Lack of Thrill in This Pot Pill
Dronabinol & Methamphetamine
Citation:   spaceking. "Lack of Thrill in This Pot Pill: An Experience with Dronabinol & Methamphetamine (exp73364)". Aug 10, 2018.

200 mg insufflated Methamphetamine (daily)
  20 mg oral Pharms - Dronabinol (capsule)
  2 hits smoked Cannabis  
Marinol, A synthetic form of good old fashion reefer, pot in a pill, a nano-brownie, or as my plastic bag merchant says, 'its a pot pill dude' as he drops me what appears too me as slightly over sized plastic orange beebee.

I had literally just woken up from a zanax induced 12 hour power nap, when I I got the call letting me know the medice man was at the nieghbors. I scarfed up a bowl of corn flakes and powdered my nose with my self prescribed, once a day, .2 grams of high grade crystal, skipped the coffee and dipped.

After stocking up on supplies he anounces his latest limited time treat. My first instinct as the reckless life loving musician I am was to gobbel it right up, but seeing it was the begining of the day and I like to consider myself as somewhat of an inteligant phsconaught I asked him what the bottle said and he replied mezadone. I don't know what mezadone is but a similar sounding Methadone would have made me give it back (put it up my nose once now body rejects it snorted or swallowed). After asking him once more it wasnt a methadone, “no its a pot pill its thc for cancer patients” “Marinol right?” “No its a thc take one.” Into my pocket rather than stomach.

Within 5 mins I get 3 calls asking me if I can look it up (probably didnt come up in the myspace search engine). Wow the towns flooded with them and no one wants to be the guinnea pig. Well off to the pill identification wizard at I go. Sure enough its Marinol. Down the hatch it goes. Its been 20 minutes since I energized myself and its 127 degrees outside with 5 hours till sun down. I'm feeling bored but patient so I watch the history channel with my buddy.

Two hours later I'm not thinking very much. I'm comprehending reality and logic hasnt left me I'm just somewhat, machine like. Its a kind of mild increase of gravity on my body. I would compare it to eating half a brownie when I should have had the whole thing. Glad I didn't pay for it. Maybe if I get some natural greenery pumpin in them veins it'll kick in. I take three hits of brown seed plagued ganja and I'm high but not enough to make it be anything special. Shouldnt I be hungry?
I'm high but not enough to make it be anything special. Shouldnt I be hungry?
I eat every day despite my need for speed so I should be starving. I mean they give this to cancer patients, anarexics, aids patients, people that cant eat right?

Three more hours later hear I am still writing this and have no idea why it took so long to do so. Perhaps ill take a higher dose but Marinols recreational usage from my experience suggests its not worth paying for and I'm glad I didn't. It may be the synergy between the synthetic THC and the crank that caused the silence of my beloved brain. Mother natures version certainly dosent do this.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73364
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 10, 2018Views: 1,831
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Pharms - Dronabinol (225) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Various (28)

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