One Week in Hell with the Devil
by slip
Citation:   slip. "One Week in Hell with the Devil: An Experience with Tramadol (exp72765)". Jan 13, 2016.

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My experience with Tramadol began as a good one. I am a very experienced drug user, age 25. My drug of choice was marijuana but I enjoy painkillers such as hydroco, percacet, oxy, etc.. I’ve also done lots of MDMA, shrooms, lsd 5 or 6 times, among various other pharmy’s like atterall etc. I know addiction as I’ve been addicted to several drugs, but I have never been strongly addicted to pain killers mostly because I just run out of them and have never had a full on prescription. Once I’m out, I want more, but I don’t have health insurance nor the motivation to go to the doctor and try and convince them I need the pills (bc I know the consequences of such actions..). I have a somewhat kamikaze approach to taking pills. Usually I get my feet wet by taking one, then it just snowballs into me taking insane amounts of pills. Like Ecstasy, I started by taking half a pill because I was scared, and by the end of two weeks I was taking 8-9 at a time and rolling for days in a row while my friends still took 2-3. Anyways, I just wanted to give some history, back to the Tramadol story.

I had just recently quit smoking weed after 9 years of smoking every day and dealing as my source of income. I needed a major life change and decided I was going into the military, so I quit smoking cold turkey and started running daily. My brother had also just had his wisdom teeth out, so he had a prescript for hydrocodones. Naturally I was taking 1-2 of these a night, and they gave me a nice warm little buzz that I’d enhace with some vodka. We ran out of those quick, and I guess out of boredom or whatever, looking for alternative means to getting fucked up, I snooped around in my parents medicine cabinet (I'm 25 and had to move back home), I find some junk that I don’t like (xanax, skelaxin, other poopy drugs), and I come across Tramadol. It has all the labels of a good fuck-me-up type drug labels on it, so I look it up on the net. Bingo-- painkiller, synthetic opiate, all these things I like to hear. It says it is ‘non habit forming’ so I give it a go, and take one 30 mg pill. My memory of this whole beginning is pretty hazy as this was a while ago, but I remember it not doing much, so I take another. After about an hour, I am feeling the effects of the 60mg.

I describe this drug as more of a ‘speedy’ painkiller. Comparing it to hydrocodone, it lacks the ‘body’ high, but is more intense feeling in the brain. It has a MDMA style feeling in the brain, much much less potent than MDMA, but along the same lines. It made my brain ‘shudder’ in pleasure every so often… It felt like a little wave of euphoria ‘rolled’ over my brain, like a mini mdma roll. I took a couple more that night, and had a lot of energy, and a good experience. I was also super talkative, chatting at a fast pace with my bro that night, and was very likeable and quick with funny dialogue. Everything was great. I honestly don’t know why this drug is used as a painkiller, but I wasn’t in any pain so I can’t attest to it’s painkilling properties.

The next day I woke up with a headache. Nothing major, so I took some Tramadol and it went away. I had about 60-100 of these pills, and I started taking them daily. I would pop one or two when I woke up, and then I’d spread them out over the day/night to keep my high going all day. It was pretty ridiculous how quickly I lost track of my health and worrying about withdrawl, etc. I figured these things were like exempt from withdrawl for some reason just because I read it on the internet. The thought never really crossed my mind.

I was also worried about all the acetiminophen I was ingesting so I started cold water extracting the Tram. After cold water extracting, it took more then usual to get me high, so I would cold water extract, AND take pills normally. I honestly don’t know how many I was taking, but I basically ate them whenever I wanted, 5-6 times a day, like they were nothing. After about a hour I’d get a new roll from the Tram, I’d go to sleep really early in the morning, like 6-7 am, and wake up and start popping again. Every time I woke up, I would have a headache. Bad, but not terrible.

Then for whatever reason, I guess because I was just taking way too much of this shit, and because of the headaches, I just stopped taking it. I had a really bad headache that day, so I took a bunch of advil and felt like shit that day, and could barely sleep at night.

The next day, HOLY SHIT. It was insane how bad I felt. My brain was THROBBING, close to the worst I’ve ever felt in my life, including multiple times that I’ve been to the ER for alcohol poisoning/overdosing on pills. I’m talking BAD, BAD, BAD. I could barely move my head without feeling violently “motion” sick. I felt like I had suffered a concussion or some kind of brain damage, seriously. I considered taking tram but I didn’t due to strong willpower I guess.. I took a lot of advil but this did NOTHING. I could barely eat, I could barely open my eyes due to being so sensitive to light, I would just drink water, and lay in bed in complete absolute agony. I also had a very very hard time sleeping… my head was throbbing 24 hours a day, and when I slept, I would sleep for 2-3 hours then wake up.

Oh yeah I almost forgot one of the worst parts. My bones ached. I mean they really freakin ached bad.. to the point where when I was laying down, I couldn’t lay on my stomach or sides because my shoulders hurt so bad. I cant sleep laying on my back (dunno why), so this was complete torture for me.

This was absolutely hell. I figured it would last a couple days to withdraw and then I’d start to feel better. Wrong. It lasted 9 long days before I even started to feel better. I played it off to my family as ‘I must have the flu’. After 8 or 9 days, the headaches subsided and I could beat them with normal over the counter painkillers. I had problems sleeping for weeks and weeks, often waking up after 3-4 hours and not being able to go back to sleep.

This drug was seriously one of the worst experiences of my entire life and it’s withdrawl symptoms I can only compare to coming off a 2 week ecstasy binge mixed with the worst alcohol hangover you have ever experienced, with a little cocaine hot/cold sensation mixed in there too. I mean it was so, so, so freakin bad, I read this stuff on the internet about people buying Tramadol and it just makes me sick.

Anyways, I hope this prevents some people from using this totally addictive wolf in sheep’s skin.

I only used this drug for 2 weeks, even though I used it very hard, I cannot imagine people that are prescribed this stuff for serious conditions and use it months at a time, then try to stop. What hell they must feel. This drug is 100 times worse withdraw than hydroco’s, DON’T TAKE TRAMADOL, WORST DRUG EVER INVENTED, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE!!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72765
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jan 13, 2016Views: 12,421
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