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An Enlightened Afternoon
Citation:   the dreamer. "An Enlightened Afternoon: An Experience with 2C-B-Fly (exp72474)". Sep 16, 2008.

12 mg oral 2C-B-Fly (powder / crystals)

Material: 2CB-fly
Dosage: 12mg
Date: 7/6/08
Setting: Living room on a Sunday afternoon in the company of my wife and dog.
Set: I am a bit exhausted from a couple previous days of hard work and more stress than usual. I do feel slightly down, but not deeply. I have hopes the 2CB-fly will transcend those feelings into productive insight, an enjoyable day, and relaxing evening. One of my main focuses for this trip is “How I can be a better person”. I had toyed with other focuses but decided this is good because it leaves a lot of space to explore many aspects of myself. And on the interpersonal, it has been awhile since we’ve had a nice adventure like this so I’d like to have some good communication with my wife.
*Wife’s comment*- I’m feeling a little down, and stressed as well. I decide to avoid taking the Klonopin I usually take for anxiety, since I haven’t needed it in regular it on a normal day in a few months.

12:00pm – took 12mg of 2CB-fly in a shot glass with Pepsi. The taste is even more bitter than I remember. This is followed by normal nervous stomach upset.
*Wife’s comment* - I sprinkle the same amount into a brownie. The chocolate mostly covers up the bitter taste, but there is still that horrid aftertaste.

Routine thoughts:
I seem to usually be a fan of breaking routine but I’m realizing that right now the thing that would lower my stress level is having a routine which works. It would work to increase possibilities, income, natural surroundings, vacations, and artistic projects.

12:45pm – I’m feeling an increasing body buzz. I feel like I drank 3 cups of coffee.

1:00pm – Getting my first sign of visuals. I’m gaining insight on strengthening relationships with the elderly people in my life.

1:07pm – Wife says she’s feeling sleepy. I remember her having that experience last time we did 2CB-fly too. I’m feeling completely out of my down feeling now. I’m having moments where it’s hard to keep a smile off of my face.

Frames per second thoughts:

I had the thought that our TVs show at 24-30 frames per second which is parallel to how much information our brains can take in at one second. Birds and many other animals whose lives are shorter seem to move so much faster than us. Could it be possible they take in many more frames of information per second than humans? If this is true, this could make their lives seem much longer based only on passing moments (or frames).

1:35pm – We just finished flipping through the Communication Arts magazine. I realized all of these different images have their power from the viewer’s reaction to them.

Natural vs Synthetic both = natural reactions
This also makes me think that the ‘juice’ of using psychedelics is in our reaction as well, not in the materials themselves. And all of our reactions are natural whether the material is ‘natural’ or synthetic.

Art and Music in 2008 thoughts:
Looking through this magazine also gives me the appreciation that there is an abundance of great art and music now. Only 10 years ago we found ourselves saying, “There’s no quality music or art in the commercial world.” It seems this new abundance might be credited to the independent, honest, dream-living individuals who have found a way to utilize the internet.

Thinking for ourselves thoughts:
Educate yourself. It’s the cheapest way to get educated. Do you want to be taught something which isn’t being explored by the school boards? There’s no way to market this piece of valuable advice. The educational systems our country has been founded on would be toppled by this philosophy. It is the hardest and most important decision we have to make in thinking for ourselves.

History thoughts:
History is and will always be flawed by subjectivity. The truth is relative. As our perspective changes that “truth” might change too.

2:40pm – checking in with wife. I’m seeing visuals like a ceiling fan but incredibly vibrant with warm purples and browns. This is a subliminal backdrop to everything I’m thinking now. Everything just written was written between 1:40 and 2:40pm.

*Wife’s comment* - I decide to just put on some music. Listening to certain songs always helps to pull me out of whatever stresses are occupying my thoughts. After a while, I start feeling a little lonely because even though my husband is in the same room, I’m in our sunken living room, and he is in the dining room. I always like being on the same level, so I ask him to come down to the living room and join me.

2:40pm to about 8:00pm – The dialog is now opening up and we are coming out of out introverted shells. From this point to the end, I took many notes during the trip but did not record the time so it will be listed as conversations during that time.

The race conversation:
America turned into color when Dorothy arrived at Oz. This is the defining moment when our TV screens went from black and white into color. The wizard, the dream of Oz, and all the characters in the movie seem metaphoric to life itself. It’s about leaving behind the ideals of the past and coming into this wacky new colorful, exciting world full of promise and dreams. Why would people choose to live in black and white when they can live in full color?

We talk more about race and unity as we do a lot during trips. I realize if we are going to move forward, we have to shed our racial identities. This seems radical and disturbing in terms of people who are used to being defined by racial traditions. There must be an equal surrendering of our racial identities and equal acceptance and fusing of our cultural traditions. The simple idea that race is even an issue is the issue. My final thought is there are no winners in the race game.

Psychedelics as Tools conversation:
We talk more about psychedelics used as a tool for better living and a key to the possibilities in our own lives. We reiterate what we’ve been taught: It is not psychedelics that do the work, it’s us. We talk more about the burden of consciousness and our enormous responsibility to put a strong foot forward in our daily lives.

The Mystical Experience conversation:

In terms of religion and the mystical experience, the mystics understand that we cannot bottle and sell the experience. It is an enormous ever-present moving event which no individual can have the definition for because it is constantly changing. All we can be is a witness to it in the here and now. I accept that everything is ultimately unknown. This uncertainty sparks fear in me. The realization that knowledge is relative settles me. We agree that people can have this experience using their religion as the catalyst. We also agree that we and most psychedelic mystics probably have a fear of being the witches in the witch hunt.

DEA conversation:
We have a long conversation about drug policy, government control, and DEA funded propaganda. I realize drug problems are only problems to the people that have them. We both have a lot of resentment that these loving and productive experiences are actually illegal. We explore what the future might be like.

Business conversation:
We agree we like working with those who appreciate that our humble lifestyle is a sacrifice we make in order to create great art for them.

Conclusion: This trip offered more revelations and keys to better living than almost any other trip in the past. I apologize to any reader that finds this report preachy. Reading it back now seems like more of an editorial on society rather than on the material. This is about the 4th time we’ve done 2CB-fly. This material continues to be a great ally for us. It is smooth and allows for interpersonal connections that we haven’t found possible with other psychedelics. It feels familiar and relaxed. Even though I was slightly down with a fear of what may come from the trip, the 2CB-fly actually propelled me far out of that down state to one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72474
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2008Views: 29,625
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2C-B-Fly (350) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), General (1)

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