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Requires Further Experimentation
Citation:   Fuzzt. "Requires Further Experimentation: An Experience with Methylmethaqualone (exp73953)". Erowid.org. May 4, 2015. erowid.org/exp/73953

  repeated   Methylmethaqualone
The following is a few extracts of information I've posted on forums while experimenting with this substance.

*Initial report upon receiving the substance:

Just smoked 15mg, very odd effects.. (I first tested in increments of 2mg, I wouldn't recommend someone smoke 15mg without trying lower amounts first)

Can't really put it in words its an odd feeling...

The buzz is somwhat like that of ketamine and a low dose of salvia

I'm getting a wierd pulsating like feeling every half second which is affecting my vision.. Almost like the eye twitching from high doses of amphetamine substances, but it was of a different nature. My hands are twitching a lot..

It is nothing like the reports I've read.. There was no euphoria at all for me.

Lasts a couple of minutes and then I feel slightly sedated

Very odd. Can't say it was that enjoyable, but it wasn't bad. +++ on the shulgin scale.

Requires further experimenting.. I'll try an oral dose of 50mg I think

*the second report I had posted on the same internet forums:

This is a very strangesdr and uniwue suubstance ei aplogize for the bbad sopelling my body is still twitchthing intensesly..
Alhough it doesnt give really nice effects I still feel the need to dose again as soon as it wears off..

It is very addictive (exactly the same way NOS [nitrous oxide] is - when it wears off you really want it again but just for a few minutes)


I can see how people easily get seizures from it..

Sometimes I think I've got very close to getting a seizure or full body convulsions from it

Thing is it doesnt feel bad.. Or good, its a neutral feeling which is addictive

I made this post between pipes of it, so I'm sorry if it isn't very coherent [I havn't made any post-edits because I feel it conveys the experience better]

Its a novelty.. I dont think I'm going to introduce it to my friends, it was a risky and personal experiment

I still havn't tried an oral dose - hopefully it will be more euphoric with this method of ingestion. It hits too fast and intense when smoking

Must have an odd mechanism that makes it addictive.. Normally I only find substances addictive if I enjoy them a lot.. With this, the addiction seems irrational


Typing that post felt like a mission! I'm suprised I managed to get my thoughts out..Don't think I've done a good job of explaining it to someone who hasn't tried it

The final experience (though I intend to experiment further) :

Ok, strange.

I had drank a lot of alcohol today, when I arrived home I was still feeling the mental cloudiness but didn't feel 'drunk'

Once again I tried smoking 5mg of quack.. After the seizure-like effects I felt amazing.. A great sense of euphoria..

It had brilliant synergistic effects with the low dose of alcohol in my blood (DON'T TRY THIS YOURSELF - ITS DANGEROUS AND I WAS WRECKLESS)

Gotta say that has definitely sparked my interest in the substance.. The feeling I felt was beyond euphoria, beyond words.. It was almost a ++++ on the shulgin scale.

That very much took me by surprise. I've run out right now but I need to experiment with it further.. I've seen what its capable of now and it is great

That was one of the best times I've had experimenting with psychoactive compounds

Final note:

I find this a very unique compound in terms of effects. I will obtain some more and try this substance in oral doses instead.

A warning to anyone wanting to try this: this substance lowers the seizure threshold and IS NOT A SAFE compound to be experiminting with. If you chose to do so, follow dosage suggestions carefully and make sure you have some accurate miligram scales. Everyone reacts differently, start on the lowest dosage and work your way up - find your safe comfort spot.

Take it easy, keep it safe.

[Reported Dose: '500mg in two days']

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73953
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 4, 2015Views: 4,624
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Methylmethaqualone (665) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Unknown Context (20)

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