Caught in a Never Ending Time Loop Forever
DXM & Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Antonio. "Caught in a Never Ending Time Loop Forever: An Experience with DXM & Salvia divinorum (exp74874)". Jun 8, 2018.

T+ 2:00
1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum
  T+ 0:00 300 mg oral DXM
Home alone, in the evening, very comfortable and of sound mind and body. These are BOTH legal substances.

+0:00 I ingested 300mg of Robitussin extra strength cough medicine, dex only, no fillers except for the horrible menthol taste and red dye.

After the full effects of the DXM reached plateau, about 2 hours in, I experimented with robo-walking, trails and knowing that I was fully under DXMís hold, I wanted to combine the effects of Salvia.

Now a bit of background. I have ingested shrooms 100ís of times and smoked salvia when reaching plateau on mushrooms. The room always melts, morphs, gears and geometric patterns are at full lucidity and the shroom trip is amplified to a degree I cannot describe. I become a lawn mower, a sprinkler head, a hose, freshly cut pieces of grass, a jigsaw puzzle or just turn into a giraffe with a long neck running around on the plains of Africa.

These are all nice comfy cozy feelings when I used to shroom and combo with salvia.

Within the present year, I found the effects of DXM quite enjoyable, fun, ecstatic, music is incredible, basically a cheap form of DMT and/or ecstasy, but the hangover is suicidal and I donít lend myself to DXM use anymore as it just absolutely beats me up even at low doses the next day.
I donít lend myself to DXM use anymore as it just absolutely beats me up even at low doses the next day.

+2:00 So on this occasion I wanted to experience the salvia with DXM. I loaded on single bowl of some old salvia I had lying around and took a full hit, holding for two minutes. What happens next is beyond nightmare. I had some pretty hard drum and bass playing on my iPod, and, music may enhance or basically destroy the experience. MELLOW music is highly recommended when smoking salvia, IMO.

Within 10 seconds of the salvia ripping feeling coming on, I was catapulted into dimensions that I do not want to repeat. The music was pounding in my headphones, I was completely paralyzed, my mouth agape and drooling, the room swirled and I was spinning and shredding into a time whirl I could not escape. Instantly I experienced the universe expanding and contracting over and over again. Time was repeating for infinity. I was in a death loop spiral of living my life over and over again and watching in horror that I would never leave this time loop. I turned my head and I saw me as a small boy, and me as a small boy said to myself, ďNothing will ever change, you will continue to repeat this cycle for eternity, for the insanity of living forever is that you are doomed to repeat and never change no matter how many times the universe destroys itself and cycles again.Ē

I was literally losing my mind, I was doomed forever in a repeating cycle of time and space, I would never change, I watched the universe recycle itself thousands of times and every life I lived, repeated exactly the same, and as I sat there in the same spot, I returned to that same spot for every life I repeated. The insanity was in the fact I could not stop the repeating, like dťjŗ vu that lasts forever.

I had a lucid moment and ripped the headphones off of me and ran to any spot other than the one I was sitting just to break the cycle of madness. I found a place to lie down and reminded myself I smoked salvia. When I break through to salvia space, I forget how I got there and donít know why Iím there.
When I break through to salvia space, I forget how I got there and donít know why Iím there.
I could feel the salvia subsiding, but not after trillions of days went by. I got the full meaning of forever because time meant nothing and the loop I was in realistically never felt like I was going to get out of it.

+2:15 As I lay in a new spot, no music, I gathered myself. I was shaking, trembling, horrified, crying, sweating, convulsing. I was in full torpor. This experience, while interesting to say the least, is something I never wanted to try again. As I came down, all I wanted was my health, my sanity, sobriety and the love of family and friends. The pure horror of the never-ending time loop was the ultimate, outer body, near death, insane experience I do not want to repeat.

To this day I have flashbacks that Iím stuck in loops and I have to change my thought pattern or I get stuck.

I have not smoked salvia for a year and never plan to mix the two. Just imagine a high pitched whirring sound slowly taking over your mind then shattering your ego and putting you into a death time loop that can only be described as Hell. the salvia trip lasted a mere 15 minutes in real time.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74874
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 8, 2018Views: 2,227
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