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I Feel the Stimulation
Yohimbe (extract)
by Mr. chung wang
Citation:   Mr. chung wang. "I Feel the Stimulation: An Experience with Yohimbe (extract) (exp73628)". Jun 1, 2020.

35 - 50 drops oral Yohimbe (extract)
    smoked Yohimbe (extract)
    smoked Chamomile (dried)


I bought a 1 ounce bottle of Yohmibe extract from a herb shop for $14. Since I was very eager to use it I paced home without marking my tracks, and popped the bottle open. It says to use 30-40 drops one to three times a day.

After hearing that there are some adverse effects to too high a dose, I decided to obey the label's commands. 35 drops in down the hatch. Instantly I felt the effects coming on. It slowly, slowly built up over a 30 minute period, the stimulation reminiscent of amphetamine but with less increase in mood or motivation. It tapered off about 15 minutes later, lame. So I thought that the dose wasn't high enough. Even though I didn't re dose the effects came back in full force out of nowhere 2 hours later, how odd. Then I got this genius idea that I should smoke the extract, not the liquid directly mind you, seeing as how it's %70 alcohol. So I dissolved 60 drops into a gram of dried chamomile. It absorbed into the herb easily with no wet residue left in the dehydrating dish. I put it into the sun for about 30 minutes so the alcohol would evaporate, than I rolled the herb up in joint-like fashion.

I took 2 solid hits, than instantly felt this unfamiliar sensation wash over me. See when I smoke and compare and contrast the effects to oral use, I can see how they are basically similar, just smoking provides a 'rushing' sensation for the drugs. I never though of marijuana as providing a rush, but until I used it orally a few times, now I understand. Yohmibe didn't appear at all to be even the same drug smoked. It felt like being very clear headed while being stoned, and provided a sensation of mild dissociation, interesting, no? Aside from feeling like I was on a clear headed marijuana, it wore off within an hour. So I did what any bored teenager would do; I smoked more of my joint. Same thing happened, and I ended up finishing my joint in 3 sessions.

The next day (this current day of my typing) I decided to stick to just oral use. So for breakfast I consumed 50 drops of extract, so much for following the label. Than I ate about 15 minutes later. Annoyingly enough the stuff didn't kick in for over an hour. The oral use is definetly top choice, smoking would be good if I dried the stuff on some pot, but I don't smoke pot. I've lost count so far, but within 6 hours of being awake I consumed about probably 100 drops, about 15-20 drops every hour or two. It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to kick in, bizarre range of time if you ask me. Every time the next dose kicks in I feel the stimulation coming on harder, but as it comes on harder the main side effects are also becoming more pronounced. The biggest side effect, is I feel hotter than usual. Also I just went to the bathroom and noticed that my face and eyes are very red, and my pupils a dilated.

I really love this stuff, its legal, cheap, and has use outside of recreation. Yohimbe might very well fit the category of herbs that will be on my side for most of my life. We'll see.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73628
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 1, 2020Views: 727
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Yohimbe (96) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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