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Euphoric High but VERY Addictive
Citation:   Erie15. "Euphoric High but VERY Addictive: An Experience with Crack (exp74351)". Sep 20, 2018.

  repeated smoked Crack (freebase)
@the time
Age: 15
Occupation: Student (High School)

This is basically going to be about my experience while high on crack cocaine for the 1st time and several other experiences, and what happened before and after it. My only real drug usage before this was that I had smoked marijuana regularly (about 1G a day) for about 4 months. This was about January 2006. I was buying all my weed, getting overpriced and was quickly running out of money. One of my good friends suggested that I start selling crack, he wanted to see me doing good and told me 'whatever you do, DONT smoke this shit'. He gave me a deal on some crack, he sold me $30 worth for $20. I figured in the long run I could make some real money and pay for more weed. I thought 'my drug dealing days HAVE begun' all dramatically haha.

I quickly found it was hard being a drug dealer. The first day I was advertising my crack in school, my family got told. Soon my locker got searched and I got asked repeatedly if I was selling it and of course I said 'NO'. Luckily I never got in trouble. I started advertising on the street and was quickly robbed by a crackhead who ran away with a $10 rock, I didnt know the rules. I gave up on selling drugs, I had to find something to do with this crack. I still had over 4 $5 rocks left. So I just figured 'what the hell, Ill smoke it'.

My 1st experience: I made a little crack pipe out of aluminum foil, and put half of a $5 rock in there. 'here it goes' I told myself. I had no filter either, I heated up the bottom first to partly liquefy it and then put the flame over the top and breathed it in. I heard the crackling sound as its supposed to do. It was surprisingly very mild, not harsh at all. The smoke tasted good and clean and I could blow it out and there was little smell to worry about. I took a few more hits and the rock was gone. All my anxiety went away and I started to feel euphoric. I felt very energetic and talkative and there was really no bad effects. I felt good. I felt the high for 10 minutes or so and then came down, but the comedown was not bad at all. I actually felt pretty good after the main high went away. I thought I didnt do enough so I put the rest of the rock in there and another small piece. I smoked this the same way and got a little higher. Same good feeling and euphoria, everything felt good. The only thing I noticed is that my heart was beating faster and I could actually feel my blood vessels getting smaller or whatever, but I didnt worry much. Theres not much else to it than that. The comedown wasnt bad either and I felt good for a lot longer time, I went down and talked to my friends and family, everything was okay.

The next day after I smoked, I noticed I wanted more. School couldnt end soon enough and crack is all I could think about. Finally I had something to do and spend my time with. I made little funny remarks throughout the day like 'You might not know this about me...but I smoke rocks!' (funny Dave Chappelle quote). People would be like 'what?', I would say 'Nevermind haha'. I got home and throughout the rest of the day smoked about $10 worth. Now I only had $5 and some change of crack left. The next day the cravings were even worse, I stopped thinking about girls and everything and all I was thinking was crack. This is weird for me though, because throughout my whole life I never ever ever thought that I would ever do a hard drug like crack cocaine, but here I was doing it at the age of 15, it didnt hit me as hard at the time though. I got home and smoked the rest of the crack, and I was out. I had no crack and no money left. All the money I could get my hands on was gone, I had spent it on weed before and my last $20 on the crack. Somehow I found $20 dollars more and bought some more after 2 days of mild (but surprising) withdrawal. It seemed that even this few times smoking crack I was addicted.

I had about $15 worth left and got home and smoked that all within 15 minutes, I felt good but my heart was noticeably messed up. It seemed like it was irregular and my blood vessels were more constricted than ever. It was my best high and worst high. I had slight chest pain also, but nothing too bad. It was at this time that I was forced to quit. I couldnt find any more money and couldnt find any crack. I firmly believe that if I went any further it would have messed my life up greatly, I was 1 hit from a rock away from becoming a full blown addict and career criminal, I was already breaking in abandoned houses and looking for any money leftover. 'This is it!' I said. There was no way I was going to become addicted to crack. And I quit, and never did it again.

Hope I helped, Peace.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 74351
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Sep 20, 2018Views: 3,371
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