On a Binge - Awash With Delight
Crack & Cocaine
by Qualityplant
Citation:   Qualityplant. "On a Binge - Awash With Delight: An Experience with Crack & Cocaine (exp74017)". Erowid.org. Aug 7, 2019. erowid.org/exp/74017

  repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Crack  
    repeated oral Alcohol (liquid)


The situation I was in included the use of cocaine, alcohol and crack. But seeing as there are not many crack reports online compared to the other two substances I have focused on writing a report on that rather than the combination of all 3)

It all started at my friend’s three-bed flat in Cardiff, Wales. We picked up 3g of coke, cut some lines and knocked back shots of evil-strong absinthe. We had a few more lines and a few beers before getting into the taxi which took us to a club for 11pm. Once inside, we armed ourselves with cocktails, sipping champagne and snorting lines every half-hour. At 2am the party had moved back to the flat where people were drinking vodka and sniffing more lines. Throughout the night I had felt the effects of my favourite combo: alcohol and cocaine. I find that if I only drink I can become quite offensive. I think I’m hilarious when actually I’m making a damn fool of myself. I insult people and generally behave like a twat. I can become aggressive or overly emotional and tend loose self-control. Sometimes this is a happy and fun experience like when I danced on the tables in a pub while dressed as a pirate. And sometimes it can be a disturbing experience like when I thought it would be hilarious to call up my boss at 2am and ask her if she wanted to have a threesome with and me and a friend. On the other hand, if I do only coke I can become quite agitated. I think super-quickly, my heart-rate becomes very fast and I feel quite over-stimulated and uncomfortable. The combination of alcohol and coke works really well for me. The stimulating effect of cocaine keeps me straight enough to retain self-control while drinking a lot. The mellow, happy effects of alcohol takes the edge off the coke and allows me to relax into its wonderful, Christmas-morning high. At about 2:30am a friend of mine invited his 2 cousins over who were selling crack.

There was no question that we were going to do it. My three friends and I had all tried it before and it was too good an opportunity to miss. We don’t usually come across crack, not because it was impossible to find but we chose not to associate with any users or dealers in our daily lives in order to minimise the risk of ever getting hooked. So we acquired 4 half gram rocks between 3 of us, 1 each and one to share. We fashioned a crude pipe by first emptying a 1.5 ltr plastic soft drink bottle. Then we filled it 2/3 with water and burnt a small hole just above water level in which we stuck a straw and sealed it with gum. We then cut-out a small bit of tin foil and placed it over the neck of the bottle and poked a number of tiny holes in it with an earring. Lastly, we took an ashtray, filtered out the cigarette butts and poured a generous helping of ash on top of the pierced foil. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) so when the crack melted it wouldn’t gum-up the holes in the foil and 2) the melted rock would bond around the ash, increasing the surface area of burnable substance and therefore amplifying the amount of smoke we would get out of it. When the pipe was passed to me, I crushed up my 1/2 g rock and placed about ¼ of it onto the ash-covered foil. I hovered a lighter just above the small white rocks. They bubbled and melted into the ash straight away. I could feel the hot, chemically smoke trace its way into my lungs and I held it there for about 15 seconds then breathed out a large curling cloud of smoke that smelled like sweet plastic.

The effects were almost instant. A wave of intense orgasmic pleasure tidal-waved over my brain; I was awash with delight. I forgot myself, everyone else, the world and, for a minute-or-two, had an out-of-body experience in which I floated in a world of endless bliss. After about 2 minutes I became aware of my thoughts and senses again. I felt very relaxed and mellow but also wide awake and the soft waves of pleasure continued to wash over me. My heart rate had sped up significantly though. Normally, I would have been worried about this but at the time I happened to be making love to infinity and had no wish to engage in such thoughts. At no point did my pounding heart concern me and I thought very little about it throughout the experience. Thinking back it felt like it was going at least twice as fast as usual. The effects reached a plateau after 5-10 minutes and I was fairly close to baseline after 15. I hit the pipe roughly every 15-30 minutes after that. While I was high I talked to people and played with the music – I played a lot of songs from “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack (I felt the dark, murky beats accompanied the high quite well). Nothing really mattered though, I cannot remember much past the dizzying high I was on. When I ran out I bought another half gram of rock. The sun rose, I didn’t notice. I was locked into hitting the pipe
I cannot remember much past the dizzying high I was on. When I ran out I bought another half gram of rock. The sun rose, I didn’t notice. I was locked into hitting the pipe
– the wonderful chemically crack taste sliding down my throat rushing me so fast to the peak of ecstasy then I would come down a little bit and hit it again. I started making out with a girl who was also smoking and I can remember her crack-laced kisses tasting gorgeous. The next time I remember looking at my watch it was 10am. We had started smoking at about 3am and I had barely noticed the time pass. It felt like less than an hour had gone by. I decided to stop smoking at this point because I was becoming bored. The hits weren’t working as well as they had done before. Each hit, although larger than the first, gave me half the rush. I was additionally aware that my brain could only produce so much endorphins and dopamine until my supply was exhausted. I guess it was a case of running out of brain chemicals rather than running out of gear that lead me to stop smoking. I decided it was time to brave the comedown.

Oh woe, oh horrible, terrible world! When I walked I ached so much that I had to lie down. And when I lay down I felt worse. I had a fever that would come and go in waves, I would be OK than I feel intolerably hot and then normal and then hot again. I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. I felt intense regret and shame all I could think was “How could I have been so stupid?” over and over. My heart was full of the most terrible laments. I felt so disappointed in myself, so low. Outside it was sunny but I closed the curtains. I felt unhealthy. I felt like I had joined the underworld and deserved nothing but contempt. I desperately wanted to sleep but couldn’t, I was so exhausted that I just lay there suffering, going through mental and emotional torture for 4 hours. I think I managed to sleep from 2pm until 7pm when I had to get up in order to catch a train. For the next 24 hours I was ill with intense mood swings, crushing depression and irritability before finally returning to normal. Up to a week afterwards I experienced a strong desire to do more crack. I would crave it mostly when I was bored. I also indulged in fantasies in which I would just smoke loads of crack. However, the cravings never went beyond my choice. I was always able to recognise them for what they were and say no to them. This was made easier by the fact that I had made sure that I didn’t know any crack dealers personally and the three friends I did it with were also of strong enough mind to not encourage any more crack use. Furthermore, having previously been addicted to skunk and tobacco, I knew that cravings do not last forever and about a week and half later I did not feel much desire to do crack any more.

That was the 5th time I had tried crack and my 1st proper binge. The high was incredible, nothing comes close to it. The comedown was horrible. I have done every kind of drug and I think the comedown from crack, for me, can be characterised as full of self-loathing and that heinous combination of exhaustion and insomnia that has been noted by another report-writer. I think it is a selfish, insular drug. I didn’t want to share any and when I was high I didn’t take much interest in anything other than prolonging my pleasure. I am sure the combination of cocaine HCL, crack and alcohol must have been bad for my heart. In spite of all this if I were offered another go I definitely would, the high is far, far too good.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 7, 2019Views: 1,845
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