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The Piece of Mind for Me
salvia divinorum (tincture)
by Creamy
Citation:   Creamy. "The Piece of Mind for Me: An Experience with salvia divinorum (tincture) (exp74409)". Nov 14, 2020.

0.15 oz oral Salvia divinorum (tincture)


I became interested in Salvia about a year ago. A few years back my doctor put me on wellbutrin to help me with my mild depression and to help me quit smoking. Seemed to work out fine for about 6 months, then my insurance wouldnt cover the pills anymore, so I had to go off them. I started smoking again and my mood was back to normal very soon after. Few years passed, my doctor wanted to put me back on them, seeing how my insurance was better now and would cover them so I tried them again. Seeing as how I was feeling more depressed than I have in a long time. A few weeks passed and the pills were really messing with my head, closed eye visuals, maybe 3 hours of sleep, lightheaded and dizzy all the time, not feeling like myself at all. So I decided it was time to get off them, having only taken them for 2 weeks, I just quit cold turkey.

Was a few weeks later, that I had been working on my own Salvia tincture. I have smoked Salvia maybe 15 times and really enjoyed it, sometimes it would leave me dumbfounded, but I found that lowering the smoked dosage was helping with the dumbfoundedness. ^.^ Anyways, I thought that on calm nights I could just use its relaxing abilities, and a little meditation. I had used it one Sunday evening just before bed. It was very easy compared to smoking. I like to call it my thinking medicine.
I like to call it my thinking medicine.
So I went to work the next day and noticed how high my spirits were, for the next 3 days. Come Wednesday night, I called upon her once again. I couldnt believe how high it lifted my spirits after using her. Way better than some anti-depressant that the doc put me on, was thinking on telling him I'm using sally for my head and see what he says. ^.^

I really love her company through this journey of life, she seems to be that wonderful piece... That my mind was missing.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74409
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 14, 2020Views: 763
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Depression (15), Health Benefits (32)

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