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Another Day of Oxy
Citation:   ExOacer. "Another Day of Oxy: An Experience with Oxycodone (exp73666)". Jan 11, 2013.

T+ 0:00
10 mg insufflated Oxycodone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:40 10 mg insufflated Oxycodone (powder / crystals)
It is 7:20 PM. Earlier today, around 2:00 PM, I insufflated approx. 20 mg of Oxycodone. The effects of this previous high are just about over with, but I feel it's worth noting that this experience will not be from a completely sober state. Also, I have used Oxycodone daily, for the past 25 days at the time of this writing. Daily total amounts range from 5 to 40 mgs. Because of this daily use I do have a slight tolerance to the drug, so the amounts used would have a more intense effect on most opiate naive users.

7:20 PM - I've always enjoyed reading experience reports more when the writer goes into detail about how the drug was prepared for use, so I will go into great detail about that subject. I started the day with one 40 mg brand-name OxyContin tablet (golden yellow color, with 40 imprinted on one side, and OC imprinted on the opposite side). The first step I do when preparing an OxyContin tablet for use is hold it in my hand, rolling it around between my fingers for a few minutes. The heat and moisture from my hands softens the colored coating on the outside of the tablet. I can then easily scratch it off using my fingernail. Removing the coating does nothing to improve the high, but makes it much easier to cut the tablet into smaller pieces, and to crush it into a fine powder. I then used a razor blade to cut the tablet in half. Trying to be as precise as possible, I placed the blade so the top half of the O and C were on the left of the blade and the bottom half of the same letters were on the right side of the blade. One half of this tablet is what I used earlier in the day.

Tonight I got out the second half of the tablet and used the same razor as before to split that in half once more, creating two 10 mg pieces (each a quarter of the tablet in size). I set one piece aside, as I plan on starting with 10 mgs. I use a grocery store member card to crush the pill because there are no raised letters or numbers on it, (like the card number and name on a credit card) so there are no areas for the resulting powder to get stuck. I start by placing the card on top of the piece of tablet, centering it under the card on a smooth surface. I hold down all four edges of the card using the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of my left hand, and the index finger of my right hand to ensure that no stray pieces can escape. Then, using the thumb of my right hand to push straight down on the card, it crushes what's underneath. I then put pressure on the card while moving it around the table in a circular motion, further grinding the pill into a fine powder. I then scrape any parts of the pill stuck to the card off with a separate credit card. I'll usually repeat this process one or two more times before making a line from the powder.

The next step in this process is preparing my nose for insufflating the Oxycodone. This is something I've only started doing recently and I personally believe it does slightly affect on the quality of the high. First I decide which nostril is clearer. Then I fill up a cap from a water bottle with some water, tilt my head back, and pour it in that nostril letting it run down to the back of my throat. The theory behind this is that Oxycodone can only be absorbed in the mucous membrane inside of the nose. If the membrane is dry, the Oxycodone will mostly travel past and down the back of your throat, where you taste the bitter taste it in your mouth. Once you've tasted it in your mouth it's no longer absorbing in your nose and is instead going into your stomach, where the onset time and intensity is affected by how much food is there and other factors. By pouring some water down my nose, I am maximizing the amount of surface area that the Oxycodone will stick to and absorb through. This means a faster, more intense high, in theory anyway.

I grab a Bic pen (which I feel is the perfect diameter for sending powder up my nose), remove the plug in the end of it, and then remove the tip. What I'm left with is a nice nose tube. Inserting it as far as I can into my nostril of choice, in one motion I suck up all the powder. After it's up I take one deep sniff to make sure everything is where it needs to be and that none is going to fall out. Now it's time for the fun to begin.

7:30 PM - I feel the first effects from the Oxycodone. People have many ways of describing this feeling (like being kissed by God), but I've recently come up with one after thinking of things in the non-substance world that I could compare it to. The first effects for me feel like the most gentle fingers starting to lightly massage the back of my head, where the neck meets the head. These fingers then go one step further and reach inside my neck, underneath my brain, and start massaging the brain stem as well. At the same time a wave of warmness envelops my entire head and then down to the rest of my body. My eyes seem to get coated in a slight haze as it becomes slightly difficult to focus on the words on my screen. At the same time all my worries seem to drain away as well as any other physical and emotional pain.

7:40 PM - The first signs of itchiness appear as I lightly scratch my scalp, my eye brows, and my forehead. The brainstem massaging feeling is less prominent now. I'm not sure if this is just because I've become accustomed to it, or if it's moving on towards other areas of my body.

7:50 PM - I leave my house to go for a walk around the neighborhood. It's a brisk night in the beginning of Autumn, and the cool air feels good against my face. As I start walking down a hill a slight tinge of nausea makes itself known for a brief moment but then quickly fades away.

8:25 PM - I notice how light my body feels and how effortless it is to walk. I feel warm, like my clothes are lined with heating elements, keeping my own personal space nice and warm, but cool air still hits my face and feels amazing. I'm wearing a hoodie, but probably would have been comfortable in just a t-shirt due to the waves of warmness I'm feeling from the Oxycodone. I note to myself how pleasurable this experience has been so far and how walks always seem to make any Oxycodone experience better. I do feel however that when I get home I would like to do a little more to take it to the next level. I am feeling pretty strong effects already though, so the amount I did earlier in the day, even though not actively giving me a high, must have left enough residual Oxycodone in the body to make even a relatively small dose of 10 mg feel like much more.

9:20 PM - I am now back home after the walk. The effects have faded over the past 30 minutes, and I want to do some more to return to the high I had nearly two hours ago. I've decided that I will do the last 10 mg quarter of the 40 mg OxyContin tablet before the nights over, but first I will take a nice hot shower to fully relax before the fun begins again.

9:50 PM - I'm finished with the shower. When I stood up to walk to the bathroom I was hit with another wave of euphoria that I was not expecting. What a pleasant surprise that was! Sometimes I find that I really can't feel all that's going on with a particular high when I am sitting down, as I am not using certain parts of my brain for things like balance. The heat of the water in the shower felt amazing on my skin, just adding to the blanket of warmness I was already wrapped in. My body is numbed a bit while on Oxycodone, so even though the water was hot, it was almost like I didn't feel the temperature, and only felt that I was wet, but at the same time I was completely aware of the temperature. I started to scratch my back while the hot water was hitting it, which led to another itch and some more scratching. This pattern continued for about a minute, until every square inch of my back was thoroughly scratched.

I'm now going to crush up the last 10 mg piece of the OxyContin tablet and report back as soon as it's insufflated.

10:00 PM - Just did the 10 mg line. I like the smell/taste that I sense as soon as it enters my nostril, mostly because I know what feelings are to follow soon after. The first times I did OxyContin, I was getting 80 mg tablets. Now I usually get the 40 mg tablets instead and there definitely is a difference in the smell/taste as they're going up my nose. It must be due to the different fillers used in the different tablet sizes. I can't decide which I like better, not that it matters. The taste of the drip down the back of my throat after the mucous membrane is saturated with Oxycodone, is the same regardless of the tablet. Nice and bitter. Sometimes after I feel that the absorption of Oxycodone into the membrane is complete, I will pour some more water down my nose as I described earlier in my report, only this time to wash down what ever is left in there, as it's wax and other stuff that probably shouldn't sit up there for extended periods of time and it'll allow what Oxycodone is left to be ingested orally.

10:20 PM - Twenty minutes have passed since I insufflated the second 10 mg dose of Oxycodone. I feel more sedated than before but not much euphoria. I just poured some water down my nose hoping that would help a little. A minute has passed since pouring the water in and I am feeling significantly more euphoric than before. The mucous membrane must have been saturated with fillers and was not allowing any more Oxycodone to enter that way. I am feeling very energetic this time with a slight jitteriness but not the kind of jitteriness I get when I drink too much coffee too fast. It's more like when it's cold outside and my jaw muscles clench up and I start to shiver. Oxycodone has a slight speedy effect on me. I usually feel much more motivation to do stuff, and whatever I'm doing seems to require less effort and is more enjoyable. That's probably my favorite effect of Oxycodone closely followed by it's ability to relax me and remove almost all anxiety and make me feel at peace with the rest of the world. I feel perfectly happy with my current situation and I would be fine with feeling like this forever. It really makes me feel like I can talk to and get along with everyone and I think about how if everyone felt like this the world would be a nicer place to live in. I do become much more talkative on Oxycodone. If I'm with people that make me happy when I'm sober, they become my best friends, however I become even more reclusive around people that I don't talk to much when I'm sober. I guess these absolutely pleasant and euphoric feelings are what makes the trouble I go through to get this drug and the risk of addiction and withdrawal all seem worth it.

11:11 PM - I do notice an overall increase in itchiness compared to the rest of the night, all over my body. Scratching leads to discovering a new itch and scratching that, and so on, just like in the shower earlier. I don't mind the itchiness however, and scratching feels amazing. It just turns into another thing to do the pass the time and enjoy life while my high endures. I'm debating whether or not I want to do any more before the night's over.

12:50 AM - I've spent the last hour or so deciding whether or not I should do more. I've ultimately decided against it because I would not be awake long enough to fully enjoy the complete arc of the high. I'm a slightly obsessive compulsive person and Oxycodone helps greatly to alleviate those symptoms. One of which is having to be in a very specific position to fall asleep at night. I've decided that in my current state I will be able to easily drift off to sleep with the bed and sheets feeling like a cloud wrapping around my body, being perfectly comfortable in any sleeping position.


Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 73666
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 11, 2013Views: 93,280
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