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Why Was I Having a Trip So Similar to Diphenhydramine
Citation:   Austin. "Why Was I Having a Trip So Similar to Diphenhydramine: An Experience with Peyote (exp73561)". Aug 23, 2018.

5 g oral Peyote
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First Time, Massive Dose

Two nights ago I had my first experience with peyote, it is the only phycadelic I've done besides many experiences with LSD. I've also done dxm and diphenhydramine.

My friend told me he had got a hookup for peyote, and told me he could get it to me. I bought 50 dollars worth and decided to take it all at once. This was extremely stupid but I really wanted to have a trip 'out of this world'. After smoking a joint outside I sat around a little bit then decided to take it. I ate all that I had and saved a tiny bit to smoke later. It tasted like ass but I just washed it down with soda. It was about 10 at night. In about 20 minutes I started to feel the anxiety and mental buzz that I get coming up on LSD.

I went up upstairs to hang out with my 2 friends that I had over. They said I was acting all wacked out and they were sober so they left. I went down to my room and laid on my bed waiting for the trip to come on.

This is when I had my first hallucinations. I looked at my wall and it seemed to be melting, I also saw what looked like faces trying to push through the other side of the wall. This trip was starting off exactly like diphenhydramine. I began thinking my friends were still there when they wernt, and I even had conversations with them. I had extreme cotton mouth
I had extreme cotton mouth
, I felt very heavy and my limbs started getting really twitchy. I called my friend who I bought it from to ask him why I was having a trip so similar to diphenhydramine. He said he had no idea and to just wait it out and see what happens.

After that I decided to go outside and smoke what I had saved. I put it in my pipe and had about 5 hits. This is where it gets really hard to remember. I just remember laying on my bed and I got very very sick. I ran to the bathroom and started vomiting the hardest I ever have. I got puke stuck in my throat and started choking, I thought I was going to die and probably went a full minute without air before my throat opened up again. At this point all I wanted to do was sleep, I layed down on my bed but I couldnt. And thats the last thing I remember. I read somewhere that the peyote doesnt fully start kicking in until after you throw up, this would explain why I dont remember anything after throwing up.

Last thing I remember was walking out my kitchen at like 8 in the morning. My mom came into my room and screamed at me because I guess the house was trashed. I went out to look and pictures were off the wall, books, papers, pens, forks, spoons, were everywhere in the kitchen floor. I dont remember ever doing that.

The next day I had blurred vision
The next day I had blurred vision
and kept seeing things out the side of my sight but thats it.

I've tried to find out why my trip was so similar to diphenhydramine but no one seems to know. Maybe I was given something else than peyote or possibly it was because of the massive dose I did. I may try this again but I am doing a much much smaller dose.

For now I'm just going to stick with acid.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73561
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 23, 2018Views: 3,122
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