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Keta-MEAN! Out of Body Bad Trip
by Klimit
Citation:   Klimit. "Keta-MEAN! Out of Body Bad Trip: An Experience with Ketamine (exp73460)". Dec 27, 2016.

1.5 tablets oral MDMA  
    insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


My Ketamine experience all began on a whirlwind weekend party in Vegas. I had never heard of Ketamine before, so when one of my good friends suggested I try it, I decided to give it a shot. I had already popped about a pill and a half of ecstasy, so I was ready to go.

My friend gave me a (what I thought was small, especially compared to cocaine- the other white powder…) dose of Ketamine. I figured it was small enough that I would go ahead and do two… Big mistake. At first I just felt happy, slow, a little disorientated, and a little confused. Confused about my surroundings, people, myself, conversations. I decided to go lay down on the bed and get comfortable. There were many others on the bed talking, doing K, making out. I vaguely remember my boyfriend laying down next to me and someone coming up to me and giving me a back massage.

All of the sudden, when I was laying there, the room began to turn. Walls of darkness slid into sight. Everything turned into what looked like a coloring book. And my physical senses became completely F*ed up. It felt as if when other flesh was touching mine, it was robotic, jagged, and somehow melting into my own skin. I remember seeing my boyfriends' face, and nothing else. Every time he moved he left a trail of his faces behind. Sort of like what a computer does when it freezes and you move a program across the screen and it leaves multiple screens behind it. It looked just like that. I remember recognizing his face, but I didn’t know who he was, I barely knew his name, and I was not sure of his relation to me. I didn’t know who I was…or really WHAT I was…I was just a mass, my thought, floating in time and space of the room. I thought I was trapped in another dimension, and at the time, I thought this was eternity. I thought I would stay in this state forever. Or that I was going through the process of death, and this was one of the stages.

The room kept folding in on itself and I kept diving into the middle of it. Something like a 3 dimensional kaleidoscope. I knew I didn’t like what was happening to me, because I was not in control of my self or my thoughts. Everything was melting together, colors flashed, peoples faces appeared and were swept away by walls of color. I could hear words but they dragged on and on in my head, sometimes repeating themselves. It seems like an eternity this went on. I became dizzy from all of the movement in my head, I didn’t like this feeling at all. Apparently (according to the other 7 people in the room) I quickly sat up and said “Stop!! I want to stop!!” As if I were on a ride and someone could stop the machine and let me off…Then as my boyfriend tried to calm me down, I yelled out his name, looking for him, even though he was directly in front of me. At this point, everyone in the room was crowded around me, as I was making quite a scene. They got me to stand up, in hopes that walking into another room and a change of scenery would bring me out of it. And it did, only momentarily. I would realize where I am and that I am human again and be okay for about 20 seconds, and then all of the sudden the room would fold in on itself again, and I would dive back into it. I was in and out of the K hole for about 30 more minutes after I was out of La la land.

I can say I honestly had a very bizarre experience. It felt as if I was something besides me, something besides human. As if I stepped into another dimension, another world. As I came to, I started seeing pixilated squares everywhere, and little bright blue geometric spider webs on everyone faces. My good friend was talking to me and as she was, the right side of her face slid away and I would see under her skin was a circuit board. Then I noticed this with everyone else too. My senses were still messed up at this point. So it felt like I was still very robotic, and my skin was melting into everything else.

I very much enjoyed the feeling before the K hole, but being in there was scary and uncontrollable. Please note: NO ONE WARNED ME, no one even mentioned that if I do K, there is a possibility of feeling this way. No one took the time to explain this to me…. If someone had told me about the effects of Ketamine, I would not have freaked out so much, and may have actually enjoyed the out of body feeling and experience!!!!!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73460
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 27, 2016Views: 2,369
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