Approach with Caution
Citation:   Undercontrol. "Approach with Caution: An Experience with 2C-E (exp72311)". Sep 18, 2008.

17 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
I am a 19 year old male with a fairly wide experience of drugs, and in terms of psychedelic substances have experimented with LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms, Ketamine, Nitrous, LSA seeds and Yopo seeds. I am a habitual marijuana smoker and studying Maths at university in the UK.

Several weeks ago, I managed to acquire a sample 2C-E through a reliable source, as well as some 0.001mg scales. Over the next few weeks, I sampled the substance in a few different doses, from 2 mg insufflated to 14mg orally. The latter of these was not too intense at all, though visuals were overpowering at times.

For my experience the setting was almost perfect, just moved into a house with some of my student friends the day before. I had a free afternoon, so carefully weighed out 17mg.

T + 0:00 - I swallowed the dose wrapped in a small piece of paper. I went round the house, told my house mates I had just taken a potent research chemical so I didn’t have to try and explain after I started tripping (its possibly my least favourite thing). I felt fairly normal for the first 50 minutes or so, and just spent my time tidying my new bedroom.

T + 0:40 – Visual disturbances start occurring, shadows forming over shapes and plain walls, patterns forming

T+ 1:20 - Disturbances in my visual field became more and more obvious, a tribal diamond like shape formed everywhere, connecting marks on the wall as if those marks were important points on the shape. My flat mates were hanging around and I started to feel uncomfortable, the feeling of a necessity to change body position, it became difficult to remain comfortable. As the visuals became more and more pronounced, I suddenly felt myself being propelled into what I could only describe as an extremely overpowering “different world”. I was somewhere I had never been before with any psychoactive substance.

Closed eye visuals were very colourful and in what appeared to be 3 dimensions. I was overcome with the most intense paranoia I had ever had, but I did not even know what i was paranoid about, even at the time I knew I had nothing to be paranoid about, I was in the safe hands of my housemates, and there was no one coming to get me. The mindset I was in, and the setting of the experiment was almost perfect, it was just too intense for my mind to cope with.

T + 1:40 - I walked around the house to try and calm down, trying to distract myself from the feelings I was experiencing. I went into my mates room, told him I was the most fucked I had even been and was never going to get that high ever again, then insisted on playing some guitar through his effects pedal. As I played, it didn’t feel like I was there, as if it was not my body, the guitar floated in my hands.I couldn’t continue this for long, I felt uncomfortable again and persisted to move to a different room. At one point, my friend gave me a pen and paper to draw and help me calm down, but I couldn’t cope, I was drawing lines which were just making me panic more.

T + 2:00 – Paranoia persisted. Started to see the ‘Universes in the walls’ that I tend to see when I am tripping. Very sensitive to the warm and cold or slightly uncomfortable positions. Time dilation by this point was very extreme, I felt like I had been in a place for several hours when really it was most likely several minutes. I noticed when watching the television, that the movement of people on the screen seemed broken slightly, as if my own vision had increased its ‘frame rate’ to a speed of which is greater than the television image.

T + 5:00 – By this time, I was still tripping very heavily, but paranoia had stopped. This was either due to the fact it was dark outside by then and I had less fear of people coming to get me in the night, or the fact that I felt more controlled under the influence of the substance, I understood how to control myself and my thoughts.

T + 11:00 – Now 3am, I still felt in a very altered state of consciousness, very confused about the day, my life and everything, I decided to get some sleep. Difficulty in sleeping, very strong closed eye visuals still exist.

T + 48:00 - I still do not quite feel back to baseline, there are still visual disturbances occurring on empty walls, shadows appearing over areas and moving across them, and a definite altered perception (colours seeming more vivid and people seeming larger) which I hope will disappear within the next couple of days.

In conclusion, this substance should be approached with extreme caution, trips are very long lasting (I won’t expect less than 6 hours for any dose). I do not expect to be back to reality for quite a while. The experience can be difficult in the sense that getting comfortable and being ‘happy’ throughout is not particularly easy to achieve. I'd definitely avoid this material if I didn't have experience with any psychedelic, as an Acid trip is an ‘easy ride’ in comparison (in my opinion).

It will however be a substance I will experiment with again, but with plenty of free days following it. It was a very insightful experience but even after 60 hours after dosing, I am still concerned that the 'shadows in space' are still commonly in the forefront of my visual field.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72311
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 18, 2008Views: 7,777
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