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The After Effects
Cannabis & Tobacco
by twitch
Citation:   twitch. "The After Effects: An Experience with Cannabis & Tobacco (exp74523)". Jun 15, 2021.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (daily)
    repeated smoked Tobacco (daily)


The After Effects of Cannabis Smoking

In the past 4 months, I've been smoking cannabis every day. I've smoked enough to be able to say that I've been pretty much high for about 4 months, with the longest time apart from the drug being 4/5 days. These gaps happened once or twice.

This report will not focus on the experience of the drug, but the after-effects. This includes all the typical ones expected, and some ones that I haven't heard too much of.

So, we'll start with today, I ran out completely. I got half a one-skinner this morning. That was nice, but effects didn't last long. That's one thing I've noticed after the long binge, the effects didn't last as long, BUT they always came on at the same sort of rate.

Later on I started getting very grumpy. This is typical when I haven't been able to smoke up.
I started getting very grumpy. This is typical when I haven't been able to smoke up.
I got rather annoyed with people when I shouldn't have gotten THAT pissed. When I'm like this, I am extremely irritable, and have a very short fuse. There were a few occasions today when I had to think through what I was going to say extra carefully; in the end I realized it was stupid, and invalid anyway.

I noticed also that I was very set on what I was doing. If I started doing something, I wanted to be able to work efficiently, and if I was distracted, I got incredibly annoyed. This also goes hand in hand with laziness, because all this happened when I was sitting on my ass, working on my laptop.

Another thing is that I seem a little more at edge. I'd be a little more jumpy, at things that wouldn't normally seem too bad. If my mother came into the room, I'd think 'Do I smell like smoke?' or 'Is she going to catch me doing something I shouldn't?' when in both instances (especially the first! :/ ) I obviously had no reason to worry.

When I do go without cannabis for a day or so, I also start to get self-reserved sometimes. I'd sit there and try to keep myself to myself. When I do by on the substance in school, etc, I'd be chatty with people, etc. Without it, I wouldn't be as keen, and would wonder about what they're thinking about me. It wouldn't be an issue with confidence, I think it is more that without cannabis, I'm just annoyed and don't want to come across as that.

A major factor that influences the mood issues is the fact that I don't smoke cigarettes. I absolutely hate the taste of tobacco on its own, and on occasions have been wrenching because of it. BUT, because I smoke the amount that I do, obviously I will be ingesting nicotine, and thus becoming slightly addicted to it. This becomes much worse when I have tobacco but no hash/weed!

After a session of cannabis, I'm a dreadfully lazy bastard. I think it's because when smoking, I think of it as treating myself to something extra in life, and without it, I want to be able to say 'Yeah, I'm relaxing' or whatever. I would sit somewhere for the whole day if I could!

I'd also find that I'd be very sensitive to temperature. During the week, I would be getting up at 7:20am to be leaving the house at 7:45, and would rush out to smoke. It's in Ireland, so trust me, the weather ain't too pleasant near winter. But I'd go out, smoke, and ENJOY the coldness. For example, today when I got up, I went outside in bare feet, trousers and a tshirt, and it was just after raining. I wouldn't mind it at all, and would feel that the cold was nice. Without it, I'd stay inside as much as possible.

I get cravings often enough, and would be going absolutely mad for a joint. If I went to school without bringing anything with me, I would sit back in the class, and daydream about going home and being able to smoke, or getting a needle and shooting something up. I have never used a needle before, but I think it's a way of my mind saying 'I'd like to get high quick, please... HURRY THE FUCK UP!'.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74523
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 15, 2021Views: 434
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