the trip. I looked over to my cousin who was vomiting out the side of the car. By this time the friend who had found the 2C-E had cut his line down considerably and was laughing hyena-like which was causing me an extreme amount of confusion. His laughing turned the trip from a pure confusion to something much darker and sinister. When I tried communicating to my friend the fact that I was tripping harder than I ever had and that as I’d only snorted minutes ago it was bound to get harder, so, would he PLEASE stop laughing, I was completely unable to verbalise any vowels, only consonants (plosives in particular). All of the words coming out of my mouth were garbled

“Pfg grt” I gave up.

I got out of the car which was constantly expanding and contracting and making it very difficult to hold on to the side in order to actually get out. As people milled around from car to car or from car to sound system, I became aware of long almost vortex style tunnels coming from everyone’s back stretching for meters, like a cross between the most intense trails ever witnessed and the house party scene from donny darko. As I tried walking towards the sound system, vaguely hoping that music would help me focus my energies on something positive the trip began to get even harder. Everything began to melt away. This was not the usual “oh wow that lamp just tried humping that bowl” focused type of trip that I was used to. Instead EVERYTHING was shifting, melting, bubbling, bending, disintegrating. It was complete visual overload and began to make me feel extremely nauseous almost to the extent of vertigo. I gave up on the idea of the sound system and made my way back to the car before I fell over.

It is here approximately 10 to 20 minutes after snorting the line that things got too much for me and I vomited. I had not eaten in over 24 hours though and all I managed was a dry heave and a small amount of bile. Saying that, I did feel somewhat better. I asked a friend to roll me a cigarette as every time I reached for my tobacco pouch my fingers would melt away to stumps and the flesh that was once my skin would stick to the pouch in disgusting waxy clumps. This was not horrifying or scary, only annoying.

The thing that was scaring me was my absolute inability to communicate verbally. I literally had to point at my tobacco and whine in order for my friend in the car to understand what I wanted. The cigarette calmed me down somewhat and I was able to sit back with my eyes closed and ride out an hour up to the peak. During this time I had some amazing CEVs with geometric patterns shifting and morphing in a kaleidoscopic fashion. Whilst this was happening I’d allow myself to consider situations in my life and as I did, a significant image from the situation would materialise in the patterns and become part of the ever expanding picture. Saying that, during my kaleidoscopic introspection I did not come to any great revelation or truth other than snorting a quarter gram line of 2ce is a bad idea.

When I opened my eyes again the extreme visuals were still there but notably less sinister and frightening. I looked over to my cousin who at this point (roughly an hour and a half into the trip) had not moved from his seat in the car and noticed a look of extreme fear and anxiety in his face. I reached over to him and stroked his shoulder reassuring him that everything would be fine, that we were in this together and that I was with him (by now my ability to form coherent words had returned). He looked at me confused but managed a faint smile. This made me feel a bit better.

The next few hours consisted of us sitting in the back of the car tripping intensely hard, trying to sell the rest of the 2ce to anyone who wanted to buy it. Needless to say the people who would come over to purchase any would see myself and my cousin, ask what we were on and when they found out, instantly turn down the offer of cheap 2ce.

After maybe three or four hours (time dilation never seemed a problem during this trip) myself and my cousin both feel that although still very much at the peak and still tripping HARD, we were able to control ourselves enough to venture to the sound system. Outside the abandoned pig farm that the system was situated in, a fire had been fashioned to fight the cold of November. This fire, twinned with the dark and twisted hardstyle emanating from the huge sound system helped create an almost apocalyptic feel. Every person dancing appeared demonic and one bald headed man freaking out near the fire looked like someone going through the lycanthropic process of “turning”. This did not scare me however, and I went and joined the demonic ranks for a dance.

Once inside the heaving mass of people in front of the rig, I felt completely at home and the trip took another turn. Just as I squeezed myself in front of the speakers the hardstyle died out and the blissful piano sounds of my favourite 91-94 jungle old skool song came through the speakers like an angel sent for the primary purpose of my salvation. “Piano Progression” by Luna C is the name of that song and I’d recommend any fan of jungle old skool to check it out (although if you are already a fan of old skool you’ll no doubt know it already). A wave of euphoria hit me as I realised where I was. I was in the absolute safest place to trip. Safer than any dark room with black lights and trained sitters. I was at a free party with hundreds of my peers, all twisted up and all here for one reason. FREE MUSIC. In that moment I realised that no matter how bad things could get I would be surrounded by loving individuals who could help me if need be and from then on my trip was one of serenity.

For the rest of the day I danced, I spoke freely with new people and I even managed to blag a sip of some rather beautiful girls pepsi (which helped my intense dry mouth no end). Towards the 12 hour mark everything was winding down and we heard those words over the music.


This is the signal for everyone to get in front of the speakers and have it as hard as they can for the remaining five minutes of the rave. It’s my favourite moment at any free party as it defines the whole party and unites every single person there. This was no different and everybody at the party rushed (or stumbled in the case of the k heads) back to the rig to have it that one last time before the journey home. With a smile from ear to ear (and still tripping after the 12 hour mark) I danced every last little bit of anxiety out and then made my way back to the car. When I arrived home I was STILL tripping although by now it was decidedly less intense, just some minor warping and wobbling in the walls. I watched some TV and went to bed. By the time I went to bed I could still feel the residual effects of the trip some very slight OEVs and slightly more pronounced CEVs and this was now at around the 16 hour mark. Eventually I nodded off and slept peacefully, as I remember.

The next day I felt no adverse after effects and would equate it to the day after any heavy party. I felt mentally stable and emotionally well. However, my cousin (whom I only saw on and off between leaving the car and the journey home where he slept most of the way) was not so fortunate. For a few weeks after he was very strange and notably disturbed, twice threatening suicide and becoming almost catatonic in his depression. I’d probably put this down to him being much younger than I and not as experienced with tripping. Not only that but he is also half my size. I can’t imagine the trip he had. After a few weeks he returned to relative normality and is now completely fine. He has not touched a hallucinogen since.

All in all this experience with 2ce was a good one. The first couple of hours were extremely overwhelming and the thought that I was supposed to be at work that day was one that didn’t help to get rid of the anxiety I was feeling for that time. But once I’d realised that I WAS tripping balls, that I COULDN’T go to work and that there was NOTHING I could do but enjoy where I was and what I was doing, I became much more relaxed and once I heard that old skool through the speakers everything was great.

I learned a valuable lesson that day though. NEVER take anything you’ve found lying on the floor. No matter how experienced you are with drugs you can never be 100% sure of what it is you’re taking. It could have ended much worse for me and certainly much worse for my cousin. It is a lesson I shouldn’t have had to learn we were both extremely stupid.

Please respect the substances you choose to take.

Some people who I have told this story to since, ask me how I know it was 2CE. At the time I couldn’t be 100% sure but at this particular rave there was a lot of 2CE going around and we later found out that another friend of ours had lost a gram of 2CE himself. There was no intense body rush as most people describe with 2CB and although an enormous dose as this of 2CI could’ve produced similar effects at that moment it was (and still is) very difficult acquiring 2CI round these parts. I’ve also ruled out any of the other RC’s such as 2CT2 etc etc as they are very rarely found in the UK let alone in the free party scene.

Happy Journeys to you all.

One more side note.

Our friend did stop his sinister laughing the moment he realised that his mates had just snorted lines worth £100 each. Karma’s a bitch =)

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 72208
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2008Views: 15,523
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