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It's All In Your Head
by alice
Citation:   alice. "It's All In Your Head: An Experience with LSD (exp7444)". Jun 4, 2003.

2 hits oral LSD (gel tab)
    repeated insufflated Cocaine (ground / crushed)
    repeated oral Alcohol (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (dried)


Earlier this year we threw a party for our friend Erica who'd been away and was coming back. We decided to let her try acid because we did it a lot and she said she wanted to try it but never had. There were six of us when we started out. Everyone dropped 2 hits of red gel and we smoked a blunt while waiting for our trip to kick in. Normally none of us do coke but our friend had just gotten a large amount of money and bought some for the party. We did a couple lines each and had something to drink and within an hour we were all starting to feel the acid. All through the night we just kept smoking weed and drinking and would occasionaly do a line. At some point we cut out 4 lines (2 of the people didn't want any). Erica wanted to go first, and without realizing what she was doing, she did all 4 lines.

The rest of us just gave each other a kind of weird looked and I could tell they were as concerned as I was. A few minutes after that Erica started talking about how fucked up she was and stated she had never done as many drugs as we'd done up to that point. She then went on to tell us she was feeling weird and her heart was beating too fast. We told her of course it was, that we'd done a lot of drugs but the acid was just worrying her that she was fine and what she was feeling was normal. She sat down with her beer and seemed to be watching tv so I thought she was fine. I rolled another blunt and we laced it with some coke. After I finished I went over to sit where everyone else was so we could smoke.

I looked at Erica's eyes and she was staring past the tv, as if it wasn't there, and they were filled with tears and I could see panic and terror all over her face. I gave the blunt to our friend to light and asked her if she was ok. She started balling her eyes out crying telling us that she was going to die, she'd done too many drugs. By this point we were all tripping our balls off and everyone got really quiet. I'd never saw anyone flip out before on acid although I'd had a few scary experiences with it myself. I told her she was fine and that the drugs would wear off by morning. She started shaking uncontrolably and crying more and just saying over and over that she was dying and we were lying to her about her being fine.

Then there was a knock on the door, I just knew it was the cops and we were all going to jail, but luckily it wasn't. It was a couple of my friends coming to see if they could score a couple hits because I'd tried to get them to party w/ us earlier but they had another party to go to. I invited them in and warned them about Erica flipping out to just be calm around her and not do or say anything crazy. We joined everyone in the living room and Erica was still sitting in the same spot, face soaked in tears, still trembling. I was sitting across the room from Erica talking to my friend and I was watching her from the corner of my eye, trying to stay focused on whatever it was my friend was saying.

At one point I looked over and Erica was staring at me, looking totally helpless and lost and I swear, even though she wasn't saying anything, she was talking to me. She was telling me about how she was worried and thought she was dying. I just smiled at her and in my mind I told her it was all the acid, to trust me. I told her I knew she was scared and that I didn't know what to do or say to make her feel better, but I knew she should would be fine in a few hours, the acid would be gone, and for her to try not to worry and enjoy it. At that exact moment Erica smiled back at me and said (none of this was actually said out loud I remind you) I see, I get what you're saying, thank you so much...and at that moment she wiped her face clean of her tears and got up to get another beer.

After the 2 guests left the incident went unmentioned because Erica was doing much better and no longer scared and no one wanted to mention it out of fear it'd throw her back into it. The rest of the night/morning went fine and everyone went to sleep about the time the sun was coming up.

A few days later I was asking Erica if she remembered the whole thing when she was wigging out and I was talking to my friend and looked at her and smiled and she said she did and asked why. I told her about the conversation I had with her in my mind and her face turned pale and she said the exact same conversation went through her head at the same time but she felt stupid about it later and hadn't wanted to say anything. Every since then she refers to me as 'her alice', which, if you're not familiar with the Jefferson Airplane song 'White Rabbit' that probably doesn't mean much of anything.

Sorry that was so long but that was one of the most amazing things I'd ever experienced on acid. I had never been really good friends with Erica (but very close to the rest of the people at the party) but after that we've been very close friends and refuses to trip any more without me around.

But anyway, the moral of the story is that above all else when using LSD, remember, YOU'RE JUST TRIPPIN'.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7444
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 4, 2003Views: 1,125
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Second Hand Report (42), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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