It Only Added to the Sheer Fun of It
Amanitas - A. muscaria & LSD
by ed
Citation:   ed. "It Only Added to the Sheer Fun of It: An Experience with Amanitas - A. muscaria & LSD (exp73903)". Dec 10, 2021.

  smoked Cannabis  
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  1 cup oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (tea)
  0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Amanita Muscaria With a Side of LSD

So my girlfriend and I are travelling Australia around 2002 having a whale of a time as you do. When visiting a friend in a backpackers in central Victoria we both notice masses of the wonderful mushroom amanita muscaria or fly agaric, it truly was spell binding to see so many in all their glory. Instantly we knew this was the time for us try this mystical mushroom.

We new enough about this mushroom not to just pick and eat it, it commands respect. So we did as much research as we saw fit and went ahead and planned the trip.

At the time we were living in a campsite close to the backpackers where the mushrooms were growing. We had become quite friendly with a couple from Israel and mentioned to them what we were planning and they seemed keen to join in. They did mention that they hadn't done any mushrooms before, but we had taken acid with them and I had done lots of mushrooms in the past (not these babies though) so we figured all would be well.

We gently dried 6 large mushrooms over a smallish campfire as the four of us chatted over a joint and some nice red wine. We really took our time over the drying process, as that is one thing that came out most in our research. Also we all expected to feel a little sick on the come up, which is not uncommon with mushrooms. We chatted about all this and felt as if we had been very mature in our preparation and had given ourselves the best chance of nice pleasant experience.

Now that they are dry we start to boil them up in a large pan of water, they boiled for a good 40 to 50 minutes and by this time the 'tea' has reduced down to an average sized cup each. So we strained the tea, divided it up and raised our glasses, with that down it went.

I hate edible mushrooms anyway, but have suffered magic mushrooms in the past just because I like the high; well these tasted shit, shit in a whole new way. Almost instantly they hit the pit of my stomach like a stone and stayed there. A truly, truly horrific feeling far worse than anything I had ever experienced. Iím not sure how much time had passed but I looked around at the 4 of us and we all sat in pure silence all grey and pasty looking, my stomach was not feeling any better in fact the sickening feeling had increased tenfold.

I made the conscious decision to get these things out ASAP, evacuate the stomach. So with that I stood up and almost fell over, I found my feet and made my way to a corner of the campsite to puke up. I think I only made around ten steps before my body did the work for me, projectile vomit followed like something out of the exorcist movie, and continued to do so until I finally reached my destination at which point there was nothing left inside me. I stood up straight in order to stop retching and instantly felt alive, full of life, crisp and fresh in every way. So I made my way back to the camp almost skipping with glee to tell everyone what to do. I was greeted by the same grey pasty-faced people I had left. I went straight to my girlfriend and told her what to do. But she was far from keen on putting her fingers down her throat but I explained that that would not be necessary and that movement alone would trigger the vomit. And so she did and she did just as violently as I did. While she was away I explained to our friends as well and with that they disappeared.

Time has no meaning at this point so I wont even try to put a timescale on it at all. All I know is we all reunited and all felt amazing a feeling that we confused with being straight, as we had puked them out we thought that was it, and this feeling of glee was just relief to not feeling as sick as we did earlier on
all felt amazing a feeling that we confused with being straight, as we had puked them out we thought that was it, and this feeling of glee was just relief to not feeling as sick as we did earlier on

At this point one of our friends remembered he had some LSD and we thought it would be a good idea to take them, as we had wanted to get high anyway. He had 2 tabs so we had half each.

We dropped the acid and sat talking for a little while, but this acid seemed to kick in so very, very quickly and at this point I only remember small fragments of the trip. I now know that the acid had not kicked in at all but the mushrooms were just starting there magic. We split up in to two couples and went off tripping the light fantastic.

My girl and I ended up in some field and found ourselves on an Alice in Wonderland trip, and this field was a huge maze just like the one in the film, we could see that guy painting all the apples red riddled with panic spilling the paint everywhere, we wondered there for a while and made our way back to the camp. As we got closer we could here loads of commotion, like people laughing and shouting, then as we got closer we could see that it was in fact the mad hatters tea party taking place at our camp. As we approached the party it all stopped and they looked straight at us, it then dawned on us that we were Alice. I canít explain how mad that felt or how real it all seemed. So just like the book we joined the party, tea and coffee spilling everywhere, cakes and cigarettes. This seemed to last forever but then just as it appeared it disappeared and again we were on our own. We exchanged a look and burst into fits of laughter, literally rolling around not able to breath properly for laughing so, so hard.

At this point for whatever reason I looked down at my feet and was amazed to see that they were miles away from the rest of me, I then looked around and everything was big and small at the same time, strange I know but you just have to trust me on this one. I looked again at my feet and almost hit my face off them they were so close and big. This continued for both of us and I can truly say I have never had so much fun with a hallucination in all of my life. For example, I would pick a stick up for the fire and as I put it on it seemed to smother it out and then just disappear as if I had just put a match on the fire, truly mind blowing and not the least bit freaky in that bad way we all know and hate.

God knows how much time had passed but it was daytime again and we must have come down a little because I remember just tripping like I have so many times before, like bursting into laughter at a coke machine that was on site, and generally seeing the funny side to everything. So we were coming down albeit very slowly, definitely on the way down.

At this point we went looking for our Israeli friends, they had not had the fun filled evening we had had. And they were adamant that mushrooms were not for them.

We personally had best and most intense trip ever, but be very aware that these mushrooms command a lot of respect and donít go into it unprepared, in hindsight I think the LSD we took was probably unnecessary but it only added to the sheer fun of it all.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 73903
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 10, 2021Views: 668
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70), LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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