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A Surprisingly Good Time
MDMA, 5-HTP & Bupropion
Citation:   Connecty Bits. "A Surprisingly Good Time: An Experience with MDMA, 5-HTP & Bupropion (exp74400)". Mar 24, 2017.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Pharmaceuticals (daily)
  T+ 0:00 300 mg oral Pharms - Bupropion (daily)
  T+ 3:00 100 mg oral Tryptophan  
  T+ 5:00 100 mg oral Tryptophan  
  T+ 10:15 50 mg oral MDMA  
  T+ 10:15 100 mg oral Tryptophan  
  T+ 12:30 100 mg oral MDMA  
  T+ 12:30 200 mg oral Tryptophan - 5-HTP  
300 mg bupropion, 50 mg + 100 mg MDMA, some 5HTP

Background pharmacological intake: 10 mg lisinopril (for hypertension), 300 mg Budeprion XL (Wellbutrin, bupropion - for depression); both once daily. Lisinopril for four years now, Budeprion for about ten months. Occasionally smoke pot or drink alcohol, but neither is part of my daily routine.

So, I have rolled a handful of times before. I like to space out my rolls by at least one month (usually much longer) and prepare for them. Rolling is a very pleasant, therapeutic, special event for me. However, when I rolled in the past, I wasn't on antidepressants. I've read few reports about MDMA and bupriopion, so after learning that the combination was not likely to send me to the hospital, I decided to experiment on my own.

I ate lightly that day; I've heard mixed reports about eating and Molly, so I tried to moderate and ate only fruits and vegetables that day, though some tuna salad might have snuck in too. I ate my dinner of salad and a slice of wheat bread around 5:30 pm. (As usual, I had taken my lisinopril and bupropion at about 10am that morning.) Additionally, I preloaded a bit beforehand, though it may have been “too little, too late” as they say. I took 100 mg 5HTP at 1pm and 3pm.

At 8:15pm, I took 50 mg MDMA and another 100 mg 5HTP. I took a shower to pass the time to come up. In the shower, I waited for the usual rush (my dose was always 100 mg in the past), but I knew it would be less noticeable since I took a smaller amount. As it is, toward the end of the shower I noticed it took me longer to do routine things because I was distracted by sensations, particularly of water on my skin. I remember spending almost half a minute feeling the water run between my hands as I rubbed them together. Also, I was almost reflexively drinking water from the shower every half minute or minute. That's when I realized that the little dose had taken effect.

My friend, M, who is very close to me came by my room. We were getting dressed together to go to a party held at our house. My little dose was coming on now, so I began to feel talky and wanted to share. She is normally receptive and understanding, but was particularly so tonight, as she knew I had dosed. She came over around 8:50pm and we spent the next hour and a half talking in my room and listening to music. I mostly talked about hardships I had been through or thoughts/memories that had kept me feeling consistently sad recently. I found that the smaller dose allowed me to talk more freely, thoroughly, and honestly, but I didn't experience the usual euphoria that accompanies rolling.
I found that the smaller dose allowed me to talk more freely, thoroughly, and honestly, but I didn't experience the usual euphoria that accompanies rolling.
I felt safe and loved, but I could still experience the full range of emotions without swinging too wildly from one to the other extreme. I found that I was able to cry about things that I hadn't been able to, but wanted to, before then. M was drinking wine, so she at least had some help in keeping her attention on the task at hand!

Around 10:30pm, we decided that we had shared a lot that day, and it was ready to cut loose for the night. I took my 100 mg dose, 200 mg 5HTP, and we began getting ready to go to the party. I came up on this dose really, really fast. It felt like within ten minutes, I had the rush of euphoria, full pupil dilation, sensory magnification, teeth clenching, dry mouth... all of the things I usually associated with “rolling balls.” After about 15 minutes of dressing and putting on accessories, awkwardly applying make-up, etc, we headed down to the music. “Damn!” I realized I forgot to put my contacts in, just as we walked into the party room! After the rush of coming on, I was distracted and had to work hard to keep stock of my effects. I've learned that every time I roll, I have to tie my keys to my wrist, or I'll lose them. M tied them for me this time, but I couldn't tie my water bottle to my wrist. I kept leaving it in one room, moving to another, and having to go back to find it again. I was sure to drink when I was thirsty, though I think that had I been more conscious of my drinking, I would've felt better the day after. However, despite our participation in the dance party going on downstairs, I never felt overheated or uncomfortable.

I was UP, dancing, happy, social and extra physical with friends and housemates until about 2 am. I found that the slightly higher dose than usual gave me even more of an elevated self-image, to the point of being a bit narcissistic (uncharacteristic for me). I found myself engaging in more flirtatious/sexy behaviour with friends that night, and being much more confident and ambitious as well. We had entertainers at our party (fire-eaters, jugglers, etc); M and I watched them from the window of her room, still sharing and being close with each other. I began coming down around 2am; we changed out of party clothes and into pajamas (an important part of winding down after a wild night!), and began to lay down and relax, chatting to get ready for sleep. I went to bed around 2:30am and found that sleep came quickly, though fitfully. I had to get up to urinate several times early in the night; once later in the night, I woke up sweating and shivering (most likely from dehydration; this had happened to me once before when I rolled). However, I did my best to sleep through it and awoke at 9:30am the next day, feeling alert and with a neutral frame of mind.

My mood steadily improved over the morning, taking my daily meds again and thinking about the night before. I did experience some nausea in the morning, as well as a headache. These problems were both largely solved when I ate a huge brunch around 12pm, though the headache faintly persisted afterward as I continued to hydrate myself. In the morning, I tried to vomit (for me, nausea is best cured by just getting over with it and vomiting), but found I wasn't able to. I've never had a “hangover” from rolling, and I suspect it had to do with three things: 1) I took more Molly than usual (150 mg vs 100 mg), 2) I clearly didn't drink enough water vis a vis my sweats/chills, and 3) I hadn't eaten for a good 18 hours at least by 12pm the next day. In the afternoon, after my food had digested and I had drank a good bit more water, I felt normal, quite happy and content.

Things I will do differently in the future: 1) be sure to drink more water to avoid dehydration, 2) eat NOTHING for several hours before dosing, 3) eat something before crashing to bed [so my body has some energy to process the remaining MDMA and its metabolites; hopefully avoid future nausea], and 4) be sure to have something with salt in it before bed. I found myself craving salty broth all day (like you get with ramen).

I had a wonderful time; all it took was some planning and restriction of my substances to two mind-altering drugs, which may not even have significant interactions. Be safe!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74400
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 24, 2017Views: 4,513
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MDMA (3) : Various (28), Depression (15), Combinations (3)

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