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Visible Chakras
MDMA & Yoga
by Girlfriend
Citation:   Girlfriend. "Visible Chakras: An Experience with MDMA & Yoga (exp74365)". Mar 29, 2021.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA
  T+ 2:30 1 tablet oral MDMA
  T+ 3:45 1 tablet oral MDMA


Mind Set: To deepen with spirituality, connect with a loved partner, move with Yoga.
Setting: Boyfriend's Condo, no furniture, piano, canopy bed, everything has been immaculately cleaned.
Special Effects: Boyfriend has been so kind to put together an awesome light show with a projector in his bed room. Living room area is only furnished with a piano and is dimly lit with candles.

6:30pm: Boyfriend and I sit at his kitchen table and state our intention before each ingesting 1pill of MDMA orally. We have fasted for the day and have experimented with MDMA twice before, with very relaxing loving results.
6:45pm: We grab our towels and head out to the hot tub in his complex. Smiles are beaming on both our faces and we love the feel of the warm water on our skin as the MDMA takes effect.
7:15pm: The sun is setting and we are starting to feel the warm roll of the MDMA come on. The Nature all around us seems more beautiful than ever.

7:30pm: We go inside and begin to stretch and do Yoga on his empty living room floor. I am a beginner in Yoga and my boyfriend is quite advanced. Movement within the body feels amazing! Flexibility seems increased and Yoga feels very natural. (Music is set to Keith Jarrett Koln Concert Piano)
8:00Pm: I invite my boyfriend up to his bedroom for a peppermint lotion massage. The tingle of peppermint feels amazing on the skin and the smell is so refreshing. He returns the favor and we are both happy peppermint scented beings.
8:30pm: The MDMA is really starting to take effect now. We change up the music and put on Tool and let the complexity of their music wash over us. The projector is set on visual effect that moves with the music and is visually spectacular reflecting from his mirrored closest doors and on the wall.
8:40pm: We have a favorite Tool song “Third EYE” that we are compelled to play at the height of our roll. We put it on and start singing (quite loudly) “Prying open my third eye! Prying open my third eye!” I look down at my boyfriend’s chest and ask if he has drawn on himself with a highlighter or marker?

***********After this moment I will never be the same. I wish I could relive this night***********

8:50pm: I look down at his chest and it looks like he has drawn a very complex “snowflake” pattern over his heart that has an iridescent rainbow color to it. He looks down then turns to the mirror and can see it too. I look down on my chest and I have one also.
9:00pm: We decided to go downstairs to the living room so we can have space to do yoga and take another hit of “E”. We are facing each other as we practice yoga and notice something very strange in the dimly lit room. We are able to move our hands and visually see the energy we are pushing around. The color I can describe it as would be a green tint. My boyfriend knows some Tai Chi and he begins to gracefully move through the motions. Viewing this from across the room I can see the green energy gather and release with each push and pull of his Tai Chi movements.

9:15 Both of us are musically inclined and we move our little energy party over to the piano. Boyfriend likes to free flow on the piano and it sounds amazing tonight. I am standing next to the piano and can literally feel the music hit me in waves. It’s like I can physically feel the music’s vibration wave going through the air and contacting my body. I feel compelled to vocalized and start humming in tune with the piano. This makes my whole body vibrate and feels very good.
9:30: Boyfriend and I sit across from each other cross-legged and start Pranyama (rhythmic breathing) with the alternation of holding our breath chin down with a relaxed throat. In this state is seems the breath can be held for a very long time and is conducive to meditative insight.

9:45: Vocalization feels very good and we begin to chant the “Invocation to Patanjali” which is a prayer honoring and expressing respect to Pantanjali, the Indian sage and author of The Yoga Sutras.
9:47: During this chant I express to my boyfriend that his face looks “kind of strange right now”. He asked me to elaborate and to me it looked like his eyes and nose were wiped clean and only his mouth was remaining. As we chanted we both continued to “shift” and this is the only way I can described it.
9:50 With this new revelation we positioned ourselves in front of a mirror and begin to hum and chant the sacred word OM. In the mirror we could see this green holographic looking overlay come over our face and body and shift into different people. We could feel when we turned into something or someone. It was like a slight pressure being felt under the skin. It would stay for a few seconds then leave.

9:55 Boyfriend continued with some more Pranayama and with his holding of his inhalations and I could watch him shape shift. To give just a few examples, I saw him shift to a large round bellied Buddha character to something almost alien in nature. At times it looked like he had floating open eyes on top of his closed eyes or like his eyelids were nonexistent.
10:00 He started to examine me as I did some breath work and was able to see a lady with very curly hair (mine is very straight) and almost Indian like markings on my face. We also notice what seemed to be tattooing on our arms. This all is very shimmery and holographic like. It does not stay in one shape for long, but long enough that we could both describe exactly what we saw.

10:15 We decide to make a night of it and take one more hit of “E” a piece. We continue to do yoga and flow. When my boyfriend attains full yoga positions such as Shirsh-asana (headstand) or Chakra-asana (wheel posture) I can see different symbols on his body. It looks like a cross between Chinese and Hieroglyphics later we thought it might have been Sanskrit.
10:30 As I am examining myself in the mirror I can see a tiny little eye about half the size of a normal eye between my eyebrows. I am shocked and amazed by this but am not frightened. I am also able to see my breath as if I was trying to fog a mirror even though the room is very warm.
10:45 boyfriend and I retreat to the bedroom, make love, and are aglow with what we have just experienced.

I was pleased to find out this was not just a onetime experience. It's funny how the ego will try to rationalize everything the next day even thought it can’t even come close. This experience was revisited several times with friends who were able to describe in a detail the same visuals. My only conclusion is that this drug can open up your brain chemistry connections, activating your third eye and also making is possible to see different spectrums of light outside of our normal visible range. I hope the report will encourage others to explore the spiritual side of MDMA.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 74365
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 29, 2021Views: 814
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Yoga / Bodywork (202), MDMA (3) : Relationships (44), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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