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Epic Mind and Body Trip
Citation:   Xorzarle. "Epic Mind and Body Trip: An Experience with DOI (exp74318)". Oct 31, 2008.

2.0 mg oral DOI
This report documents my experience with the drug DOI. I have consumed the drug several times now, at least enough times to not remember how many times exactly.
The drug is said to be similar to LSD, the worlds standard in hallucinogenic drugs, although is reported to have a heavier 'body weight', which I think means that I can feel the presence of my body and internal organs and can feel my bodies weight more then on other substances. I have consumed the drug in blotter paper form and noticed the same effects as I've read described online in my own personalised way. I'm going to describe what the drug does to me and how I ingest it, which mean's I wont be describing a specific trip.

I prefer to take the drug early in the morning so that I can enjoy the early morning and the next night until early hours the next day. Yes. The 2mg dosage (in my case a single 'square' chewed up and swallowed) causes a wonderfully long trip (20-30 hours) that comes in waves that diminish in size over time. So, I would typically set my alarm to about 3AM the day before I want to trip, have an early night and force myself to wake at the ridiculously early hour of the morning to ingest a tab. I would then get stoned and wait for about 2-5 hours for the drugs effects to be noticeable. I can also go back to sleep expecting to wake up, or set my alarm to wake me up when the drug is peaking, so from being unconscious I wake to a world and not as I know it - actually highly entertaining and scary but certainly fun.

The first things I notice, after about 2 hours if I didn't go to sleep, are my thought loops becoming shorter, access to memory and stored information and other thinking facilities diminished, almost as though my memory centres have been shutdown slightly - this feels like I am floating through space. Although my capacity to remember things and to recall them is diminished, I will still find the trip memorable and will still say, do and think things using different parts of my brain that I didn't know existed while on the drug. I find that the hallucinations don't start until about 5 hours into the trip or not at all, but that the drug is an amazing visionary aid. I enjoy closing my eyes and trying to visualise things. Mainly I will just feel as though I am out of my body, observing the world in a new way.

The next thing I will notice is my insides accompanied by feelings of nausea. I find this side-effect a little disturbing, I can feel my intestines churning and my heart seems to be being pinched in my chest. I would say this drug causes some changes to happen in digestion, a slightly diminished appetite and possibly causes my heart to be overworked or my blood to be thickened. I'm not an expert at all on how this drug works but it effects my brain which in turn effects my body. The higher the dosage the harder it is to control my body, I may urinate myself or defecate unexpectedly, although often a fear of this happening can ruin my trip, so if at all possible try to regulate my dosage so that I can still control I body and not have to worry about unexpected leaks. Learn to use the toilet while on the drug because it can be difficult, I may experience an unwillingness to urinate while standing over or sitting on the toilet bowl.

The trip seems to cause visual hallucinations although mainly when I am trying to make them happen - this is good because it puts me in control - although bad if I want to be hallucinating properly. This drug is supposed to be hallucinogenic but I don't find it particularly such, although I think the feelings inside my body are a kind of hallucination, so I can experience discomfort and pain, maybe even difficulty with breathing but it is merely a misinterpretation of my senses particularly the ones I typically don't notice, always tell myself to be calm and try to relax, don't start clawing at my chest. The first time I took the drug I ended up with an extremely painful rash on and around my left nipple, which totally ruined the last part of the trip since the pain was sort of magnified and caused me to claw even more urgently at the effected area.

The drugs effects seem to be broken up into uneven waves, they may come every 10-40 minutes in varying degrees of intensity. The waves will cause me to breath in audibly and I will probably go 'whew!' or 'wow!' every time this happens because it is an intense feeling, a feeling of nausea (which may actually cause I to vomit at higher dosages) and anxiety and hopefully accompanied by pleasant, euphoric feelings, or hallucinations.

After about 7 hours the effects will be noticeably more intense or starting to diminish. The waves will be different and mainly less intense. Once I start feeling bored, if that happens, if I don't start to get sick of the feeling and wanting to come back from the trip, I smoke some weed. The trip will become almost psychotic in nature. My thoughts will spiral out of control, closed-eyed hallucination and visual static will be prevalent and the waves will be accompanied by weed hallucinations, wonderful and horrible.

After the 12 hour mark I can expect the trip to continue for another 10 or more hours and probably I can sleep the rest of the trip off. As with other synthetic amphetamines I will find it hard to sleep, as much as my body seems to crave it. Try to clear my head and try to feel hypnotised, I lay as still as possible since the DOI will be trying to make me writhe around in my bed which will keep me awake. When I do finally sleep I may have some interesting dreams or merely wake up the next day or in a few hours feeling that the drug has worn off. I think that sleep deprivation intensifies the drugs effects and once I sleep that turns off most of the drugs effects, or turns my brain back round to normal. I'm not sure how it works but that is what I've found.

I try to stay awake for the whole trip, using weed to make it more interesting. I haven't experimented with higher doses yet since I don't want to lose to much control of my body and end up urinating myself or worse.

In conclusion I would say this drug is very interesting, I like the way it comes in waves and the fact that weed can be used to intensify both the weeds effects and the DOI's but it is possibly a very dangerous drug so be careful.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74318
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 31, 2008Views: 10,717
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