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Entheosexual Euphoria
Citation:   Opionomous. "Entheosexual Euphoria: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp75024)". Jan 13, 2009.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00 3 bowls smoked Cannabis  
I am an experienced psychonaut, with many years of experience on mushrooms and LSD. Recently I was placed on probation for possession of 2 ounces of marijuana, so I had to give up my green and focus on things that do not show up in urinalysis. I was getting a bit tired of mushrooms, and acid was becoming hard to find in my town. The other day, I went over to my dealer's house to pick up a quarter of mushies and was given an offer to try something new for the same price. My dealer offered me .3 g of 2c-t-7, for 40 dollars, with strict instructions not to do more than 50 mg at a time because he didn't want me to end up in the mental asylum. Grateful for the opportunity to try something I'd never done before for a reasonable price, I said yes, paid up, and took my prize home.

Despite my somewhat unfortunate luck in life, having had both my knees broken at age 16 in a football accident and having been in and out of legal trouble after a nasty cocaine habit, I maintain a positive outlook on things and generally I have good trips. I am 26, in a stable relationship, working a stable job at a retail chain, and collecting disability for my knee problems. Having never done any research chemicals before, I saw this as an opportunity to broaden my mind even more. As it turned out, I was in for a treat.

Ambience: There were three separate areas that my trip occured in - my apartment, the basement of a church where I had to attend a mandatory Narcotics Anonymous meeting for my probation, and my girlfriend's house.

My apartment is clean and orderly, with several houseplants and psychedelic posters on the walls, as well as your typical assortment of band posters. I have a stereo that I usually play Shpongle, Boards of Canada, and Infected Mushroom on while exploring psychedelics. I usually burn Nag Champa or Dragon Blood incense, sometimes erotic incense blends for intimate moments with my girlfriend. I have two cats, a white kitten and a muted calico adult. Although small, my apartment is a comfortable place that has been imbued with positive energy from numerous insightful and pleasant trips that have occured there. Although it is sometimes difficult to navigate stairs due to my disability, the area outside my apartment building is pleasant and I often go outside to be in nature during my trips. It is at my apartment that the trip began.

At approximately 6:30 pm CST 11/12/2008, i carefully measured out 30 mg of the 2c-t-7 using a scientific scale and mixed the sacrament with orange juice to mask the unpleasant chemical flavor, and then ingested it. For about 20 minutes I had no effects. At around t+0:30 i began to notice changes in my peripheral vision as well as a mild 'up' feeling, as though I had drank a couple cups of extra-black coffee. I turned off the TV and put Deep & Chilled Euphoria on, a somewhat rare chillout album that I absolutely love while tripping. Over the next half hour, the visuals went from peripheral disturbances to much more vivid and colorful patterns emerging on the white areas of wall and especially the psychedelic posters. I was in an IRC room, talking to numerous other people about my experience as it happened, but mainly I was enjoying the beautiful fractalline patterns that were emerging on my screen, changing and warping with each keystroke and character appearing on the screen. There was almost no mental side to the trip at this point; it was pure visual candy.

At 7:30 I had to leave my apartment to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (being a responsible tripper, I called a friend and explained that I could not drive myself, and he was happy to give me a lift in exchange for some gas money). Although I admire the principles that the people there choose to follow, I enjoy psychonautical exploration too much to consider giving it up; still, I had probation to worry about, so I had no choice but to attend. This meeting turned out to be a candlelight meeting. As I settled into the comfortable armchair and they turned the lights off at 8:00, I began to feel the true effects of the 2c-t-7 manifest themselves. The candlelight flowed into the air and twisted into bright streams of aurora-like light, brilliantly swirling around in the confined space of the room.

The topic that night was 'acceptance', and the majority of the night's mental tripping was accomplished there. I thought of the years of cocaine abuse that robbed me of much of my health and landed me in legal trouble, and how difficult it had been for me to accept the destruction it had wrought on my life. Then, in a flash of glorious insight, it was revealed to me that those days were over, and my suffering at my own hands had come to an end. I felt a sudden emotional tug as though I had fully embraced my past for what it was and accepted that as painful as it may have been, it had brought me to the happy spot in my life that I enjoy today, and that without it there were thousands of other paths I could have walked. I saw in my mind these other paths stretching out beside me, and I saw strange images of myself at my own funeral in many of them.

I was filled with a beautiful sense of love for my own life and how I was blessed to be largely free and living a wonderful life with my girlfriend. The focus of the mental trip shifted to her next, and I thought of how close I had been coming to her in recent months in terms of how much I appreciated her for the wonderful, beautiful person that she was. I felt deep love for her in my heart and at that moment, I felt a divine urge to leave the NA meeting, go to her house, and spend time with her.

At that point my mind seemed to be separated into two entities: my ethereal self, basking in the adulation of the 2c-t-7's warmth, and the logical self, calculating the best actions and reactions I could take. My logical self had come up with two things to consider: that the 2c-t-7 was quite possibly cut with MDMA (due to the incredible sense of empathy i was feeling towards others, especially my girlfriend), and that it would probably not be wise to leave the meeting early. As the topic shifted to something else (which I won't divulge out of respect for the anonymity of the members of that fellowship), the mental part of the trip began to fade, although the brilliant OEV's continued. The last real insights of that insightful phase I had, I cannot fully recall.

The meeting ended at 9:00 PM and my ride brought me back to my apartment, where I smoked three bowls of marijuana (I had acquired cleansers to help me pass my urine tests yesterday, and I was carefully regulating my weed intake). This greatly amplified the visuals and brought back some of the mindfucking, this time focused wholly on my girlfriend. I thought of how she had come into my life, and how that was a divine act of fate, of the gods smiling upon me for my faithful spiritual exploration and learning. I had been struggling with objectifying her as a sex item; I had been feeling bad about this for some time but in that moment I felt unconditional love for her as a person and knew that my attraction to her wasn't purely sexual. I knew in that moment that she was someone who would become more and more important to me with time. Tripping balls still, I called her and poured my heart out to her, and asked her to come pick me up so I could spend time with her.

She obliged, arriving at my house at about 10:30 and taking me to hers. We sat at her house watching 'A Walk To Remember', cuddling and generally enjoying each other's company. At that point I realized that the 2c-t-7 probably wasn't cut with MDMA, because the feelings of empathy and love were entirely different from what I feel on that particular substance. On top of that, I get a terrible body image and I'm prone to sexual dysfunction on MDMA, which I didn't have in the slightest on 2c-t-7. With her in my arms, watching the movie, I felt more alive and happy than I had felt in a long time. Her house was well decorated with statuettes and psychedelic posters. The statues seemed to be walking around on the table and top of the television, and the posters shimmered and warped in time with the music from the movie. After the movie was finished we sat and talked for a while, and I told her that I had tried 2c-t-7. She looked into my eyes and told me she loved me, and we kissed, which soon led to us making love.

The sex was unlike anything I had experienced in my history of sex on psychedelics. I felt so incredibly close to her, a duality of her body being an extension of mine and yet my body being an extension of hers. We were playing 'The Celtic Circle', an album I use somewhat regularly in my Wiccan rituals, and right as I climaxed the song changed to 'Angel' by Lisa Lynne. I remember the perfection of the moment so clearly. I was in the arms of my angel, and I never wanted to leave.

My logical mind returned shortly, and I knew I should probably get home as she had to work the next morning. She drove me back to my apartment, where I browsed the internet for a while and watching the patterns on my computer screen. I decided to hook my stereo up to my laptop and watch Winamp visuals, which proved to be an amazing idea. Each change in color, each change in iteration, each pulse in the wonderful music of Shpongle, brought on a whole new slew of incredible OEV's which seemed to circulate the entire room. After absorbing myself in visuals for about two hours, I talked to a friend on AIM for awhile, but I realized I was getting tired. I went to bed at about 3 in the morning, still tripping, but surprisingly enough I didn't have bizarre dreams. I awoke the next day feeling refreshed, with a minor headache, but overall feeling good.

In retrospect, this was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever had. The visual side was glorious, and while the mental side wasn't as strong as I'd hoped, I still gained insights and found it to be a good spiritual experience. I have decided to try taking 2c-t-7 with mushrooms in the near future. I think the pivotal moment in the trip was the sexual experience, which brought me to amazing levels of closeness with my girlfriend. Although the entheogen itself did not give me an afterglow, I awoke with an afterglow-like feeling from the sex. She is curious about 2c-t-7 and I fully intend to trip with her sometime, hopefully involving sex, as sex on psychedelics has always been a truly wonderful experience.

I will definitely be exploring other research chemicals in the future. 2c-i seems to appeal to me.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75024
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 13, 2009Views: 19,452
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2C-T-7 (54) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Sex Discussion (14), Relationships (44), First Times (2), Various (28)

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