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Improve Emotional Depth and Memory Retention
by 420Ally
Citation:   420Ally. "Improve Emotional Depth and Memory Retention: An Experience with MDMA, MDA & MDE (exp74150)". Mar 26, 2021.

50 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  50 mg oral MDA (capsule)
  50 mg oral MDE (capsule)


A recent new combo called the Trifecta (50mg MDMA, 50mg MDA, 50mg MDE) has appeared in my area. After hearing some rave reviews I decided to see what all the fuss was about besides it was one more notch in my entheogen belt. So a friend and and I both tried it together. Here are my notes from the experience.

Trifecta notes

T - 0:35-1:00 Hot flashes that are almost a sharp sensation. Don't seem disturbing and it goes in waves but seems worth noting. If dancing I could see maybe easily overheating with little effort.

T - 1:20 Flashes seem to have subsided, generally sweaty with sweat that especially irritates a recent cat scratch on my palm. Less intense than I expect at this point still on the upward slope. This is a great combo for writing!!!! Friend speaks of wonderful sensory memories. Enhanced realism when thinking of first sexual experiences 25 years go.

T - 1:33 Hot again tho not as sharply so as earlier, generally clammy. Less visuals than I expected so far and less body load but intensely centered and open psycho/emotionally. Wonderful simple bliss and peace at heart.

T - 1:45 This combo seems like an exceptional psychotherapy tool. Very open and willing to talk. Sweat definitely irritating to cat scratch though. Fingers feeling a little puffy (water retention) and skin around cat scratch particularly inflamed/puffy. For now very relaxed.

T - 2:00 All together I am way more clammy than I anticipated. I am used to this from erogotiods or tryptamines but not this class of phenyls so much.... Usuall MDMA dries me out. On the up side mucus membranes are totally dry and clear for now. :D Letters starting to twitch and shift a little on the screen now. Easy to get lost in the patterns like the keyboard. Body load starting to kick in, nice waves of happy happy tingling.

T - 2:35 Sense of falling or moving gently backward with eyes closed but no apparent CEVs. Dark field/room visuals way up when relaxed into them. Everything flowed like currents in a breeze. The Veil very apparent but so far could not see past. Throughout so far music has been nicely enhanced but in a way that is a bit different than I am used to with pure MDMA less focus on the lower ranges, more full spectrum enjoyment!

T - 2:40 This is the first time I have noticed even the slightest sense of mental clouding.... Feel a slight stone sensation just now setting in. It comes with a slight feeling of wobble when the head is moved. Some trouble staying focused. I have ADD to begin with but this seems slight exaggerated.

T - 3:20 As to the ADD comment above... As with ADD intense over focus also appears possible accompanied by a feeling that is almost grumpy in its sense of concentration. Everything has a shiny shimmery silver haze to it. Patterns like that on my black and white tulip skirt are phenominal to stare at. I feel I could get lost in the subtle shifts wavers and sliding trails. Not like high doses of LSD or the mind sucking warping distortions that are produced but 2C-B. Driving beats feel great!

T - 3:35 Great synithesia from the music off the skirt. A lot like watching some of Gforce's patterns. Best results when the fabric does not move. There is enough movement in the drugs.... Adding movement only seems to cancel it out and vision quickly clarifies. Stop and the movement in the visual feel produced by the drugs quickly returns.

T - 4:00 Expectation psychotherapeutic benefit observed at the T - 1:45 mark confirmed: Friend has intense PTSD issues.... They made powerful introspective breakthroughs talking about past and family. May allow them to start working on their part in 20+ years of family turmoil. Some back tension for me at this point... Jaw too now that I am thinking about it.

T - 4:50 Much of this appears to be fading fast..... I expect muscle tension will increase tho. This experience felt like it went with enhanced memory recall compared to my normal state of awareness of those memories. Psychological benefit appears to still be present. Feeling a tad potassium deficient.

T - 5:20 Feel mostly down. Slight body tingle, especially in lips, and mild tension all over. The last few hours have flown by but were well worth it. This combo has much going for it!

T - 6:00 slight headache and back tension.... EmergenC seems to have helped with basic signs of potassium depletion. Over so far very smooth come down, smoother than the same dose of any of the three alone (I.e., 150mg of any one alone). Hungry.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74150
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 26, 2021Views: 635
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MDMA (3), MDA (34), MDE (35) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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