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Wanted! Our Kidnapped Serotonin (Reward)
MDA sold as MDMA
Citation:   go ask alice. "Wanted! Our Kidnapped Serotonin (Reward): An Experience with MDA sold as MDMA (exp72571)". Sep 2, 2016.

1 tablet oral MDA
      Bad/Suspect Ecstasy
So our line on purE Molly capsules dried up as it always does and we put the feelers out on a new trusted source and got one. Unfortunately it was a friend of ours who had only every done the pills we got from her. No basis for comaparision, I'm keeping that typo!

We popped our rolls in a coffee shop with the intention of walking around the city late at night, in a quiet part.
This was about 1am.

The butterflies seemed way stronger as it came on, a tiny bit more anxiety I thought, but it felt much like 'E' at the time. By 1:30am we were walking around holding hands and all seemed well, except... something felt different, there wasn't really a sense of wonder and 'Yay!' as it crept over us, it seemed 'spikey' like acid or mushrooms, weird, I wanted to walk more as I was feeling speedy but my partner, said his body felt heavy and he needed to sit down, however it was a bit drizzly and we kept going.

Time distorts, I wasn't paying close attention to my watch, more to to shiny street lights and the tight electric zappy feeling up my neck and around my skull. So I'd say it was only about 2:15am when we decided to catch a cab and head home. My partner seemed to be fading away from me not tuning in and was now feeling the need for a cab strongly enough to pull out money for one. He seemed kinda nervous.

It was all love and hand holding in the cab, and very friendly convo with the cab driver... this was still E as far as I was concerned. Though looking back it might have been relief we would be home safe soon. LOL.

We got home by 2:45 am I'd say. We we're flopped out on the bed, tunes on lava lamp lit... and.... then BOOM! WE WE'RE FLOORED. TRASHED. FUCKED. It felt like someone had punched my brain repeatedly into my skull until it was blended liquid. Thank god we only did one pill each.
Thank god we only did one pill each.

Suddenly there were visuals (for me more than him). I felt like I was on a fairly strong dose of shrooms, I also felt severe nausea, much more than I get from E. My whole body felt 'clenched' and my teeth we're straight up chattering uncontrollably. I got 'the runs'. Not so nice when you're that high, but it passed eventually.

We were pretty much completely dissociated from each other, barely touching, off in our own worlds, no empathy, no connection just a mutual 'Whoa!' 'What the fuck' every few minutes. In a moment of lucidity I was able to get out..'Dude, uh... I don't think this is E'
'like it might be mixed with something?'
'Im seeing shit'
'Are you?'
'Not much, I just feel really heavy and over would people dance on this stuff, I can't move... I'm so glad we came home...'

God, I was too, this was like too high, unpleasant, not awesome at all, I was probably having an anxiety attack at this point but I was too fucked and numb to feel it... it just kept coming and coming and coming on... this was now like 2 hours after we took it. About 3am I went through a few minutes where my jaw was locked shut but still chattering I was starting to black out, I had to focus really hard on the lava lamp, I had tunnel vision, my partner was so fucked he didn't even notice I was almost gone, we weren't 'together' as a couple at all. I kept it to myself afterwards as I didn't want to scare him. Couldn't speak at the time but I thought I was going to lose consciousness and die for that couple of minutes... my body felt completely overloaded and on the verge of giving up. I've done quite few types of pills in my time. These pills were very strong.

After about 30 mins, it levelled out and we could talk about how messed up this was and we knew for sure by then that it wasn't 'E', we noted the separateness, lack of 'loved up' feelings and the clenched immobilization in our bodies. The music became irritating, many sounds became irritating.

Then it peaked AGAIN, I relaxed into it this time, knowing it wasn't 'E' and knowing it had to run its course... we just rode with it, yet still my jaw was spazzing, stomach clenched, back aching, felt like I was convulsing/shivering very mildly as though cold, but I wasn't cold. Could barely even sip water either.

The comedown began after about 7-8 hours (WTF?)
The comedown began after about 7-8 hours (WTF?)
yeah this was long acting... the come down was terrible, I wanted to be nowhere near my partner, we felt wretched. My brain felt DESTROYED. we took a Xanax to ease it and by 10am the next day we we're finally down enough to sleep.

It felt very chemical and very toxic. I was a mess for a week after. This never happens to me on E, I get 1 day of feeling a bit depleted on e and then I'm fine. This stuff made me go out and buy vitamins and 5 HTP afterwards cuz my mental health felt so wrong that I was worried!

We decided to do a 1/2 next time and see if it was better. That was horrible too and still very strong... it was a few weeks later at a concert, everyone was irritating the fuck out of me I almost got in a fight with a couple of people. Felt no desire to socialize, even found the music kind of irritating. We went home and just sat and looked at each other like strangers, then avoided each other a couple of days afterwards and went on a downer about each other and everything. My head felt jello-ed again. We gave the rest of it back to the girl we got it from.

But not before I'd tracked it down on ecstasydata, found the exact pill. Pure MDA. Some people swear by this stuff, but it's not a nice surprise when I was expecting pure 'E' it's mellow clean feeling if I've got uncut Molly. This felt like a hot poker in the head. I also got the zaps mildly for a couple of weeks afterwards and still get dizzy spells. It's been about a month since.

That it came from a close girlfriend caused me to ignore my own advice. Only take 1/2 if it's a pill you've never had before. Duh!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72571
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 2, 2016Views: 8,946
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MDA (34), Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567) : Difficult Experiences (5), Hangover / Days After (46), What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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