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Realized I Was Seriously Tripping
H.B. Woodrose
by Verin
Citation:   Verin. "Realized I Was Seriously Tripping: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp74253)". Jun 21, 2018.

4 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose


A Powerful Legal Psychedelic

This was my first experience with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, but not my first with LSA (I have used Morning Glory before). I am a fairly experienced user of psychedelics, having done LSA, Salvia, Mushrooms, and of course a bit of marijuana before. I am by no means an expert, however, and I am now beginning to learn how they work in my body and what I can expect from different types of chemicals (such as the difference between lysergic acid compounds and tryptamines).

I ordered the HBW seeds online from a vendor that sold two types – normal HBW seeds, and HBW Super Strain that supposedly contain about 3 times the normal amount of alkaloids. I purchased 10 seeds of each variety and when they arrived, stored them in a cool, dark closet. My friend and I were to do the seeds together on a weekend where we had nothing else planned. We did them alone as I felt we would be fine without a sitter. I had not eaten in six hours, and my friend had not eaten in ~4 I believe.

T+ 0:00 – We decide to eat the Super Strain variety – 4 each. To prepare the seeds, we soaked the seeds in a cup of water for about 20 minutes, and then used a knife and our fingers to peel off the furry outer shell. We attempted to peel the inner brown shell off of the white core, but it was fairly difficult and we just decided to eat them as they were. We ate them whole, and chewed them for a minute, letting them soak in our mouths, before swallowing. We immediately ate ice cream (Chocotacos) to get the taste out of our mouths. The taste itself wasn’t so horrible at first, but after 20 seconds or so it started to taste pretty detestable.

T+ 0:15 – My friend and I were starting to feel our stomachs rumbling already. He got really bad nausea, while mine was just a subtle discomfort. I was extremely surprised to already get that feeling of coming up after such a short time.
I was extremely surprised to already get that feeling of coming up after such a short time.
Colors were noticeably brighter, and there was a strange feeling of lightness in my muscles, with a hint of relaxation. This was definitely a good method of consumption, as other people have described up to a 2 or 3 hour delay before coming up. We decided to go outside to see if fresh air helped, and also to have a good place to vomit if need be.

T+ 0:20 – My friend had to vomit, and regretted losing the Chocotaco he had eaten. I wandered back into the woods next to my house a little bit and looked up to see a very startling sight. The intertwining tree branches contrasted on the bright night sky was extremely mesmerizing. I felt I had to vomit, but only ended up dry heaving. I told my friend to come back, as he was feeling better after vomiting and we stared at the trees for a few minutes before going back inside to a room where we could be ourselves and just listen to music.

T+ 0:35 – My stomach got progressively worse until I threw up in the toilet. The vomit wasn’t entirely unpleasant, as immediately after expulsion I felt a lot lighter and better. Most people report trying to find ways to consume the seeds without this, but for me it was more like a rite of passage. Now the real trip could begin. My muscles were starting to feel very relaxed. Every sensation felt very natural – I could find complete comfort in walking around or just laying down. I decided to lay down on the floor while we listened to some music. My friend reported feeling very heavy when he was standing up, but very light when he lay down. I began to get the familiar feeling (familiar from when I was on mushrooms) of melding into the floor. I spread out to receive as much contact with the rug, which began to feel very sensuous on my face and skin.

T+ 1:00 – We decided to listen to the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor as they have such emotionally powerful songs, and we were really starting to get into the ‘tripping’ mindset. I played the song Storm and began to feel wonderfully loving towards everything. I thought about my life and how I affect the people around me. I had entered the very satisfied state of living in the “now”, and as the song reached its climax, I began to cry to myself in the dark in complete awe of the power of music and the beauty of the world I live in. As the song came to a close, I stopped crying and realized I was seriously tripping. We discussed the wonder of life, and different philosophies as we listened to more soothing, mellow music. We had the lights off, and my mom came in to deliver some cake to us. I declined, but my friend decided to eat a piece or two. Even though I knew I hadn’t eaten in a long time, food just didn’t sound appealing. Having her walk in was very sobering – as if the room we were in was a secret universe of infinite possibility, but she had brought a little bit of the real world in with her. As she left, we immediately got back to tripping. It was very easy to act normal, however, and we weren’t freaked out or paranoid about having her around.

T+ 1:30 – We have been in our own personal worlds of thought with little visual effects, because we had been sitting in the dark with just the iTunes visualization screen to light the room. We decided to turn on the lights and found it to be a very different world we were experiencing. Colors were very much more defined, and everything looked new and wonderful. I let my cat in and we discussed how animals live such simple and wonderful lives without the desire for material goods. The feeling of the cat's fur was amazing, and I felt like I could feel each individual hair as I ran my hand over his back. Everything had such a unique feeling. Physical sensations are enhanced many times over, and I felt the need to touch everything. My friend and I sat and explored our own faces for 10 minutes alone. We both felt very uninhibited, and I decided to follow my cat around and try to smell all the things he can smell. I crawled around on all fours until I got up and started to walk around and feel all the walls and surfaces I could find. I began to do what I call the Eagle Dance that is so associated with Native Americans. I am normally not the type of person to do anything like this in front of other people, but it just felt very natural, and I didn’t care who knew what I was doing.

T+ 2:30 – We both play guitar, and decided to give it a try in this state. We turned off the lights again and attempted to play along with the music. Neither of us had any kind of coordination, and our attempts consisted mostly of playing the same note over again, or barely keeping up with very simple bass lines. Even so, it sounded very beautiful in our state, and we enjoyed it immensely. Eventually I left him to his guitar and took off my jacket in search of something with more color. I decided on another sweatshirt, and came back and tried to get online and talk to a friend on an instant messenger program. The keyboard felt really alien, and it felt completely strange to talk without being able to express emotion like I wanted to
it felt completely strange to talk without being able to express emotion like I wanted to
. Quickly I decided I couldn’t do it properly, and decided to get off of the computer, but not before telling the person that I loved them immensely. This is a very emotional drug. I felt like I loved everything in the universe, and that I was connected to everything. We continued listening to music and writhing on the floor and generally making fools of ourselves into the night.

T+ 4:00 – This is probably the end of the mental part of this trip. We are both getting pretty tired and drained. We decided to go downstairs (my mom had gone to sleep by now) and watch TV or something. We were still feeling very physically affected. The same sensation of absolute pleasure in anything was still present. I found myself instead of watching TV (couldn’t follow any programs for the life of me) walking around the living room and climbing up and down the stairs just for the pleasure of doing something. This was contrasted with periods of supreme relaxation on the couch. I tried to do everything in a strange way, and decided that sitting on the couch ought to be done upside down. This inevitably led to me getting stuck on the floor between the couch and a table, but my friend helped me out of that. My friend eventually fell asleep on the couch, while I kept walking around and trying to decide on something to eat. It really took me an hour to decide, as my mind was racing a million miles a minute, and I felt the need to immediately walk around as soon as I tried to sit and look in the refrigerator. I ended up making some canned soup and eating it without a spoon. I found that if I stood still, I would just drift into different physical contortions. It wasn’t scary, but I often ended up on the floor with my legs or neck in some strange angle.

T+ 5:30 - I eventually settled down on the couch and watched Adult Swim for a while before turning it off and lying down in bed. I hadn’t noticed many of the visuals associated with psychedelics before now, and laying in the dark I saw a kaleidoscope of colors shattering and reforming into geometric patterns made up of triangles. Even though my mind was still racing, and my muscles were a bit sore and twitchy, I found it very nice to lie down and do nothing after this day. It did take me a long time to fall asleep, but when I did, it was a dreamless darkness.

I woke up early in the morning feeling completely rejuvenated. I had a little muscle soreness, but the good kind that just feels wonderful to stretch out. No other physical side effects. I had a very nice relaxed afterglow for the rest of the day.

This was an amazing experience. I am completely satisfied with every aspect of it. The physical sensations are a lot like what I imagine ecstasy is like, the emotional aspect was great and led me to a deep sense of caring for all my friends and family, and the “trippy” aspect was present as well with everything looking changed, new, and bright, and even some closed eye visuals.As always though, be careful people.


Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74253
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2018Views: 2,227
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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