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Drugged at a Party
Unknown, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   SomeGirl. "Drugged at a Party: An Experience with Unknown, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp73618)". Erowid.org. Mar 27, 2010. erowid.org/exp/73618

1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
A few day ago I was at a birthday party for a coworker with 3 friends. I decided that I would stay sober because I hadn't spoken with the friend that had driven about whether or not he would be drinking. I decided one weak drink would be enough for me to be social.

I broke the seal on the liquor used, and made the drink myself, about 90% soda and one shot (1 1/4 oz) of vodka. I did put the drink down on a table but it was between my leg and a bottle so I was able to keep a pretty good eye on it. A coworker whom I would have liked to believe I could trust came up to me to ask if I had seen his drink. I did leave my drink unattended for a quick moment to go around the corner to see if I could help him spot his cup, to no avail. I went back to my drink and to the friend who I had been having a conversation with.. We then moved outside, I had a few more sips of my drink, set it down next to me on a grill, a few moments later my drink was knocked over. I went inside for about 20 minutes took 2 hits of weed and then walked back outside.

All of a sudden I felt unusually tired, I felt the need to just lie down on the ground and fall asleep, being sober I knew that it would be inappropriate for me to simply fall asleep outside or even at someone else’s house, so I told the people that I was with that I had stuff to do in the morning and I wanted to go home. They agreed and asked for a few minutes to finish up their conversations. I told the girl that I had been with all night that we should start heading to the car.

I was walking straight ahead when all of a sudden my vision blurred, and I went crashing sideways. The girl held me up and asked if I was ok and I told her I was and helped myself down the stairs with the railing. I reached out for the side of the house to steady myself, my depth perception was way off and I totally missed. I stood still for a minute to catch my balance and the girl said I turned, my eyes rolled up into the back of my head and I face planted onto the grass. Luckily I had blacked out so I didn’t try to brace my fall, no broken bones, but my fall had been cushioned enough not to hit my head and get a concussion.

They turned me over and I remember having my eyes open for a second then closing them to blink and not being able to open them again. I heard lots of familiar voices talking to each other and to me. Trying to wake me up, thinking I was joking. Asking each other what I had to drink, what I had smoked, if it was laced with anything, was anyone else feeling strange, did anyone touch my drink…My legs were bent oddly underneath my body from turning me over, it was really hurting me but I realized I was unable to move them, unable to ask anyone else to move them for me. People were yelling and rolling my head around, lifting my arms and having them fall limply back to the ground as if all of the muscles in my body had dissolved. I heard one of my friends in a panicked voice assure himself over and over that I must be joking.

After some time had passed I was able to open my eyes and I was looking around at people, still unable to move or speak. For about 5-10 more minutes I was in this state, similar to “locked in” syndrome, the rare condition that plagues some stroke victims. I was fully aware of what was going on around me but it was as though my brain stem was paralyzed preventing communication between my brain and spinal cord. I could hear people saying I had passed out, but I was unable to tell anyone that I hadn’t been unconscious, even when my eyes were closed I could hear everything that was going on. My body had just shut down.

Someone finally had the sense to straighten my legs out. My body finally started to wake up, my muscles were twitching and jerking. I had several convulsions and an overwhelming feeling that I needed to choke. I felt that these convulsions were going to turn into a full on seizure which I was able to talk myself down from, trying my best to relax my whole body and keep my shoulders flat to the ground and my airway as open as possible. When I was finally able to speak I kept repeating that the sensation felt very familiar, and that my mother was allergic to penicillin so I may have bad reactions to certain drugs. I was asked to do several things including squeezing someone’s hand and wriggling my toes, both of which I could do at about a 20 second delay. It took me about a half of an hour to come out of this state, I was helped to the car and driven home to “sleep it off”.

I called the police the next morning, and big surprise, they weren’t at all interested in anything I had to say. I live in a large college town so when I went to the hospital to get a rapid drug test they treated me as if I were some stupid drunk girl. The test was only for 10 different types of drugs, and came back positive for only marijuana, it did not include any date rape drug such as GHB, Rohypnol, or MDMA. I was sent home from the hospital with an information sheet about fainting and one about epilepsy and seizures. I told family members and they came to the conclusion that it was a combination of stress and lack of sleep, although I kept insisting I had gotten around 10 ˝ hours of sleep the night before and hadn’t been stressed about anything. I was convinced I was drugged from the very beginning and instead of receiving help from the places I’d expect it I’ve been fighting everyone and trying to prove myself.

My window of opportunity for date rape drug testing has been closed. I am now grasping at any information I can find at what happened that evening, talking to everyone that was there. I have narrowed it down to the 2 people who had an opportunity to put something in my drink both of whom I work with. As I have tested positive for marijuana anything that I said in court would probably be disregarded. Though I see it as possible to get whoever is responsible fired from our place of employment, so that I wouldn’t have to be paranoid and uncomfortable everyday. At first I ruled out date rape drugs because most of them cause amnesia and I remember everything, however going over them again GHB seems to have every one of my symptoms as a possible side effect.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73618
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 27, 2010Views: 9,108
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