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Crystal Clear Rainbow Fog
Citation:   Harmony. "Crystal Clear Rainbow Fog: An Experience with 2C-E (exp74796)". Erowid.org. Nov 7, 2008. erowid.org/exp/74796

15 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)
I am 24 years old, and I've been experimenting with entheogens since I was 17. My history includes marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, methamphetamines, MDMA, MDA, mystery 'ecstasy' drug cocktails sold at parties as 'MDMA', Peruvian torch, ayahuasca, 2c-b, ketamine, and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

A good friend of mine who lives a province over brought me a surprise gift-bag, with a bottle of 2c-e (dissolved in water), and an Asura cd, when we met up a music festival in the summer. I've been waiting for the right time to do it. With the extra day-light savings hour that we get this first weekend in November, my partner (J) and I decided that this Sunday was going to be it.

We got a good nightsí sleep on Saturday, and woke up around 10:00 a.m. I had oatmeal, yogurt, and a couple of crackers for breakfast. We then took approximately 15 mg of 2c-e each, dissolved in water and juice. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, I felt happy and excited to go on this trip.

About half an hour after drinking it, I feel a little bit of nausea and headache. My vision seems clearer, which allows me to continue to read ďThe Gift,Ē a translation of some of Hafizís poetry. Iím entranced by the shadows of the leaves falling off of the tree outside our bedroom window. About forty-five minutes after drinking it, my headache gets even more intense. I take off my glasses and curl up into bed. J puts on the Asura cd. I find the music to be extremely epic, detailed, and clear. Other than the head-ache, I feel euphoric, and safe. My body shivers from time-to-time, much like it does on LSD. I feel a heightened sensitivity to sound and light, so I close the blinds. J suggests that we sit outside. Maybe the fresh air will clear my headache.

Everything is extremely beautiful outside. It is a lovely fall day and all of the single leaves look so defined, the sky is a surreal shade of pure blue, and the chilly wind feels so completely refreshing. I find myself being self-conscious talking to J. We are talking about politics and Iím finding it slightly hard to express myself. Itís almost like my senses are overloaded with the beauty around me. I also feel very inquisitive. I notice a chain around the tree in our yard that Iíve never noticed before. The fresh air does, indeed, make my headache go away.

J decides to go for a run. I feel too wobbly to bike or run at the moment, so while he goes for a run, I take a shower. It is the most beautiful shower Iíve ever had. I am surrounded by a beautiful, rainbow, crystal lattice. I have the lights off in the bathroom, so the only light filtering in is from the frosted window. When I move my hands around it moves the crystal lattice. The sound of the water flowing is somehow connected to the visualizations Ė somehow the visual and audio patterns fit together.

I dry off, get dressed, and go up to our bedroom. Even though itís chilly I have the window wide open. I can get enough of the refreshing outdoors. I still canít get over how beautiful the leaves look. I take out my journal and start to write. My senses are so peaked that I can smell the ink of my pen. I donít like it! It strikes me how we are surrounded by so many chemicals that we arenít even aware of. I write about how I feel at home when in this psychedelic state of mind Ė and I wonder where shamanism and psychotherapy all fit in. It takes quite a while for me to write this down. Then J comes home from his run.

We hang out on the bed for a while. Even though heís all sweaty from his run I am really enjoying snuggling up to him. We talk about what each other is feeling during the trip. At this point I find the visualizations extremely striking. My posters and paintings look three-dimensional. We both have very clear tracers. My eyes sort of have trouble focusing, even though paradoxically all my senses seem very clear. Thereís an overlay of crystal clear rainbows over top of everything I look at, like a rainbow fog. We cuddle on the bed for a bit longer. The conversation is light and Iím extremely giggly. Iím starting to feel more comfortable with the heightened state of my senses, so conversation is coming easier than it did outside. I think one of the things I like about 2c-e is that it lasts so long, so I can get used to the sensations and actually become functional.

Then J decides to take a shower. I find myself in front of the window again, watching the beautiful tree outside. Itís a very old maple. Itís currently scheduled for take-down, due to a crack in it. This saddens me very much when Iím not under the influence, but I feel even more sadness and regret while on 2c-e. I feel like what weíre doing to the tree is like what we do to our elderly grandparents when they get old and their bodies start to break down. We remove them from sight, in homes or hospitals, and instead of allowing them to nurture us, and teach us with their final energy, they are secluded from the rest of the world. At least thatís what I see happening to my own grandmother. I think that if we just left the tree there, even when it fell, part of it could survive. It could become a nurse log for seedlings! But because itís in the middle of the gross, concrete, asphalt city, they are just going to take it down and waste it. Without realizing what I was doing I end balancing on one foot, sort of like the beginning of tree-pose in yoga. I become conscious of my position when J comes up from his shower. Heís freezing because I have all of the windows open. He shrieks playfully and I think it is hilarious. I close the windows for him, but I get some window cleaner from downstairs so I can still see out of the window, out to the tree, clearly.

We then get some apples and decide to go for a walk. I feel sort of confused and disoriented. Itís about five hours into the trip at this point. I donít want to run into any people and the sounds of the traffic on our four-lane road grates on my nerves. I wish very much that we had a forest to go into around here. We go to the park across the street. The sun looks like it is starting to go down, its position on the horizon makes it shine very brightly into our eyes, making things even more disorienting. There are some men playing ball hockey on the tennis courts. We sit on some swings and watch them. At first I thought they were children, but when I looked closer I realized they were much older. While we are on the swings the wind blows very coldly. I feel a flood of sensations threatening to overwhelm me; there are people all around, the wind is blowing many leaves towards me, and the sun is so bright. I realized that this must be what itís like to have some mental disorders. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be schizophrenic.

Now, upon reflection, I wonder if that is somewhat of what it is like to be autistic. Every sensation is just so clear and burning into my consciousness. I hold on to my sanity, and J suggests that we keep walking. I think we both want a place with less intersections and concrete. We decide to walk to the bigger park near the centre of the city. When we get to the path that goes to the park, we go down the path in the opposite direction of the park, because weíve never been down that way before. We wonder off of the path, into the cement creek bed, which looks like where all of the storm drains empty. I mention how the water itself looks so green and beautiful, when I donít look up and realize itís imprisoned in concrete. I wonder to myself how long this stream has been trapped in concrete. I notice small things, like a beautiful, puffy seed that is trapped in the water.

J and I follow the water for a while, noticing graffiti, broken light bulbs, and other various litter around the water. J says something about how poetry somehow has more weight of the here-and-now when itís written under a bridge. We ran into a flock of ducks and they are so colourful and beautiful. I wish they would fly south for the winter!

We notice many scents along our walk. There was the smell of a bakery, a fish restaurant, Indian food, and a camp-fire, all in the city. All of them smelled wonderful, except for the fish, which was way too strong. Any time I notice people on the path above the creek I feel somewhat nervous. We head back and relax on the porch for a while. I donít think either of us are ready for the inside even though our hands are cold. We watch the tree again, and a fat grey squirrel in the backyard. I feel much more comfortable, relaxed, and hungry out here on the porch.

Eventually we go in for tea. I feel uncoordinated still, and I am impressed with myself when I pour the water out of the kettle without spilling. J and I get into a joking argument about what is on the dessert squares Ė macaroons, or coconut. I say they are coconuts made into macaroons. He mentions something about my alchemy, witch-craft dessert squares and I think it is hilarious. I canít stop laughing. We look it up on Wikipedia, and find the entry for macaroons hilarious Ė like someone took the dessert far too seriously to find a dozen pop-culture references to macaroons. At this point the conversation is running perfectly, and I donít feel self conscious about my ability to communicate any more.

Next, we snuggle up under the blankets. It feels so amazingly good Ė like I canít quite tell where I end and he begins. This turned into an extremely wonderful and exploratory love-making session. The heightened senses make everything extremely intense and wonder-filled. After lying around the bed for a little while, we realize itís past eight, nine hours into our trip, and weíre still feeling high, and hungry!

It sounds like the landlord is doing work downstairs, and we both donít feel like dealing with anyone else besides each-other at this point. Weíre relieved when heís not downstairs, and we make an extravagant, delicious dinner by candle light. Everything tastes and smells extra strong. By the time weíre both finished eating, weíre both overcome with an extremely intense head-ache. This head-ache lasted most of the night, and I still felt traces of it when I woke up this morning around 10 a.m. I took an Advil, and the headache is almost gone. Other than the head-ache, and a little sleepiness, I feel happy and refreshed. I feel like the trip renewed my senses and helped me appreciate things on a deeper level. I definitely plan to try this again.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74796
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 7, 2008Views: 26,955
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2C-E (137) : Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Relationships (44), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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