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A Hell of a Drug
Citation:   Rush / Electric. "A Hell of a Drug: An Experience with MDPV (exp74281)". Nov 26, 2008.

  repeated insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
I just wanted to give you a heads up on this 'new' drug, (new is a weird word in this business these days - new chemicals popping up almost every week!) 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or in short MDPV.

FYI - This can be seen as a retrospective look on this drug, or at least its effects on me

There isn't much to be found about this on the net, only a few reports, using very small dosages, and a forum - where most of them are either doing 100mg, and staying up, while wanking, for 90+ hours, or calling it a mild stimulant, a tad bit stronger than modafinil. What most of the few sources agree on is: This is a stimulant drug, with dosage levels ranging from as low as 2 to above 50mg in extreme cases.

So, being the curious personality I am, I had already ordered 30 x 200mg of Modafinil - a tryout, perhaps for making those long days at school less rough, I decided also to order 500mg's of MDPV.

When I got the little baggie of MDPV, I realised how hard this stuff would be to dose -- the zipbag was plastered all on the inside, with sticky parts of the brilliant white substance. Well - I tried to weigh it off on my cheap 0.001 eBay weight, and it turned out ok, but was quite a hassle. Started off low. I have learned that overdosing is NOT a game before, and starting low is a definite routine of mine. 2mg was on the table, and I was rolling the note. I am not used to snort drugs, but the taste of even 2 miligrams was in-your-face nasty. It had a earth-like taste to it, and the backdrip was disgusting. After a few minutes, I felt a clearheadedness, but no real rush. Can be descriped as a subtle, but more effective caffeine dose.

This was the beginning of my MDPV career. After a week, I tried 5mg. This turned out to be ALOT better. The first time, I almost felt the euphoria of MDMA. Reading on some of the information on the net, this was called the '2 hr coke rush', and ppl said that the effects was gone after approx. 3 hrs.


There was no sleep at all that night. During the following week, I caught myself doing MDPV around 10 times, some only for the clearheaded-feeling, but 3-4 of them doing ammount up to 10mg, to get even higher. I found that I could not get the high as euphoric as the first time, so I just did more! One day I did 3 x 10mg over an afternoon - again, no sleep for me, and a resulting crash that was so horrific, yet subtle, that I did MDPV already next day again. In retrospective, I had become sort-of addicted. Without noticing it, MDPV was messing so much with my mood, that I just did it again & again to feel better. Result = days of feeling down, or beside myself, or craving the white powder so much I did it again.

All this went through over 5 weeks. I sold approx 100mg to some friend that wanted to try it out, and some loved it, some didn't. This short addiction got to me, in the middle of last week. I felt so down, and at the same time wanting to quit MDPV (at least when I was high) that I decided to go do MDPV an afternoon. I wanted to feel the euphoria in a nice setting, out in the sun, with nice music in my ears (have to say that music is really a BIG catalyst for MDPV euphoria).

I lined up 10mg. Snorted, waited for effects. A little physical rush grabbed my body, and I felt that clearheaded freshness once again. No euphoria though. So, lined up 20mg, snorted. Felt better. A huge euphoric bodyload now took over, and I felt greeeat for around 45 minutes. Then the high shifted, into a amphetamine-like state, euphoria coming off. This was actually common for a 5mg dose, in the beginning, what kept me up & not sleeping! I was NOT satisfied, so I lined up 15mg more, snorted it. Euphoria stroke in 5 minutes later, almost as strong as before, but I could feel that this was not a good idea now.

Fuck that, no turning back. After 50 minutes, a last 15mg redose, and I went home. Turns out I have almost emptied my baggie of MDPV now. Oh god. Here comes the amphetamine rollercoaster. I felt like speaking to everyone, which was odd. My cousin & his parents were in my house, having dinner, while I was mega-anxious. Felt like I had done a abnormous amount of caffeine, and was coming down. There was only a few hours till bedtime, and I knew there would be absolutely no chance of sleep.

Family went home, I had to do some homework, and around 1 am I decided that I had to go to sleep. While turning in bed, struggling to get some sleep, I was mindlooping to a point where I would call it either a psychosis, or a psychedelic flashback of some kind. I was talking to myself, while talking english. My mind was bound to define what I had done through my day, spoken in science-form. You know, reading wikipedia-style about something, very odd language, and very 'square'. I could not get out of it, it kept returning to talking these terms 'What did I do, what was scientific suggestionable in this situation etc'. Made no sense at all.

So, I got no sleep. I was very close to staying away from school the next day, but I only had 2 hrs that day, so I got up, and went there. Looked VERY pissed that day, looked like shit as well. Told everyone I had no sleep because I did homework all day. Talked all the time that day, about everything. There was NO filter on my mind, just had my mouth going all the time, about everything & nothing (aka - it made NO sense). After I got myself some sleep, this confused state, which I can descripe as the feeling LSD leaves you with - confusion and too many thoughts to handle, was finally over.

Today I am DONE with MDPV for good. Never doing this shit again. I know I was doing stupid shit while on it, and was too addicted to see. Glad I didn't have several grams of this lying around! Normally I'm the harm reduction-guy, but this time it just got the better of me. This can be a wonderful drug at times, but the euphoria is fake as thin plastic. Not at all like MDMA, which is very spiritual and profound IMO.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74281
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 26, 2008Views: 90,003
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MDPV (377) : Not Applicable (38), Retrospective / Summary (11), Addiction & Habituation (10)

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