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Fanstastic - Next to No Unpleasant Effects
Anadenanthera colubrina
by Lynskey
From Erowid Extracts Collection
Citation:   Lynskey. "Fanstastic - Next to No Unpleasant Effects: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp73499)". Oct 4, 2009.

1 seed smoked Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)


Yopo experience

After a good 8 year break I suddenly got the itch to have a psychedelic experience again. Not being able to get anything nefarious I looked online to see what was available legally. I decided on Yopo, although I was very nervous about the nose burn and vomiting. I received a package of seeds and some Edible Lime in the morning and decided to have a test-run in the afternoon. I had eaten a bacon sandwich and had a cup of coffee in the morning and had no lunch, so I was pretty close to having fasted beforehand.

I read and read and found a report from YopoYopo who claimed to never having any nausea. I roughly followed his method. For my first try I wanted to see if they worked which was a bit stupid, of course they work. I chose one of the smallest seeds in the packet. I put it in a covered bowl in the microwave for one minute. I presumed this to be enough, I couldn’t hear if the seed popped or not due to the noise from the microwave. When I got it out the shell came off really easily. I separated the inner material from the shell not being too concerned if some of the inner material was lost as this was going to be a trial run.

I didn’t have a pestle and mortar or coffee grinder, so I used the back of a teaspoon which seemed to work ok. I added enough Edible Lime to what looked to be a third of the Yopo material. I worked this together with the spoon. I then added a couple of drops of water to the mix. This seemed to be too little so I tried again and overdid it, leaving it very wet indeed. I put the wet mixture back in the bowl and microwaved it for thirty seconds. It looked dry enough but to be sure I gave it another thirty. I then left the mixture for ten minutes just to be sure it was completely dry.

The mixture was now completely dry so I took it upstairs into the small room where I have my computer and music instruments and prepared to snort it. Looking down at the brown grey powder I had second thoughts about snorting it. Frankly I completely chickened out. I then Googled to see if you could smoke the fine powder and decided to get out my wooden pipe which hadn’t seen any use in years reasoning that as this was a test dose then failure wouldn’t matter too much.

I made a gauze from tin foil and found the smallest width pin I could from my girlfriends collection (thank heavens for having a girlfriend who’s really into crafts). Thinking that the powder would fall through I made most of the holes around the top of the gauze. I put the powder inside and then took a toke whilst sat at my computer desk. It was a very small and nervous one. I wrote down what I was feeling at the time. Those writings I’ll put in brackets.

T +00.01 (definite legs heavy – heart beat fast – slight momentary pressure on chest)
I remained sat at my computer. Something was definitely happening but the effects were physical and mixed with my nervousness.

T+00.02 (slight vision vibration – brighter colours)
I was definitely feeling an effect. I had slight vision distortion, a slight brightening of colours, a bit of body load and an increased heart-rate. I stuck on some music and a visualisation program (Milkdrop).

T+00.05 (decide to smoke rest – milkdrop ace – restlessness – much larger toke – ear burn – prickly face)
I took another toke with more confidence and immediately realised how small my first one was. This one felt like at least twice as much. Blood rushed to my face making it seem prickly. The visual effects became more pronounced. I couldn’t find any music I liked and didn’t like wearing headphones. I took them off but kept the visualisations on.

T+00.06 (CEVs)
I tried shutting my eyes and got some intense typical psychedelic effects. I was very restless and was opening and shutting windows on my PC, unable to settle on doing anything. Very quickly my computer screen image was being repeated about six times in my peripheral vision. These repetitions would be in a constant state of motion and colour change and although intense they were not threatening.

T+00.07 (added at 30 forgot I was writing this full blown OEV)
I quickly became lost in the visual effects I was experiencing. I got a full open eyed psychedelic lightshow. At no point however did the visuals turn into objects or anything like that, it was purely a thriving mass of swirling patterns. I forgot I was writing a report and added later that that was the point that I became engrossed. I still had a good handle on myself and what was going on. I could sense the real world beyond what I was seeing if I needed to. I felt very euphoric and astonished that the effects were this pronounced off one small seed. My train of thought was very much still my own and mostly just concerned with how incredible this all was. At some point I left my computer and went to one of my keyboards. I set it to a grand piano sound, laughing and seemingly unable to do anything but play the same chord over and over.

T+00.12 approximately
I took a final toke and cleared what was in the pipe as soon as I felt the effects begin to weaken. The experience then came back to full intensity once more.

T+00.20 (getting weaker – no nausea at all)
The effects appeared to be fading although were still very strong. I was wondering a lot about if I was going to become nauseous but other than a mild body load I felt fine.

T+00.30 (tired – yawned – seem to sink into my thoughts – stomach slightly gassy)
The drug took on a more sedative effect which I noticed as I yawned, something that seemed to surprise me at the time. My stomach bubbled a bit but that was all. I seemed to lose myself in my train of thought a few times and decided I should have a lie down. I went to my bed with my limbs feeling quite heavy as I walked.

T+00.31 (added later nice CEVs – different – good mood)
I lay down in bed and shut my eyes. I hadn’t shut my eyes for the intense part of my experience. To my surprise I experienced intense closed eye visuals. These seemed to be of a very different characteristic than my prior ones, slower and less colourful but far more defined and detailed. I first saw six or so undulating shapes that somehow had a human quality to them coming towards me. Then after opening my eyes and closing them again I saw a similar thing except with a shape that seemed to be a cross between a banana and a Hula girl. It was very odd but very enjoyable. My mood was extremely good and I had a permanent grin. I felt very tired and very glad I was in bed.

T+01.00 (Got up – still tired a bit – stomach very slightly bubbly – very jolly and happy)
The closed eyed visuals faded and I decided to get up. The effects were rapidly declining. My mood was still very good. I went downstairs for the first time since smoking the powder and had a cigarette outside. My limbs felt heavy but not uncomfortably so. I was still getting lost in my train of thought. I realised I had finished my cigarette a few minutes prior but I was still pacing up and down outside completely engrossed in whatever I was thinking about. Around this time was the only point where the trip became meditative, I told myself a few home truths during my wandering thoughts, but they were semi-ironic jokes to myself and mostly part of my euphoria.

After a couple of hours the effects were barely noticeable. I remained in a fantastic mood and found myself laughing a great deal.

In conclusion I’d highly recommend following YopoYopo’s method and then smoking the mixture. A self-made gauze with the holes above where the powder lays is a good idea so it doesn’t fall down. You could probably leave the mixture quite coarse to avoid losing it too. I don’t think a bong would be good as I didn’t really get a great deal of smoke. A chamber full of the stuff would be a far too intense dose.

The experience was genuinely fantastic. I was hugely surprised with its intensity, how pleasurable it was and how I didn’t get any nausea. Or horrible plant matter and pain stuck in my nose. I think I did well reading around so much about Yopo before I tried it and I also think I got a bit lucky deciding to smoke it rather than snort it.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73499
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 4, 2009Views: 33,433
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