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Reality Needs A Reality Check
by hahaha
Citation:   hahaha. "Reality Needs A Reality Check: An Experience with Ketamine (exp74644)". Aug 14, 2017.

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Hi people, just thought I'd add to growing number of drug experiences. Seems like a fun 'day after' thing to do. So here goes...

I've tried quite a lot of drugs in my past, and recently I've again found that I have access to a variety of chemicals. So I thought I'd try a few that I'd try a few that Iíd missed. The first on my list is Ketamine. From my past experiences, itís always found the first experience to be the best. With this logic in mind I bought a gram of crystalised ketamine. Iíve heard that liquid K is better, but personally I stay away from needles. And to my surprise I got more than what I paid for (first time for everything..ha).

My girlfriend was out of town and I didnít want to take such a large dose with people around, especially when I didnít know what to expect. So I decided to stay at home where I could relax and look like a wobbly legged k-monster.

I started the night at 10pm with 2 lines. 10 mins in, the effect was quite subtle, so I decided to take another 2 lines. This rapidly launched my Ďk experience.í I began to experience a disconnection between mind and body, while watching a lame 90s movieÖ supernova. My body seemed to meld into my couch while my mind entered the movie - Quite an enjoyable experience. This continued for about 20 mins, until the K wore off. At this point I realized that my mind was back in my body. I thought it had been hours - Time has no meaning on K.

I had 2 more lines. This strangely got me off my ass with desire to get comfortable. While moving, I had no sense of space, and I had decided that there was a invisible force field around me that controlled my movements. I am sure it must have looked drunk, but at no point did I feel out of control. After about 5 attempts at sitting down I decided to take another 2 lines. This locked me back into a K hole while watching a Michael Jackson video. Honestly, Iím not a fan, but at that point I thought he was a modern day deityÖ hilarious

Perhaps it was the MJ video, but out of the blue I had the urge to vomit. I hadnít been drinking, nor eating a great deal. But I had to rush (as fast as someone on Ketamine can) to the sink. As I vomited, psychedelic multi-coloured Arabic script was projecting from my mouth. Happily, all the negative feelings associated with being sick were taken away by the k. I hugged the walls to get to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Then back to my couch for 2 more lines of K. I found taking lines from this point on quite difficult as my body wasnít reacting in sync with my mind.

My recollection of the night also gets a bit blurred. I do remember being sick two more times (dry reaching as my stomach was empty). I started to write down and draw the ideas that were flooding my mind in spite of my shaking spasming hands.

After about three quarters of the gram I thought Iíd had enough. But since it was only 3am, I decided to finish it in three large lines. Very quickly I became uncomfortable again, and realized I had to lie down. Luckily I made it to my bed before the last dose of K fully hit. I laid back and felt my mind leave my body. I entered a 70ís styled montage of movie characters and Las Vegas style Americana. I was seeing the same world with my eyes opened or closed. This continued for I guess for forty five minutes. Then amazingly in 10 minutes I was back to baselineÖ almost sober. Lovely. I went straight to sleep and slept soundly until midday.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 14, 2017Views: 869
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Ketamine (31) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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