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Three Successive Days
Salvia divinorum (15x extract)
by anonamos
Citation:   anonamos. "Three Successive Days: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (15x extract) (exp73878)". Erowid.org. Oct 3, 2021. erowid.org/exp/73878

0.3 - 1.0 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I had two grams of 15X Salvia, which I smoked thrice, on successive days, at doses of approximately 0.3, 0.7 and 1 grams (the shopkeeper suggested 0.5 a session). I was alone.

The Small Dose:

I sat at the edge of a marsh in early afternoon and smoked one bowl of salvia. The first sensation, which I experienced on all three instances in varying degrees, was the pins-n-needles.
The first sensation, which I experienced on all three instances in varying degrees, was the pins-n-needles.
It was slightly unpleasant. Immediately afterward, the world began to pulsate. I decided to head away from the water but when I got up, I found my motor control heavily impaired, and I stumbled over to the grass. Nothing else of note, the effect passed in about 10 minutes. The dose was perhaps too small.

The Medium:

In my yard, at night. Immediately after the pins-n-needles, something extremely strange happened. I began conversing (though not aloud) with something. So obvious was it to me that I was not alone, I used 'we' in speech without a thought. This 'thing' was not a person or a chair or a ghost. It was a sequence of motions. So for example, I took the pipe to my mouth, inhaled, put it down. And this sequence of moves was personified so that I could talk to 'it'. I realized how bizarre this was at the time. There was the idea that some entity was present overseeing my actions, and the sense that perhaps I was a puppet; it was this entity I was talking to. The entity manifested in many forms, but never did I feel it had physical form. It was the doer of actions, the one that blows the wind or blows the smoke from my mouth. The hidden presence of this other disturbed me. Interestingly, right after the first hit, I took it to be a friend, struck up conversation (the answers were somehow made known to me), but soon after I was disturbed.

I began staring at the grass and the differences in hue of various patches became apparent and I saw the yard in terms of this color map. I tried to play guitar but couldn't. I looked at the moon and clouds for a long time (the next day I learned it had been a harvest moon) and brought my camera to take pictures of the sky. There was no true visual hallucination.

I took another hit and noticed slight disassociation. When I touched myself, it seemed to not be me performing the action. Naturally, I masturbated. Curiously, I played the role of the girl arousing me. It was vivid.

The 1-gram:

In the bathtub at night. I smoked maybe three-fourths in 5 minutes, near continuously. The ol' pins-n-needles came on really strong this time and I cursed out loud. The touch of my arm to the water hurt. I got out of the tub to enter the living room, and my body seemed to be pulled by the 'other', particularly one side of my body. Now is the most psychedelic part. When I exited the bathroom, I felt as if I had been tossed out of there. I was pressed against the wall that faces the bathroom door. I felt that I was on the vertical axis and the ground was a floor. Then I sensed that this is not really about me, and there are other things being propelled out of this bathroom door, like a factory-line, as if the job of this bathroom was to throw things out its door. Then words began entering my head, what I think were names of other things being thrown out (which I never saw), and I said them aloud: lookinfrash, slipimshup, glassengu.

When I walked to the living room, I was being pulled, more from my left side. So much so that I think I was very tilted to the left while walking. It was as though, once a decision is made to do something, the act is carried out automatically, with me not in control. I returned to the bath. The disassociation was more than the day before. Looking in the mirror was eerie and enhanced the effect. The face seemed perfectly familiar, but when it moved, it was unexpected. Once again, I did not feel it was me when I touched my body. You can guess what I did next.

I looked at the foam bubbles like I had looked at the sky the day before and took a picture. I noticed that the image through the viewfinder looked nothing like what was in front of me.

I smoked the rest. I tried to play guitar and could, with some difficulty. When I sang, I made pseudo-synesthetic associations between space and tones. So if I sang with my head facing one direction, I would sing in a different key than when my head was in some other direction. I played for about 5 minutes and the associations appeared consistent. It seemed easier to sing, since I don't sing well, I could pick the key I wanted by facing the corresponding direction. The effect passed.

I had expected strong visuals, but did not experience this. The most that happened was when I closed my eyes, I became more aware of color/shape shifting as the light filtered through my eyelids. I briefly saw what looked like pulsating tentacles which may have been imagined, though they were probably exaggerations of actual movements of color. I was also more attuned to motion and sound in the environment. The hum of electricity seemed especially loud.

I was weary of this surreptitious entity that insisted on hanging around. I felt much more at ease sitting in one place and tried writing a poem, hoping that more made-up words would come to me, but they didn't. I returned to normal soon after, the trip having lasted about 40 minutes.


When I think about salvia now, a day later, it brings both a smirk and a touch of dread. It seems to me a dark drug, but maybe thats because I took it alone.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73878
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 3, 2021Views: 316
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Alone (16)

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