Meetings With the Raindrop People
Citation:   Lobster. "Meetings With the Raindrop People: An Experience with Morphine (exp73231)". Feb 10, 2013.

  repeated IV Morphine (liquid)
After jumping off my balcony one night, I realized I had broken both my legs. My right patella was shattered into three pieces and my left femoris was broken in two. After a soothing cigarette, I was rushed to the hospital.

Everytime I moved, a sharp pain would scream out like an orgasm from hell. Never have I dreamed such pain exsisted.

After screaming on the x-ray table, the doctors injected me with what I felt was the death sedative.It drained my head and aggressivly pulled my brain from the sides. Not knowing or caring what I was given, I was happy to be quickly knocked out.

The first 48 hours into my hospital stay included surguries on both legs, insane pain, and the powerfull death sedetive. The hard part was over and all I had left to do was rest and recover. The doctors decided it was then time to change my painkiller. Luckily for me, none of the painkillers had any effect on me except my powerful death sedetive.

Due to my condition, a hidden whining ability and the fact that I was in Egypt, I managed to get myself injected everyday for the remainder of my one week hospital stay.It always took care of me, putting me into my place instantly with every injection.

It was either the 3rd or 4th day when I started experiencing abnormal things. One evening, during a routine visit from my doctor, the first sign of hallucinaion began. My mother was standing infront of my bed, talking to my doctor, I closed my eyes and opened them up again straight away. In that brief second I closed them I had a dream. A long dream, it felt like hours had passed, when only a second passed and my mother and doctor were still talking.

The few following nights after were sheer insanity. A mixture of strong pain, long, dreadful waits between injections, no sleep, constipation, constant dehydration and vivid hallucinations passed my time.

From unrecalled conversations to seeing strange figures in the room to flying on a magic carpet of green neon lights with raindrop people, my powerful death sedative ensured me non-stop entertainment.

The raindrop people visited me every night. They'd wait until my mother was in deep sleep, then they'd dance into the room in an enormous whirlpool of orange, yellow and red neon lights. They never talked or looked at me, but they always stole all ideas of sleep and kept me company.

The last time I was injected was the morning before I checked out of the hospital. I was most terrified of the strong pain returning when I got home and not having any powerful death sedative to inject. The doctors were sure it wouldn't happen.

And it didn't, the pain ended there. It was like I went through the whole experience just to meet the powerful death sedative. I felt blessed. It was fate.

I had later discovered the true nature of the powerful death sedative I had been on for the entire previous week. I learned it was Morphine, one of the most dangerous and deadly drugs out there. Shortly after my discovery, I was introduced to Morphine withdrawl.

The three weeks after my last injection took me on a trip to hell and back. There were rarely nights I slept, the raindrop people would regularly visit & the nights they didn't, I was ensured others would.They would talk loudly and walk around all night, ignoring me, but showing clearly that the perpous of their presence was to irritate me. I would cry and scream for no reason during the day and spend the nights terrified of what was going to visit me that night.

I thought I was going insane, as did my mother. In fact, she even considered getting a religious advisor.

Eventually the raindrop people & all the other night time visitors stopped coming. I guess they just got bored. And besides being immobile for the following three months, things had finally started getting back to normal.

Since then I have read alot about this magic medicine I was given in the hospital. The fact that I broke both legs, had metal screwed into my bones, and was to stay in bed for three months didn't matter, it was Morphine I wanted. Never in my life has anything fascinated me to this extent. The power & effect of Morphine are extraordinary. Nothing consumed me the way Morphine did.

Recalling the experience in details now reminds me that it wasn't all like the glowing impression of neon lights I had chosen to remember it by.

Morphine is like a Taking Back Sunday song. Bittersweet. Orgasmic pulling in the head sending you complete euphorea and a nightmare withdrawl. There is also the space in between. A sense of feeling like I was wandering in space, not aware of the happenings which surround me. That's when the figures started to appear. No control.

Since then, I lost my fear of needles and being injected. I had discoved something magical, which is stronger, better and more fascinating than sex, good concerts & other drugs. The rush of Morphine cannot be mesured on a scale.

Regardless of the nightmare withdrawl, Mophine has taken my inspiration elsewhere. I'm now afraid nothing will ever top it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 73231
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 10, 2013Views: 17,579
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