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Not so Methy Lone
Methylone & LSD
Citation:   Tiger Faerie. "Not so Methy Lone: An Experience with Methylone & LSD (exp73058)". Oct 29, 2008.

T+ 0:00
130 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00 0.25 hits oral LSD  
  T+ 8:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
It was a rainy day
I had a headache

I have to say makes for an interesting tale of facets, of euphoria, of wellbeing and of love.

I had commitments last night, I had promised a friend that I would go to his gallery opening… I had also however just received a curiousity, the methylone.
I was never really one for social event such as gallery openings
For those who don’t know, it generally an ordeal for those who don’t enjoy small talk, wine and large groups of insecure people gathered in one space.
However this night I decided I would try the methylone
I hadn’t eaten anything for a number of hours so had pretty much an empty stomach.
I don’t have scales
So I worked old school
Dividing the yellowy powder with a card,
Tipping it into a glass of water
A little stir
It tastes slightly bitter
But not unpleasant
The time now is about 7.10pm
I am on the phone to my ‘friend’ with whom I will join later
I tell him that I am drinking this stuff
I finish the phone call
I feel clearer
Its now 7.20
my headache has pretty much gone
it normally take me a while to get out the house
but I was on the bus by 7.30
and the bus journey was nice
I felt great
And clear headed
With no feelings of paranoia
I didn’t worry about the other people on the bus
I am listening to music, it sounds good, but it is good. A DJ set from Berlin. It just enhances my good mood. Im tapping my feet a little but I don’t feel like I want to burst into dance!
I get there and ‘there’ at about 8pm
I felt as free as a bird
I flitted around talking to many people, those I knew, those I didn’t.
I felt as though I was full of positive confidence, the kind which is not full of ego.
Everyone is drinking, I don’t want to drink. I don’t really like it anyway.
I have nice conversations, very caring. Conversations flow easily with everybody, even those that I don’t like. Again there is no paranoia which I might feel on E or mdma. My mind is clear. I am able for the rest of the night to deal with all kinds of social situations which I may have otherwise found challenging.
I clocked my ‘friend’
Lets call him MP
Of course as many faceted as the world is I could not just go up and speak to him.
Oh no… for tonight, in this setting anyway, we were to play a little game.
For no one was to know that we really knew eachother … yes, its true artists are a bunch of no good scoundrels!
Exchanging glances every so often, I began to feel that enhanced sex drive similar to mdma but with out the confusion.
I floated around looking at the artwork
I didn’t feel the forced need to mingle
It came very naturally
I was very comfortable in the space.
Speaking is easy, with only one notable minor drug sounding,slur!
An hour went by
9pm ish
I felt the need to smoke more than usual, as I don’t smoke cigarettes much anymore
But, as with many drugs…
I enjoyed heart felt conversations with friends.
Eventually after much circulating
We decided it was time to leave… MP and I
We went out separate ways
Meeting at the bus stop
Now it was time to go to the circus!
Yes, literally.
We happen to live in a city which once a year, for one month only, experiences its population more than double, and this toy town comes to life with music, cabaret, theatre, dance etc.
Approaching 10pm
We kiss
It feels great
Well it always feels great
But the methylone in my brain and the previous situation of sexual tension makes this kiss explosive.
We go to a bar
I am totally loved up
Again not like mdma really, you see I don’t like mdma too much as it makes me feel a bit confused and paranoid, its like on mdma my feelings are not true. They are just chemical.
With Methylone I felt I could let my guard down completely, and let the drug take its course. I see now why its sometimes called Ease.
I ask MP if he would like to join me ‘down pleasant street’
We order juice and tonic water
I dose his drink with about the same amount as me
It is 10.20pm
I am still flying
I feel fantastic
Again within 10 minutes MP has joined me
And we cant keep our hands of one another
Small rushes of euphoria come in waves, remaining just at the right level to remain tucked within the inner self.
We talk about how we feel
Truly and honestly
And its beautiful
There is no false e-talk here
10.50 we head off to the circus
it is still raining heavily
and when we get there the que is long
we continue kissing under our umbrella
needless to say… we are both very much hedonists!
The que isn’t too bad, I decide to drop a very small about of acid.
Small as I don’t want to override the methylone first time round, small also because we are going to the circus, and really there isn’t need to enhance the experience too much!
The acid came on quickly. Although at this small dose gave me that slight headache and feeling in the top of the mouth sensation.
The performance was great, twas Le Clique in fact
I love that sort of thing anyway, I really enjoy this time of year here, as people like MP and I are always this way, and for this month many others come into town, other performers and new friends. I feel really happy in this new environment
I am even starting to get a little full of myself
I begin playing up to the circus/cabaret vibe, I am also wearing my soviet generals outfit… one of them. This is normal for me though!
We both enjoy the acts
MP I can tell is feeling that ‘increased sex drive’ I mentioned earlier
We go out at half time
And enjoy cigarettes and dirty dancing in the rain.
When we leave the circus it is about 2am
The rain looked beautiful on the ground
We wished we could go home
But in our situation this was no possible
We had to eventually go our separate ways
However horny we were!
A taxi home
A kiss goodnight

I am home
It is nearly 3am
I go into my room
I think im tripping
As to my surprise I see a shape in my bed
There is someone asleep in there!
I deal with the situation
Its one of the lost boys of never EVER land
I am surprised at my cool ability to deal with the situation
He is promptly evicted

I decide to have a joint
Unexpected OEVs!
Controlable though, nothing too heavy.
I shut my eyes
In a bid to hope that sleep will come
I hear the sounds of rain outside becoming distorted
Intense CEVs!
I had no idea!
These CEVs were where I saw the really synergy between the acid and the methylone
They had the slight dark side of acid, with similar colours. However the bliss was there which carried me through nicely into dreams of utopia with MP.

In all this was a very pleasant experience
Better than I had expected
There is only one thing I worry about
And that is, I would be tempted to use this chemical more often for events such as openings and the like.

I awoke early
Typically feeling as though I never slept
I feel great though
A little tierd
But full of positive energy

I hope MP feels this good

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73058
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 29, 2008Views: 12,472
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Methylone (255), LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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