DO Beware
Citation:   Soma Psychosis. "DO Beware: An Experience with DOB (exp72816)". Sep 22, 2008.

1 hit oral DOB (blotter / tab)
A funny thing happened to me on the internet the other day. In the process of idly surfing the net, I came upon a picture of blotter that I was fairly sure I had dosed with at some point. Closer inspection revealed this to be true, and brought up memories of a hellish experience that I feel must be shared.

Around my 18th birthday, I had pretty much finished experimenting with any illegal psychoactives (having done everything available in my area numerous times which accounts for almost all substances), but was left with a burning desire to try real, legitimate LSD. I had taken blotter before (which looked as if it had been dropped on cardboard) which produced effects that were neither strong nor particularly enjoyable or profound. At this point I was almost done trying, having concluded that all 'acid' contained LSA extracted by laymen or low dose tryptamines purchased by internet junkies.

Imagine my surprise when without warning I came upon two hits of beautiful blotter. They were approximately a square centimeter in area, pink and blue (one of each), and etched with a design of a bulging circle crossed with lines (on the back they seemed to display a piece of a larger design). They were received through a friend of a friend of a friend, they were originally purchased at a Reggae festival in San Francisco, sold and then resold to my friend C. I became convinced upon sight that these would contain the real revered ergot alkaloid (Mistake #1), and immediately formulated a plan for enjoying their effects (the following Saturday was obligation free).

About an hour after receiving our magic paper, C and I were excitedly examining them, when the idea of immediate consumption was brought up and decided on (Mistake #2). At this point it was around 6 in the evening, I had to be home at 10:30 (being still under the parental umbrella), and had to be at work at 10 the next morning. I assumed that even if a 12 hour trip were to take place I would be right as rain and raring to go deal with customers after a pleasant, solitary trip (Mistake #3).

We both dropped at approximately 6:30. I was struck by the hellacious bitterness of the hits that began completely coating my mouth, and began to wonder what exactly I was taking (I had always heard LSD was tasteless). I convinced myself that maybe a byproduct had not been completely removed, and wasn't terribly concerned (Mistake #4).

The hits began to kick in (very very slowly) at around 8. C and I became very quiet, with only the occasional nervous giggle and the not so occasional 'dude how you feeling' punctuating the silence. By around 10 I was feeling wonderful, the drug was continuing to come on stronger, and while I had a moderate body load (coldness, mild nausea, and a slight need to shit) I was in a very peaceful and giggly mood and enjoying this new experience to the fullest. Sadly, I had to adjourn to the home front and that was when my trip really began.

Reliving this experience now is bringing back many of the feelings from that night. As I began walking home the visuals kicked in, mostly floating lights of blue, green and purple. Everything seemed to be ebbing and flowing like water (similar to my 2C-I experience back when it was legal), and textures were inviting and profoundly fascinating. I arrived home and proceeded to my parents room to tell them I was home. As I was doing this I noticed that I began to lean alarmingly to the left, and by the end of the conversation I was about to fall over. I shuffled to my room, already feeling unsure of my performance and beginning to regret my decision (Mistake #5).

The night is a blur for me at this point, but I remember frequently having to urinate, seeing a huge ripped bald man in the mirror (I was a lean 18 year old boy), observing the toilet water shift different shades of green, seeing more of the green, blue, and purple bubbles and tidal movements, and having thoughts dominated by depravity and chaos (horrific sex acts, vampirism and bizarre chants repeating for hours etc...) The experience began to peak at 3 in the morning, 7 hours after threshold effects were noted. The peak lasted for 3 hours, seeming to get stronger and stronger and then beginning to fade (there was definitely a 'rolling' to the effects).

At around 8 my mom came to wake me up, noted my extremely dilated pupils, red face, and wild expression and began screaming at me, driving me into the worst trip I have ever experienced. The only thing I remember is feeling suicidal, confused, and miserable, trying to sleep through the last bit of the trip. Finally at 4 in the evening I dropped off, and awoke around 8 still seeing waves and slightly groggy but otherwise sober (24 hours after onset of trip). The comedown was extremely prolonged and annoying. I was able to sleep that night and awoke feeling slightly dazed and relaxed, but this faded after a day or two. I talked to C later and he told me he had been up peeling spiders off his bed all night.

Anyway, the other day I found these hits on the internet, lab tested as DOB. A quick check revealed that these had indeed been available in Northern Cali in 2005, and these were the hits I had taken those years ago. I wrote this report to give some general advice about tripping and also to describe what a bad trip on DOB feels like.

What I Did Wrong (Notes to myself):

Mistake #1: NEVER assume a substance is what it is sold as, especially when dealing with something as ambiguous as blotter, powders, or pills. Keep in mind that as long as drugs are illegal there is no quality control! Test everything with a minuscule dose, and gradually up it.

Mistake #2: Drugs (particularly strong psychedelics) should NEVER be taken on a whim, especially chemicals I am unfamiliar with. I should try to be prepared for anything before ingesting, that way I can enjoy myself without any unpleasant surprises.

Mistake #3: Always prepare for the possibility of a hangover. Many drugs will leave me feeling impaired for a day or two, so never assume I will be able to function normally. Hangover effects can vary tremendously even with a single substance, so I should be careful!

Mistake #4: If I have any doubts about a substance, do not use it. A high is never worth any health problems, drugs are big business conducted by criminals primarily concerned with minimizing cost and increasing profit.

Mistake #5: In my experience, regret is the mind killer when it comes to tripping. Once I've taken a substance, there is really nothing to do but wait it out. Try my best to enjoy the experience for what it is, deal with any consequences that may arise when I am of a sound mind and body again. Always remember that tripping is temporary, and that I chose to do it. Many times regret leads to thoughts of 'I'm never coming back' and 'I'm going to die'. Nothing is so bad that a bad trip can't make it worse.

In conclusion, I am really angry that I had the chance to enjoy and experience something as rare as DOB, but wasn't aware of it at the time and pissed it away freaking out in my room. It seems to be an interesting chemical, and would probably have been a blast if taken in the right setting. I want people to read this post and learn something from my experience. I no longer take illegal drugs (for many of the truths stated above, as well as just a general desire not to be a criminal), but I support responsible adults that do. Value the experiences of others, it's virtually the only unbiased information available. Regrettably, I must be signing off, I finished a bowl of Kava as I wrote this (came in a marked package, FDA approved, no surprises here!)and I'm tired.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 72816
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2008Views: 33,874
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