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Breaking the Dimensional Barrier
Salvia divinorum
by Mykologist
Citation:   Mykologist. "Breaking the Dimensional Barrier: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp74362)". Feb 25, 2012.

T+ 0:00
300 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  T+ 0:05 300 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Easily, this dose of salvia was the most intense psychedelic experience (or any experience for that matter!) I have ever had so far in my life.

My friend and I have a spot behind our neighborhood. We went there in the late afternoon; both of us have tripped salvia twice before. But this time was to be different. With mushrooms, I had always managed to transcend into an alternate hierarchy of dimensions consistently seen in all my other psychedelic experiences. I had yet to break the barrier into these dimensions with salvia.

The bushes form a cozy environment; well hidden, tranquil, and very clean. I began to calm my mind, focusing on my 'plan' for after the effects would kick in. I would try not to 'hold onto' reality like my previous trips, but let go and trust that I would indeed return, no matter how lost I became.

The hit was big, and harsh. This time, we used a Smartwater bottle so we could fit all the smoke from 300 mg of salvia in one taking. We're talking a 1.5 litre bottle here. I take the smoke, sit back, and close my eyes. The typical feeling of rotation kicks in quickly, and soon after, the effects literally slam into me like falling off a three-story building.

My plan was failing. As with past trips, the coming up so so instantaneous, the mind becomes too panicked to concentrate and think rationally. I simply rocked back and forth, my field of vision was vibrating violently, and I was being forcefully thrown back and forth between alternate dimensions. As I felt myself coming back, I quickly loaded another 300 mg bowl. This is a heavy dose of salvia, and I don't recommend anybody take 600 mg of salvia on their first trip! But I was hell-bent on 'entering', not simply 'seeing' these alternate dimensions, and had gained some control over my fear and nerves. My friend helps me fumble for the bottle, I take in the hit, and the religious experience begins like never before!

My friend said I limped out and laughed hysterically for the next ten minutes, but I had no recollection of the sort.

I finally made it to the alternate dimensions seen on my past mushrooms trips. Unlike mushrooms however, salvia was violent and powerful. With mushrooms, everything was ethereal and tranquil. I felt a barrier between me and the alternate dimensions, almost like a glass elevator. But salvia left me 'exposed' in this new world, and my being simply wasn't able to handle the forces at hand. Everything, even time itself, became and 'entity'. The entire landscape was 'alive'. I was trying to 'walk' back to my body, because the experience was just too much. But with every step, these entities were flooding me, entering me, crowding me, and trampling me. I fell face first onto the ground, and the trampling became louder and louder. I heard a train come by (my friend said one really passed by, so that explains this part of the trip) and I was smashed, crushed, mangled between the gears of the train.

Finally, the physical sensation of crushing was over, now came the mental. An image of my life came into view. Suddenly, it was morphed into bizarre shapes and colors. I was paralyzed, and four origins of energy (the four most powerful entities of this alternate dimension) start chanting to me, but not by actually speaking. They transmitted these chants of some alien language into my mind. I understood them, not with an image, but a memory of something far past. Just as you would understand water as a word symbolizing oceans, lakes, etc, these chants were extremely familiar, and symbolized the 'code of my existence'. It made sense during my trip, yet now I simply cannot recall what the chants meant. One phrase kept sticking out, and as I began regaining myself, I told my friend to try and remember the following phrase: 'Anama Kharamakhouw.' I have no idea, just none whatsoever, what this is. I really did hear this, and researched later to find that some people have heard tongues while on ayahusca or DMT, but they loose understanding, just as I had, after the trip ends.

Reality was finally returning, and the alternate dimensions were dissolving away. I started walking around and explaining to my friend the understanding of the 'universe' I had gained.

Something along the lines of this. We live in the first dimension. There are infinite dimensions above and below us all of increasing and decreasing complexity. All these dimensions exist within the same universe, but simply across different planes (so we could be walking through another dimension while only perceiving our first dimension, therefore believing only it exists). This infinite number of dimensions is held within our universe under one, omnipresent, and unfathomably complex entity, what we perceive as God. God neither exists, nor doesn't' exist; feels no emotion, has no agenda. He is totally isolated from our reality scheme, but symbolizes the feeling of joy and well-being, safety. Yet, for no particular reason, he observes the interaction amongst humans and between humans with himself. Those who promote peace, balance, and are humble are the successful ones regardless of their beliefs towards God. Those putting on a charade, trying to impress God with extreme religious acts, jihads, etc. were foolish, while those hell-bent on denying his existence, claiming life is merely an eighty-year term or existence, were lost. When the 'reactions' between humans had ended, he restarts almost as though the universe were a Christmas globe.

The heavy part of the trip lasted for about fifteen minutes simply because I took two huge hits. The first session lasted three or four minutes while the rest lasted about ten. Even after I was able to 'accept' reality, I was still hauntingly aware of the alternate dimensions, and could 'feel' them surrounding me. Definitely still 'tripping.' For about twenty minutes afterward, I had slight close-eyed visuals. Really, just vivid images in my mind of these dimensions I had seen.

So what made salvia different from mushrooms? Well, mushrooms are much more pleasant. I truly respect them and their power. They tend to make me aware of these dimensions, and when I relax and lie down, I can venture into these worlds without harm. Like I said, almost like a glass elevator.

Salvia disconnects me from the world, then leaves me flopping like a fish out of water in these alternate dimensions. There's thrashing, strobing, throbbing. I feel lost, dissociated, and at the mercy of some greater power. Easily, a large dose can turn into a bummer trip if one forgets to remember that the effects are only temporary.

And honestly, I wanted to get home again after the first five minutes of my second hit. The experience was just too much. Don't interpret this as a bad trip; on the contrary. The knowledge I gained was beautiful, as were the feelings of being humbled by these great, infinite powers. But the shock couldn't have been more had I jumped into a frozen lake. Salvia isn't for the first-time trippers looking for a high. It's serious. I tampered with changes in consciousness that bring even experienced psychonauts to their knees. Proceed with caution.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74362
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 25, 2012Views: 7,159
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9)

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