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Shimmering (Synthetic?) High
Cannabis & Dronabinol
by snowbird
Citation:   snowbird. "Shimmering (Synthetic?) High: An Experience with Cannabis & Dronabinol (exp74620)". Jul 9, 2019.

  smoked Cannabis  
    smoked Pharms - Dronabinol (liquid)


This is the only experience I have ever had with Marinol. I've been a heavy and avid pot smoker for quite awhile. This happened in 2006, around 2 years ago.

One evening over at a good friend's house, J, his roommate, H, (who sold a great, great, great deal of pot to a substantial metropolitan area) found some 'long-lost' Marinol in a bottle in the kitchen. I'm not sure how he originally acquired them but I believe he had sold them for a short period of time. They were orange and upon looking them up later on the net I found they were 10mg. I packed a nug off of a fresh, juicy kola of Swiss Bliss that my boyfriend and I had been smoking off of for the past few days into my glass pipe. H warmed the capsule by holding a lighter about an inch under it for a few seconds and proceeded to pop it with a needle such that its contents with a bit of squeezing covered the crystally pot packed in the bowl. He offered me first toke, which I took naturally! The substance in the capsule emptied onto the bowl appeared rather oily, but I didn't look at it too closely, as I was excited to smoke it.

After my first hearty toke I felt fairly stoned, and more than I usually would from a single hit. After we 4 finished the bowl I began to pay more attention to my high. I was damn stoned, quite a bit more than usual, but the quality of my high seemed different. I noticed a visual quality to my high and began experiencing mild visuals: shimmering, color confusion, even a bit of simple patterning. Upon realizing that I was getting visuals I also kind of, realized, that I was baked out of my mind, more than I had thought, which was pretty awesome except that the quality of the high was increasingly kind of weird: I felt a bit nauseous, a bit muddled, in addition to the mild visuals. But I was completely blazed.

It was a neat experience to have, but I like pot on its own better, all natural!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 74620
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 9, 2019Views: 870
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Pharms - Dronabinol (225), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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