It's Not Bad
Citation:   Willzleg. "It's Not Bad: An Experience with Kava (exp72235)". Oct 4, 2019.

2 - 23 capsls oral Kava (roots)
Experiences with Kava

The following is a description of four experiences I had with 450mg Kava Kava capsules.

1. I found out about Kava Kava about six months ago, while doing some research on the aboriginals of Australia. Now that it is summer and I have basically no obligations or worries I decided to buy some and see what it was like. The only type I could find was 450mg capsules I bought at a local health food store. On the walk home I decided to pop just two of them (I only did two because I hadn’t done enough research on the dosage at all and the container that the kava came in said not to do more than two a day). The two capsules created NO psychological effects at all.

2. That night I decide to try eight of them 4 I opened up and mixed with milk. I took the other 4 capsules about 30 minutes before chugging the milk Kava concoction. So all in all I had ingested about 3600mg of kava capsules. It was about 10:00 PM when I did this and I stayed up to about 12:00 with no noticeable effects. I woke up once that night with a strange feeling of “glowing warmth” and my bed felt insanely comfortable. The next morning I could remember most of my dreams which is very weird because I never remember dreams.

3. That day I decided to take 17 capsules. I took all of these capsules at about 3:00 pm and about two hours later when I was hanging out with a friend I started to notice some effects. I felt very relaxed and everything seemed bright and certain objects just stood out and had a more intense color. I was also more sociable and was in a great mood. My friend and I decided to go out for sushi and on the ride over there I began to peak (my friend drove). I felt pretty silly through out the whole meal and overall these effects probably lasted one and a half hours to two hours. This whole experience was enjoyable but it wasn’t at all intense and it was not consuming enough. That night I tried to smoke kava and I emptied out a cigarette and emptied out one 450mg capsule. I then mixed the kava with the tobacco and filled the empty cigarette with this mixture. I smoked this and had immediate effects which I believe to be more from the nicotine than the kava (I had not smoked in about three weeks at all). But it was a very strong and weird nicotine buzz.

4. The next day I went to a friends house and didn’t try any kava for two days because we spent the whole time getting drunk and stoned. It was Saturday night and me and my friend were going to a party that night. So I remembered that I had some kava capsules left and decided to take all I had left about an hour and 45 minutes before we left to go to the party. I took 23 capsules (10,350 mg) and I could definitely feel the effects. The effects were the same as the time before except more pronounced and I also was very energetic. The buzz lasted for about two hours and was fun but still not overpowering enough.

Final Thoughts
The Experience I had with kava kava was fun but not nearly as fun as for example pot or alcohol or even painkillers but for 10 dollars and being completely legal its not bad. I would like to try the actual root I have heard it is a lot more potent.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72235
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 4, 2019Views: 1,012
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Kava (30) : First Times (2), General (1), Various (28)

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